Event Site Survey

Each event space is unique. How this is used by those attending is never the same and variations in planning defines how your audience will interact with it. Your event may be new to the site, you may have taken over service of an established event space or you are looking to review your use of the space the services you provide, Working With Crowds can assist you in understanding your site.

Throughout our time in delivering safety, security and crowd management, the Working With Crowds management team have created site assessments and surveys for events large and small.

Objectives covered:

  • Stewarding and Security deployment
  • Contingency redeployment of staff
  • Arrival Routes
  • Egress Routes
  • Use of internal space
  • Ingress calculations
  • Arrival Profiles
  • Egress efficiency

Gain a greater understanding of your event and event space. Working With Crowds can assess your site to ensure you are delivering a safe event and with reassurance, let us know how we can assist……..