The female festival camper 

This is based on thoughts of UK music festivals
It would be a wonderful thing if we could all visits every festival in the UK, look at all the concepts and then see what works and could be improved. After all is it not about giving our customers the best experience possible and creating a safe environment without spoiling all the fun.

We know that festivals come in all shapes and sizes, profiles, customer demographic, from tartan rugs and hampers to 24 cans of lager and bottles of Buckfast (other brands of tonic wine are available – if you are not sure what this is, look it up; interesting history).

Over the years festivals have moved from a higher percentage of male customers to an even spread and some adjustments have been made; especially on campsites. We have seen the introduction of posh loo’s and showers (yes that is us say that most guys will happily go for days without showering at a festival). We have also seen facilities with make up areas, hair dryers and other pampering concepts.

What do we do for the safety of females though? We see females more inclined to go to festivals with a friend, friends and larger groups and this does not have to be mixed sex; after all guys have been doing it for years. I am sure welfare areas have been set up, increased foot patrols and watch towers. Have we looked at anything else?

Well a few years ago, we had a thought that we would like to share.

Where the idea came from

It was 0330 on a Saturday night when we where covering the security provision on a campsite when we noticed a couple of young females ( approx 18 years old ) had been hanging about outside the security area for a while. So it was decided to strike up a conversation with then to get their story. Seems they had been on site since the first day off opening, pitched their tent and had a lovely time. Then the night before a group of 10 lads had pitched up next to them and where being lads, up all night drinking, shouting and going about what they seen as enjoying themselves at a festival. Now, they where not doing anything wrong ( we watched them for a bit) just being Lads that wanted to make the most of their weekend. But., it was a bit unsettling for the girls as they where not used to this. That night the situation was resolved with a quick conversation with the lads and by the end of the weekend it was like they had adopted two sisters and they looked after them. The question came to mind though, how often does this happen and the females spend their weekend worried and in some cases something worse.

The thought- female only campsite.

Modern festival campsites are broken up into all different types of areas; silent campsite, family, hospitality, pre built tents….the list goes on. But how many sites do a female only camping area. A campsite that females can feel safe during the night (when the dark makes it hard for security to observe ).  Where they don’t have to worry about a beered up lad peeing on the side of their tent or they can nip to the loo in safety?

Would it not be easy to set up? Fence off an area, pre sell tickets, some security, even add posh loo’s and showers if you want to charge a bit more. Set up a rule, no blokes (even if the lucky young lady pulls) and creat a safer environment. 

Is this not a concept that a percentage of our customers would buy into and be a win, win for us all. As we said its hard to get around every festival and this offer may already be in place on a few or many. But, it’s an idea that you may not have considered, so there you go…..have a think. 29th June 2016