First Witness speaks in the Love Parade Process

First Witness speaks in the Love Parade Process

“Hold my hand, do not let go”

Erste Zeugin spricht im Love-Parade-Prozess“Halt meine Hand fest, lass ja nicht los” –


The taking of evidence began in the Love Parade process. The first witness described how she survived in the crush – and that she still has feelings of guilt today.

In the Love Parade trial, the first witness reported how she ended up in a deadly crush in Duisburg more than seven years ago. Her sister had injured her hand on a piece of broken glass on the site, reported the 31-year-old apprentice halting and breathing heavily in front of the district court.

In the search for medical help, she was then with her sister in the crowd. A chain of police officers had prevented them from leaving the grounds. The chain had then been torn apart and the crowd had increased.

Her sister had pleaded: “Hold my hand, do not let go.” But then she was torn away. “The pressure was so strong,” she had lost sight of her sister. She could not breathe, could not move.

A young man helped her with her head and hair up, saying, “I’ll help you.” When trying to reach a staircase at the access ramp, but she then fell. People were lying on it. “On my left was a young girl shouting, ‘Help me, help me!’,” Said the witness. But that was not possible. “I could not free myself.” She then woke up in the intensive care unit of a hospital, said the Duisburg.

From time to time she still feels “this tremendous pressure,” said the witness. “If I smell something specific or see many people, that will come back.” One year after the disaster, she had been in a psychosomatic clinic for seven weeks. She still felt guilty because she could not help the young woman next to her. What became of her is not known. The witness’s sister survived.

With the testimony of the witness, the court now entered the evidence. At the Love Parade disaster on 24 July 2010, 21 people were crushed and at least 652 were injured in the dense crowd at the only entrance and exit. Due to negligent homicide and negligence, six employees of the city of Duisburg and four employees of the organizer Lopavent are charged.

The process started in December (the most important questions and answers can be found here). For reasons of space, the procedure of the Duisburg district court takes place in the Düsseldorf trade fair.

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