Love Parade process

January 11, 2018, 8:17 pm

Love Parade process

Als die Bilder laufen, wird es still-

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As the pictures run, it gets quiet

The Loveparade trial hears the first witnesses. While a woman describes the experiences with emotional words, video recordings of Manfred B. shock the hall.

By Christian Wernicke, Dusseldorf

She fights. With what she has experienced or what has displaced her. And about her composure. Rosalinda B. is the first witness to testify to the 2010 Love Parade more than a month after the criminal trial began. And the first victim to finally speak.

Slowly, with a broken voice, the 31-year-old woman with long black hair describes how thousands were squeezed in the tunnel and on the ramp at Duisburg’s freight yard. And how 21 people died. To this day, the witness sometimes attacks respiratory distress. The seizures come suddenly, “every time I smell or see something that reminds me.”

On the tragic July 24, 2010 Rosalinda B. drove with her sister to the techno party. By taxi. They came in clean. But when the sister injured herself on a piece of broken glass and the two were looking for a paramedic, they fell into the crowd at the only entrance and exit. “We were pushed from the front and from behind,” says the witness, “like sardines in a tin.” A police cordon tried to sort the crowd, and someone told them to wait until it calmed down, “But it did not calm down.” Only worse.

“Hold my hand, do not let go,” yelled the nurse. But the two were separated. Rosalinda, only 1.58 meters tall, struggled for air, saw only upper bodies or backpacks in front of her. A young stranger helped her, holding her head up, pushing toward the small concrete staircase over which people fled the death-trap. Rosalinda B. already crashed on the second level, other fugitives fell on her.

Next to her, the witness tells with tears, a young woman lay, who also did not come up. “Please help me,” I have begged half the child, but: “I could not free myself, the people were on me.” And they got heavier and heavier. B. woke up hours later in the hospital, on the stairs she had fainted.

Mario Plein, the presiding judge of the Duisburg district court, tries to wrest the court-related findings from the witness with questions. Whether the folders, as intended in the security concept of the Love Parade, because with instructions have tried to “dissolve the compression of people?” Rosalinda does not remember that (“They were standing there.”), But the fences near the scene were shaky. Whether the police ordered her official chain or gave up only helpless, she also does not know exactly: “The was torn up.” And times, when exactly what she experienced and where, the witness can not do. Only this: “It took me an eternity.”

Manfred B. is filming the tragedy

The second witness and co-plaintiff will be Manfred B in the afternoon. The 34-year-old teacher staggered on the day of the tragedy, only a few meters away from Rosalinda B. But he has, it will be clear after a few minutes of his interrogation, the misfortune far better overcome. Almost soberly sound the answers of the powerful man, who describes precisely how “from a certain point of time, people had no choice where to go” – and were thrown back and forth by waves of mass.

At the time, Manfred B. had the nerve to film with his mobile phone at the Love Parade. Also, when he realized, “that could be dangerous now”. Why he did that, Judge Plein wants to know. “Because I knew that someday you need evidence.”

As a “pizza guy”, Manfred B. put a four-part “chronology of a disaster” on Youtube in the summer of 2010. On Thursday, the courtroom will be his auditorium. Suddenly it is dead quiet in the semicircle, defenders as prosecutors staring at the three large screens in the hall. And see in pictures, what is in the files: That on 24 July 2010 at 16:30 clock the situation on the ramp comes to a head, as the first, apparently powerless body, are passed over the crowd to the rescue staircase. And they hear the screams of the crowd shrill: “I do not want more” or “Get us out of here!”. At 4:59 pm of the recording, one hears a woman moan: “I can not do it.” Since that defendant has to drive with his hand over his face, who was then the event manager of the Love Parade.

Rosalinda B., the first witness in this mega-trial, left earlier Thursday. The video does not need. She has been in therapeutic treatment for years. She did not suffer any organic damage, but the psychological consequences crush her. During her statement on Thursday, she nervously kneaded her fingers. And sometimes she pressed together a white handkerchief. For example, when she reveals what she still tortures most of all, “I do not know if the girl next to me is alive, or if she died.” Her sister survived.

Difficult search for the guilt

Today the Loveparade process continues. The judges are likely to struggle. History shows that the judiciary fails regularly in the criminal processing of such disasters. Comment by Heribert Prantl more …