Training Course Material – Standard PowerPoint

This page is dedicated to providing resource to assist in the delivery of training courses for Crowd Safety Management. we would like to start with a presentation of the requirements for crowd safety management within the front of stage area during a music event.

Front of Stage Training Course – Standard PowerPoint


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This presentation has been constructed in a way to allow this to be added to and other parts removed. This has been created through an understanding of the industry requirements and techniques used across the United Kingdom. This presentation is not associated with any service provider or education provider.



Set in PowerPoint format, all slides are unlocked and videos and photos are provided as resource only. It would be advices that any use of this material is custom built to suit the needs of the course you are looking to present. We would also advice you seek permission to use any pictures or video.

Front of Stage Training Course – Presentation

The overall size of this file is 1.2GB. This is on the large size, but there are reasons for this. The bulk of this is taken up by video (1.18GB). Not everyone is tech geniuses and compressed files create all sorts of headaches for them. For this reason we have left all files uncompressed.

The videos can be viewed before download – or you can go looking for them to save the bulky download. Without the video files downloaded, they will not work on the presentation; you should be aware of this. These can easily replaced with text and images – although I find the video a great source. We hope that if the files are downloaded as one then the presentation should work straight out the box. If not then the resource is all there and some simple reconfiguration of PowerPoint should fix this.

All the images have been sourced to provide a reference to periods of time and activity. We would suggest that you swap these to images that you are familiar with or relating to your company. This presentation is the bones and some flesh of the core understanding of working within a front of stage area.

It should be noted that no practical information on lifting techniques or catching has not been included in this presentation. A presentation does not do justice to this part of the course. We recommend that this is undertaken in a practical section.

The intention is to provide a platform from which to work from and for you to take this forward…….


This course is stored on Google Drive. The links will provide access to this.

Google drive

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