Crowd Risk Assessment

Developed over the years of working in the events industry and crowded places, Working With Crowds have developed a Risk Assessment Suite focused on those attending your event. Designed to consider actions, interactions, behaviour, activity and associated risks. Our risk assessments provide a rounded and in depth application for crowds.

Risk matrix approach

At Working With Crowds, we follow the Risk Matrix approach; the most commonly used within the events industry. Risk assessments can be complex and do not always allow for a full numerical approach; as many aspects are not fully quantifiable or have a larger degree of uncertainty. This may be related to the difficulty to define hazardous scenarios, map  elements-at-risk, or define the vulnerability due to complex environments. To resolve these problems a risk matrices or consequences-frequency matrices are used. They permit to classify risks based on expert knowledge with limited quantitative data . The risk matrix is built of classes of recurrence of the hazardous events on one axis, and the severity on the other axis.  Removing the use of fixed values, the use of classes allows for more flexibility and incorporation of expert opinion. Such methods have been applied extensively in event risk assessments. The visual approach presents the effects and consequences in a manner easily understood within the industry.

In line with your event, a Crowd Risk Assessment suite is constructed to your event timeline, from pre event to post event. Providing a dynamic assessment of your event day and predicted crowd behaviour and movement and responses.

Crowd Risk Assessment Suite

  • Crowded Places Risk Assessment
  • Crowd Risk Assessment
  • Crowd Communication Impact Assessment
  • DIM-ALICED Assessment
  • Workforce Risk Assessment

Associated risk:

  • By time
  • Density
  • Movement
  • Behaviour
  • Activity
  • Intoxication
  • Drug use
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Compliance
  • Communication methods
  • Incident reaction

Working With crowds can develop your Crowd Risk Assessment suite, to allow confidence in delivering a safe and secure event.

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