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Emergency Planning College courses

The Emergency Planning College (EPC) delivers Cabinet Officeapproved emergency planning and crisis management training.

Managed by Serco, we are positioned at the heart of Government, within the Civil Contingencies Secretariat (CCS) of the Cabinet Office.

Our highly experienced industry leading experts provide a wide range of dynamic and diverse training courses, seminars and workshops for public and private sector clients across the UK and overseas. We also offer real-time simulation exercises enabling delegates to fully test their emergency plans while gaining invaluable ‘real-life’ experience in dealing with a major incident.

We provide a central forum for knowledge-sharing and focus on multi-agency working, disseminating best practice nationally and internationally to enhance worldwide resilience against natural disasters, major incidents and malicious attack.

EPC Contract Services Director, Ronnie Coutts, describes the work of the College, and introduces our approach to the services we deliver.

Introduction to Crowd Safety Management

Get the knowledge, confidence, skills in planning for and managing safe, secure and successful crowd events.

If you are starting out or if you are experienced and require formal training, this 2-day course is the one for you.

This will give you the best possible introduction. It will provide you the tools to improve your plans and manage more safely, securely and effectively, whatever your event or location.

It includes some of the most significant topics such as; key legislation and guidance requirements, risk management, crowd analysis, crowd safety planning and contingency planning.

Public Safety at Festivals and Mass Gatherings

Events can vary in size from one venue to another, which is why the risks involved can also vary dramatically. Pre-planning for an event will significantly influence the success of the event and the way in which a major incident should be handled.

This will make sure you don’t miss anything vital from your planning. It covers how to produce a qualitative risk assessment of a site, evaluation of safety and security features, planning and stakeholder requirements.

Public Safety at Motor Sports

How thoroughly do you consider the safety of the public, volunteers and competitors’ crews? Spectators, volunteer marshals, photographers and the press all want to get closer to the action on the day and this carries many inherent risks.

With the current legislation allowing motorsport events to take place more widely, an increase in organised events means public safety will come under heavy scrutiny.

  • Are you prepared as the number of motorsports events in your local area rises?
  • Do you know all the pitfalls and risks?
  • Do you operate a multi-agency approach to your safety plan?

Safety at Sporting Venues

Never has it been more important to ensure safety, security and success of events at sporting venues.

In partnership with the Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) and our wider partners in government and professional bodies, this gives the latest advice to improve safety and security at sporting venues for any event.

Ensuring a risk based approach is a critical activity which is embedded throughout this course. From the public travelling to the venue, enjoying the event and getting home again. We consider normal and emergency conditions at every phase to ensure good planning and management to ensure a successful event.

Spectator Safety Management Options

For Safety Officers there is a requirement to hold a Level 4 NVQ in Spectator Safety Management, as suggested in the Safety at Sports Grounds Guidance (Green Guide).

A National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) is a qualification that recognises the competence of a person in a work situation. Unlike traditional qualifications that rely on teaching and examinations, NVQs use performance on the job as a basis for assessment.

The following options are designed to support the diverse needs of individuals wishing to obtain this qualification.

Please note travel and accommodation cost for assessments will need to be paid if you live outside of Great Britain.  Please contact us to discuss further.

Working in an Event Control

The event is aimed at staff and supervisors who, on a permanent or temporary basis, are required to work in an event control. The programme will examine both theory and practice of the event control room, using exercises based on real scenarios to illustrate learning.

It is vital that, as well as utilizing suitable information management systems, a control room also maintains an audit trail to include planning arrangements, incidents and actions taken deployment of personnel and decisions taken.

You will have an opportunity to explore these issues as well as considering appropriate difficulties layout equipping and staffing of control rooms in order to apply such practices to your own working environment.

The course will cover the skills, knowledge and competencies in order to ensure that you will be an effective member of a control room team which is an integral element of the safety management operation.


Crowd Safety Management Diploma

Crowd Safety Training are proud to announce our latest and currently the ONLY Level 5 training package for the Crowd Safety Industry: The Crowd Safety Management Diploma.

The Crowd Safety Management Diploma includes three qualifications:

  • – The Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Spectator Safety
  • – The Level 5 Diploma in Management
  • – The Level 5 Diploma in Crowd Science & Risk Analysis



Emergency Planning and Management MSc

There aren’t too many courses which can lead to a career saving lives. Emergency Management can teach you to plan effectively for the worst.

Major emergencies in the UK in the last two decades – such as fuel shortages, the foot and mouth epidemic, repeated flooding and the London bombings – have heightened awareness of the need for coordinated professional emergency responses, as well as enhanced levels of resilience.

Designed with this need in mind, this specialist Master’s course aims to support the development of the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to deliver more effective responses to realised risks and threats based on evolving best practice. It will provide a chance to develop an understanding of the underlying issues and problems faced by emergency planning and management practitioners and the duties required of organisations within UK civil contingencies legislation.

Disaster Management and Emergency Planning BSc (Hons)


Local, regional, national and international organisations are all involved in mounting a humanitarian response to disasters; each will have a prepared disaster management plan, covering prevention, preparedness, relief and recovery.

Additionally, in the UK, most major public and private organisations – educational establishments, the National Health Service (NHS), emergency services, local and central government, HM Armed Forces – have a crisis management or major incident plan, covering appropriate risk assessment and emergency responses. They all need professionals to manage these plans and, more importantly, execute them when required.

This course aims to give you the knowledge to pursue such a career in emergency planning and management.


Introduction to Crowd Safety Management


Spectator Safety (6852)

The Spectator Safety qualifications provide the required knowledge and experience to work as a steward in sports grounds, at music festivals, marches and any other events that require spectator safety. The qualifications fulfil the requirements for stewarding set out by the government in the Green Guide. These qualifications also can form part of Spectator Safety apprenticeship frameworks at levels 2 and 3.

IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Spectator Safety (QCF)

The IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Spectator Safety (QCF) is a qualification for individuals working as Stewards at spectator events, such as sports events, music events and festivals. This qualification meets the requirements for training for level 2 stewards as specified in the DCMS Green Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds and the HSE’s Purple Guide for Event Safety. It covers the knowledge and skills required to prepare for, control the entry, exit and movement of people, monitor spectators and deal with crowd problems at spectator events; it also covers helping to manage conflict and dealing with accidents and emergencies as well as supporting the work of the team and organisation.

This qualification is a combined component (knowledge and competence) of the Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Spectator Safety.




Education and qualification consists of three different areas: seminars, workshops, trainings.




Event Safety Intitute

ESI’s educational services, training and workshops are intended for those involved in the safety and sustainabilty of events.




Crowd Risk Analysis and Crowd Safety Training

Introduction to Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis


Train the Trainer Course



MSc Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis 

This new course has been developed by renowned and key figures within the event industry, crowd safety and risk analysis experts, working with the University event management team.

This course has been developed for the growing number of people currently working within the events industry that have key roles in the planning and management of crowds; additionally the course is suitable for those wishing to make a career shift into this emerging field. The aim of the course is to study “Crowd safety and risk analysis that develop robust crowd management plans for major events”.



 Level 5 Diploma in Crowd Science and Risk Analysis


If you are in charge of people in public spaces, you need to understand the principles and applications of Crowd Science, specifically crowd risk analysis and safety engineering. This courses teaches event professionals the principles and applications of Crowd Science and draws on over the twenty years of extensive research and project experience from around the world.


NCFE Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Spectator Safety






Level 5 Diploma in Crowd Science and Risk Analysis


If you are in charge of people in public spaces, you need to understand the principles and applications of Crowd Science, specifically crowd risk analysis and safety engineering. This course teaches event professionals the principles and applications of Crowd Science and draws on over twenty years of extensive research and project experience from around the world.





University Diploma in Events Safety Management

The Diploma in Events Safety Management is ideal for practising event professionals who are responsible for health and safety or customer protection at festivals, sporting events, public gatherings, commercial and not for profit events, as well as large-scale and international association meetings.



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