Crowd Modelling

Through our years in delivery of crowd safety, we know what to expect from a crowd and what is hazardous. Working With Crowds implements this knowledge into our crowd modelling services. Constructing simple or detailed models, our aim is to test your event space for safe evacuation.

Modelling, does not provide the solutions, it tests the plans and environments you are creating. The use of a safe test environment takes away doubt and allows for adjustment. Models can either be a very expensive animated creation for your promotion or a vital tool to testing the success or failures of your event management plan and site/venue layout.

Plan and test:

  • Full site/venue evacuation
  • Partial Evacuation
  • Exit restriction and revision
  • Route diversion
  • Contingency planning tests

Not all models have to be massive constructions, sometimes the understanding of smaller areas can bring about clarity. In the above video, the client wanted to understand what an evacuation out of the front of the stand onto the pitch would look like and how long it would take. A simple test and variation in crowd behaviours can assist.

Out team also conduct modelling tests of ingress systems, using regional guidance on ingress rates and implemented management systems. Through testing of your plans, long before you arrive on site, you will know that your methodology and plan has been validated.


The video above illustrates a test of a queue management system for an event. To create a realistic test for the new queuing system, our client provided us with the arrival profile for previous years allowed this to be implemented into the model. Entry rates for ticket checks where also introduced. Our aim is to simulate what we see in the real world to allow your model to be as relatable as possible and look for weaknesses in design and management plans.


At Working With Crowds, we can assist stadiums and arenas in the United Kingdom test ingress rates provided in the Sixth Edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds. Our models can simulate new ingress rates across your stadiums.


Are you and your event team looking at implementing a temporary seating area or arena? We can simulate the suitability for egress or evacuation. Saving you time, effort and money during your planning stage. Attain reassurance with Working With Crowds.

Introducing large crowds into new spaces can be daunting. No matter how good your plan on the page is, there can always be doubt. Working With Crowds will work with you to create simulations that with reflect anticipated crowd behaviour and actions, for egress and evacuation. Be sure your plans are achievable.


In the above video, Working With Crowds was preparing to assist at an event with an enclosed event space and designated exits. A rarely used area and due to the nations tightened threat level, a greater possibility of evacuation; something never tested on site. We were able to create simple models on site, to gain an understanding of how possible variations on evacuation could look and the crowd management solutions that would be required.


Large outdoor street events can overwhelm us during planning, attempting to comprehend how crowds will interact with the event site; especially when this is late at night and in the dark. Working With Crowds simulations can allow for multi angle and interactive models that will assist in understanding how your temporary event space will work.


Allow Working With Crowd to assist you developing your events in safety and the removal of doubt and risk, get in touch with us……….