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Coffee and Crowds

We are pleased to introduce to you, Coffee and Crowds. The brainchild of CSD Productions, they will be presenting a series of interviews with experts from the crowd safety industry. The intention is to air one interview per month.

It was a great honour for Mark from Working With Crowds to be asked to present the first episode; not something he is used to.

“Being in the spotlight or in this case in front of the camera is not my natural environment. I am more or a working away in the background type; a typical planner and problem solver.”

“When CSD Productions asked, there was a fair bit of arm twisting to get me to sign up. But, if we don’t try new things how do we keep moving forward. I had a great time chatting with Andy, from the Square Meter. To be honest, i think we could have kept going for hours, time flies when you are passionate about a subject and start to share information.”

“Got to admit, I am nervous about this being shown, I don’t mind having a chat with folks, but it was very strange turning around and seeing lights and cameras pointed at us. Anyway, from what I have seen, CSD Productions have made a fantastic product and I hope that people enjoy watching it. And on that note, I think I need another coffee.”

The first episode steams live on YouTube, Wednesday 30th January 2019, at 21:00hrs. Link below