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Event management guides

We where sent this information through Linkedin from Stephen and have enjoyed going through the information contained in the web page. This is a great example of how a local authority can assist grow the events sector in their community.

The detail and information contained in the guidance will assist those venturing forth in to putting on events for the first time and also speed up the planning process for those experienced; setting a bench mark that is expected to be achieved.

We would like to introduce you to Aberdeen City Councils Event Guide

*We would also like to note that we sought permission to share this before posting this information. Working With Crowds has had no involvement in the creation of this guide; but we would like to share there good practice and due diligence as an example of developing greater safety in crowded places.

“Thank you for choosing to hold your event in Aberdeen.

We recognise the role that events play in adding to the quality of life of those who live, work or visit Aberdeen and appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into organising these events.

To assist event organisers, we have produced a comprehensive guide which is intended to empower you to plan and manage your events effectively, safely, legally and in line with the standards expected by Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeen’s Safety Advisory Group (SAG).

We welcome all feedback and would like to hear if you found this guide useful, if there are any confusing sections or if links are no longer working. Please provide feedback to

We look forward to working with you to deliver safe and successful events in Aberdeen.”

Event management guide