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This page will be updated weekly, bringing to the front information relating to crowd safety; video, news articles or research, that could get lost in the news updates.




We want to do a bit more sharing – Free Advertisement.


At working with crowds, we always try to keep a balanced view of the crowd safety industry and promote what we see as good practice, products and services that can enhance safety and news on the industry. We miss so much though. So, we want to take a leap of faith.

We want to share your products and services without tracking them done. We are offering to post links to your company, consultancy, products  or training courses. This will not be an endorsement of your services (unless we have witnessed this first hand and can do so).  But, it will be another way for possible customers to find you.

This will be a free service; you will not have to pay to advertise.


What could you do?

We could do a simple link to your website, twitter of facebook page.

You could put a bit of effort into it and write down a bit about your company/service/tech, include some images and we can create a better presentation for you.

The choice is yours. There are only 2 rules.  1 – The product/service/course must relate to crowd safety.  2 – This is not an endorsement of your company/product/service/training course.


Who could be interested?


Safety training providers

CCTV equipment

Crowd Management consultants

Stewarding and security providers

K9 services

Further education providers

Security equipment providers – Metal detectors, vehicle mitigation

Volunteer Organisations – we will also share your adverts for festivals (cause we love what you all do)


As we said, we miss a lot, so there are surely lots more that are just not springing to mind.

If there is interest from various countries, we will create pages for each country, just to make it easier to find you.

As they say, every little bit helps and this is our little bit.


Get in touch via the contact page, or via