The Burnden Park stadium disaster was the worst loss of life at an English football ground before the 1980s. Thirty-three people died and around 400 were injured in a crush at an FA Cup tie 70 years ago.

33 people went to a football match on this day in 1946 and never came home

It is the darkest day in the history of Bolton Wanderers and at the time, was the greatest tragedy in British football history.

On March 9 1946, 33 people went to a football match and never came home. Hundreds more were injured and thousands who were there will never have forgotten what they witnessed and experienced.

When Bolton Wanderers and Stoke City met in an FA Cup Sixth Round encounter in 1946, fans came from far and wide to see a clash between two giants of the English game. Tragically, what they did witness was to be the worst disaster ever to occur at a British football ground at the time.

The Burnden Park Stadium Disaster,uk

We all take football very seriously indeed. A club’s transfer activity can have us all rushing to our keyboards to express our disappointment or, worse, taking to the street in protest. Bill Shankly’s well-known phrase, ‘Some people say football’s a matter of life and death. I’m very disappointed by that attitude. It’s much more important than that’ is used as much as a motto as a witticism.

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