Egress Efficiency Calculation…..what?

Egress Efficiency Calculation…..what?


It is a bit of a silly name, guess that will be in the edits going forward.

After working events for a few years, going through Uni, attending table tops, it always annoyed me when it came to working out the calculation for egress. We can calculate how many minutes and seconds it will take as long as everything goes 100% to plan. But is that reality?


What about the factors we over look? Those hundreds of little things that slow down an egress. Lots of little things can mount up to a bigger thing. Suddenly what should only take 10 minutes, it taking 20 minutes, 30 minutes!


Factors like what?


Is the grass wet under foot, so you have to walk a bit slower, so not to slip.

We are all different heights, with different stride lengths, so have to adjust that.

You may want a pee before you leave, a quick pint or buy a tour t shirt.

The lovely summer weather has given us plenty of mud to slip and slide in and fall over.

The road way has pot holes, lights, trees, kerbs, cable runs to contend with.

That outfit you bought goes great with your new heels, but you walk like you are on broken glass barefoot.

The exit signs and not illuminated the best

You where that busy talking, you did not even pay attention on where the exit was an someone stole the sign at the gig the night before.

There was an inch of snow overnight. If you are luck enough to be indoors at an event, you now have on big boot, padded jackets, scarves and walk like a Sumo wrestler.

Your lovely customers decided to drink as much strong lager as they could and can no longer walk in a straight line.

The tunes where banging all night and all the happy punters are pilled out their nuts


Lots of little things, that help slow it down. Put it all together and you erode that perfect timeline to a more realistic figure. On a live event, would you rather go with perfection (never going to happen) or reality?


WorkingWithCrowds 10th June 2016