Crowd disasters and incidents

The following has been gathered from secondary websites, news and presentations.

Some of the terminology contained in the headings and body of these links is misleading. These have been taken from press articles, websites and videos. The use of the word stampede and panic is not what you will find to be the causes of the incidents shown. The information provided is reflecting the articles written and it is being left to you to interoperate what you see and read and come to your own conclusions. Please also not that this list only refers to gatherings involving events such as concerts, sports, night clubs (entertainment). There is only inclusion of some significant events out with this.


At least 15 people have been killed in a stampede at a campaign rally for Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, a hospital spokesman says. The incident happened at a stadium in the southern city of Port Harcourt when the crowd surged towards a gate after President Buhari’s speech.

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Police investigating the deaths of three teenagers at a St Patrick’s Day party crush have said more could easily have been killed. Lauren Bullock, 17, Morgan Barnard, 17, and 16-year-old Connor Currie, died after the incident outside the Greenvale Hotel, Cookstown, on Sunday.

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The human avalanche came before the performance of a ‘trap’ singer in a park in the capital of Venezuela

Three dead teenagers and 30 injured people were the balance of a human stampede recorded on Saturday minutes before a free concert at the Francisco de Miranda Park in Caracas . A limited contingent of National Guard troops and park ranger groups was present before incidents erupted in the recital of Venezuelan trap singer Netro Shorty. The uniformed were overwhelmed by a mob estimated at 8,000 people, almost all of them minors. The chaos broke out in the immediate vicinity of the park after a group of young people tried to jump a fence to enter an event in which the organization was marked by negligence and improvisation.

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A woman injured during a stampede is carried away by a policeman during the inauguration ceremony for Sierra Leone President Maada Bio in Freetown on May 12, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / Saidu BAH[/caption]

At least one person was killed and about twenty injured on Saturday while trying to force the entrance of a crowded stadium in Freetown where the inauguration ceremony of the new president of Sierra Leone Julius Maada Bio was taking place, announced the police and the Red Cross. While tens of thousands of people had lined up outside the National Stadium since the early hours of the day, supporters of Bio tried to rush into the compound at the passages of vehicles of official guests, reported a journalist AFP.

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CHITTAGONG, Bangladesh (Reuters) – A stampede on Monday by thousands of poor villagers outside the home of a businessman distributing alms ahead of Ramadan killed at least 10 women and injured about 50 people, police in southeast Bangladesh said.

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The incident at the Los Cotorros club in the middle-class area of El Paraiso left five others injured.

Seventeen people were killed at a crowded nightclub in Venezuelan capital Caracas on Saturday after a tear gas device exploded during a brawl and triggered a desperate stampede among hundreds gathered for a graduation celebration.

Interior minister Nestor Reverol said the incident at the Los Cotorros club in the middle-class area of El Paraiso left eight minors dead and five injured. Seven people have been detained, including the individual believed to have set off the tear gas canister.

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At least two people were killed and 33 injured after a stampede broke out at Rajaji Hall in Chennai where the mortal remains of DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi were kept till 4 pm on Wednesday for the public to pay last respects.

Several people were injured in the stampede that happened when the police were allowing them to enter the hall in batches.


At least one person has been killed and nearly 40 injured in a stampede at a Madagascar football stadium. The incident occurred just before the start of Madagascar’s match against Senegal in the qualifying round of the Africa Cup of Nations, local media said. Thousands of spectators were still trying to get into the stadium through the only entrance. Two of those hurt are in a critical condition in the capital, Antananarivo.

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Five people were killed and seven injured in a stampede after an African Champions League match in the on Saturday, the sports ministry said. Witnesses told Reuters the people were crushed to death when they flooded out of the stadium after the game between Angola’s Primeiro de Agosto and TP Mazembe from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which according to local reports was attended by a capacity crowd of 50,000 spectators.

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Six people have been killed and dozens have been injured, 12 of them seriously, in a stampede at a nightclub in Italy, officials say. Some reports say there was panic after pepper spray was fired inside the club in the town of Corinaldo, near the eastern coastal city of Ancona. Up to 1,000 people were inside the Lanterna Azzurra club attending a concert by rapper Sfera Ebbasta.

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Ahead of the opening match of the new Angola football season while trying to enter the stadium before a match between Santa Rita de Cássia FC and Recreativo do Libolo. At least 61 people were injured. Five were in serious condition.

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22 May 2017 time 22:31 . A suicide bomber (Salman Ramadan Abedi) detonated an improvised explosive device,  in the foyer area of the Manchester Arena. The attack took place during the egress  of the Ariana Grande concert. 14,200 people were attending the concert. Many exiting concert-goers and waiting parents were in the foyer at the time of the explosion. According to evidence presented at the coroner’s inquest, the detonation of the bomb killed people who were up to 20 metres away.

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Officials in Honduras say thousands of soccer fans trying to force their way into a stadium for a championship match stampeded in panic when police fired tear gas, and at least four people and an unborn fetus were killed in the crush and 25 others were injured.

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About 1,500 people were injured in the Italian city of Turin after a firecracker provoked a stampede, police say. Thousands of football fans were watching a live relay of Juventus’ Champions League final against Real Madrid in Cardiff when a bang was heard and rumours of an explosion spread.

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At least eight people, seven of whom were children, were killed in a stampede in Malawi during the southern African country’s independence day celebrations at a stadium in the capital

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Eight people have been killed during a Senegal football league final in Dakar in a stampede that broke out following clashes at the end of the match, the official APS news agency said.

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Soweto Derby in Johannessburg, South Africa was marred by tragedy as two people were killed and 17 others injured as fans attempted to pour through gates at FNB Stadium.

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A stampede on a footbridge at a Mumbai railway station has left 22 people dead and injured more than 30, Indian officials report. The tragedy occurred during the morning rush hour at Elphinstone station, which connects two major local lines. It was triggered by overcrowding and people seeking shelter from monsoon rains, the officials said. The injured have been taken to a nearby hospital and senior railway officials are at the scene.

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At least ten people were killed and dozens were injured in a stampede in Bangladesh on Monday after tens of thousands of people gathered for a funeral feast, police said. The victims, believed to all be men, died during a feast in Chittagong following the death of the the southern city’s mayor. Mohiuddin Chowdhury, a senior politician of the ruling Awami League party and a three-term mayor of the country’s second largest city, died on Friday.

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On December 2, 2016,  a fire broke out in a former warehouse that had been converted into an artist collective with living spaces known as Ghost Ship.  The warehouse was only permitted for industrial purposes. Residential and entertainment uses were illegal, Of the 80 to 100 people attending the concert within the space, 36 were killed.

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28 football fans died on 8 February 2015 in a confrontation with the police at the gates of 30 June Stadium during a league match between two Cairo clubs, Zamalek and ENPPI. Most of the dead were suffocated when the crowd stampeded after police used tear gas to clear the fans trying to force their way into the stadium

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Three people crushed to death as crowd tries to force its way into Chilean nightclub to watch British punk band called Doom

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On a day that has not been seen in our industry in 10 years, we have created this page to collect initial reports and updates. It is upsetting when a single life is lost during a planned and organised event, the numbers that have been printed and reported today and tragic.

Please ignore all references to the words “Stampede”, this site condemns the use of this description of a crowd related incident as misleading to the reader. Please read the related research by professional and respected practitioners in the field of crowd safety management, risk analysis and psychology to better understand the events of today

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About an hour before midnight, the club was engulfed in flames because of a spark set off by pyrotechnics. Some witnesses said there was an explosion, but this was disputed and later dismissed by other sources. The club’s ceiling was supported by pillars, which were coated with a flammable soundproofing foam. Soon after the pyrotechnics began, the foam on one of the pillars was ignited. The fire spread rapidly to the ceiling, eventually causing it to collapse. Media reported that club-goers initially thought the flames were part of the show and did not immediately react. When the ceiling caught fire, the approximately 200 to 400 people in the club panicked and rushed to the only working exit door at the venue, creating a stampede. The two-part door was only half opened, thus too narrow, so people climbed on top of each other in order to get out. Many of the casualties suffered from leg injuries after being trampled.A witness said terrified concert-goers had to break down the other half of the door to escape, but many people had already suffered burns, or were in respiratory distress. People also smashed windows in order to escape.

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Mosque China 06/01/2014

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In Mumbai on 18 January 2014 near the Malabar Hill residence of Dawoodi Bohraspiritual leader Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, who had died on 17 January 2014.

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14 people have been crushed to death in a stampede at a tribute festival for Congolese singer King Kester Emeneya.

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The 2014 Stade Tata Raphaël disaster refers to a crowd crush that occurred in Kinshasa at the Stade Tata Raphaël on 11 May 2014. During the match between Congolese football clubs TP Mazembe and Vita Club, missiles were thrown on to the pitch and the referee chose to delay play.

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2014 Patna crowd crush occurred on 3 October 2014 on the occasion of Dassehra festival at Gandhi Maidan inPatna, Bihar

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On October 10, 2014,  occurred in Multan, Pakistan. A Political Party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf faced the crushduring a public rally. It caused the deaths of more than half a dozen people.

On October 10, 2014,  occurred in Multan, Pakistan. A Political Party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf faced the crushduring a public rally. It caused the deaths of more than half a dozen people.

On October 10, 2014,  occurred in Multan, Pakistan. A Political Party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf faced the crushduring a public rally. It caused the deaths of more than half a dozen people.

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16 people have been killed and 11 injured in an accident at a pop concert in Seongnam, south of Seoul in South Korea, officials say.

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New Year celebrations in Shanghai ended in tragedy  after 36 people were crushed to death and 47 injured in what has become the city’s worst disaster in recent years

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The 2013 Houphouët-Boigny stampede occurred as crowds departed a New Year’s Eve fireworks display in the early hours of 1 January 2013 near the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Stadium in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

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The Kiss nightclub fire started between 2:00 and 2:30  on 27 January 2013 in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, killing at least 242 people and injuring at least 168 others

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On 10 February 2013, during the Hindu festival Kumbh Mela, a stampede broke out at the train station in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, killing 36 people and injuring at least 39.

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On 13 October 2013, during the Hindu festival of Navratri, a crowd crush on a bridge near the Ratangarh Mata Temple in Datia district,Madhya Pradesh, India, killing 115 people and injuring more than 110.

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On 2 February 2012, a massive riot occurred at Port Said Stadium in Port Said, Egypt, following an Egyptian premier league football match between Al-Masry and Al Ahly clubs.

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On 24 September 2012, twelve people died and fifty people were injured by careless management by Satsang committee in DeogharJharkhand.

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A Madrid Halloween party headlined by Steve Aoki ended in tragedy last night when three young women died of injuries sustained in the middle of a crowd crush



The 2011 Sabarimala a crowd crush on 14 January 2011, Makara Jyothi Day at Sabarimala in Kerala, India. It broke out during an annual pilgrimage, killing 106 pilgrims and injuring about 100 more

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Three women have been killed in a stampede at a nightclub in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

Police said the women had been caught in a crush after mass panic broke out among the thousands of people in the three-storey West Balkan club.

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At least 30 people have been killed in a stampede at a stadium in the Malian capital of Bamako, officials say. Seventy others were injured in the incident, which occurred at the end of a sermon given by imam Osman Madani Haidara.

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On September 16, 2011, The Galloping Ghost, a highly modified North American P-51D Mustang racing aircraft, crashed into spectators while competing at the Reno Air Races, killing the pilot, James K. “Jimmy” Leeward, and 10 people on the ground. Sixty-nine more people on the ground were injured. It was the third-deadliest airshow disaster in U.S. history, following accidents in 1972 in Sacramento, California and 1951 in Flagler, Colorado.

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Two football fans have been killed during a stampede at a match between Indonesia and Malaysia.

The teams were playing in the final of the South East Asian Games in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

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Twenty-six people, at least half of them children, were killed in a stampede near a mosque in Timbuktu, Mali, according to a journalist who witnessed the incident.

Moulaye Sayah, who works for National Radio and Television of Mali and Mali’s News Agency, both state-run, said at least 41 people were injured in the stampede, which occurred Thursday night during the Muslim festival of Mouloud, outside Djinguereber mosque.

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The Pratapgarh stampede was an incident that occurred on 4 March 2010, at Ram Janki temple in Kunda, Uttar Pradesh,India, that killed at least 63 people and seriously injured over 100 more

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On 24 July 2010, a crowd disaster at the 2010 Love Parade electronic dance music festival in Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, caused the death of 21 people from suffocation. At least 510 more were injured.


LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif. — The crowd at the off-road race could almost touch the trucks as they hurtled and bounced over the desert sand. They were close enough for one mistake to end eight lives.

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Seven fans died from a stampede while trying to get into a football match between two of Kenya’s most popular teams, the Kenya Red Cross said on Saturday. Six people were killed when they were run over by the crowd outside Nyayo National Stadium, and one more died after being taken to Kenyatta National Hospital, said Red Cross spokesman Titus Mungo’u.

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The Phnom Penh crowd crush occurred on 22 November 2010 when 347 people were killed and another 755 were injured during the Khmer Water Festival celebrations in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh

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The Santika Club fire occurred on Thursday 1 January 2009, in the Santika Club nightclub in Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand,

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The 2009 Houphouët-Boigny stampede occurred on 29 March 2009 in the Stade Félix Houphouët-Boigny in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire before a 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification match between Malawi and Côte d’Ivoire.

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At least 11 people have been killed in the Moroccan capital Rabat, following a stampede at a world music concert.Some 40 were injured when a wire fence collapsed at the Mawazine festival.

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The Lame Horse fire occurred on December 5, 2009, around 1 a.m. local time in the nightclub Khromaya Loshad

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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, ten young people were trampled or crushed to death as hundreds of music fans tried to force their way out of a concert Saturday night (February 9) by the Indonesian melodic death metal band BESIDE in Bandung, Indonesia.

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Bandung metal band Beside was holding a concert of their first album launch entitled Against Ourselves at AACC building. The concert started at 19:00 (local time). According to many sources, the building where the concert took place was capable to accommodate 500 people.

The number of attendants of the concert exceeded the capacity of the building where the concert was taking place. There were estimated 800 to 1000 people watching the concert. Apart from the attendants in the building, there were others who were outside of the building. When the concert concluded at 20:30, the panic started as the attendants were leaving the building. As the building was unable to accommodate so many attendants, the air circulation was greatly decreased and the attendants were suffering from asphyxiation, suffocation, dehydration and jostling. The lack of medical staffs caused the impacted attendants to receive no proper medical attention. It was reported that there were a number of people lying on the floor and did not receive medical attention at all.

Six people have been slightly hurt after the side flap of a circus tent came loose at Windsor.

The incident happened at Billy Smart’s Big Top which had been put up at the town’s racecourse.

It is understood that gusts of strong wind may have caused the rigging to become loose.

There will be no more performances at Windsor while health and safety issues are assessed and repairs made to the tent, the company said.

No-one was badly injured in the incident, but four people were treated at the site, and three were taken to Wexham Park Hospital – one as a precaution.

One woman, who was at the circus with her family, said: “It all happened about 10 minutes before the five o’clock performance started. The tent was full of familes with young kids.

“All of a sudden there was really loud thunder, heavy rain and hail and incredible gusts of wind that took the tent down. People were panicking and running everywhere as the tent came down.”

Mexico City’s mayor has accused police of making serious errors during a raid at a packed nightclub which led to the deaths of 12 people in a stampede.

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July 13, 2008 (KHARTOUM) — A stampede killed 23 people at a Sudanese football stadium on Sunday as a graduation ceremony for youth embarking on their national service was being held, said police and hospital officials.

“Crowds trying to get into al-Mureikh football stadium in Omdurman led to the deaths of 23 people. The majority of them are women and children, and 36 people were injured who are now in Omdurman Hospital,” said Sudanese police in a statement.

Relatives flocked to the stadium in Khartoum’s twin city of Omdurman to watch youth graduate after their basic training before the onset of their one-year obligatory military service.

Morgue official Talal Mohamed said 23 bodies, including children, were brought to the morgue after the incident in Khartoum’s twin city of Omdurman.

The graduation celebration still went ahead in the presence of Defence Minister Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein and Presidential Adviser Nafie Ali Nafie.

Witnesses at the stadium said there were huge numbers of people pushing at the doors and access was poorly organised. They heard ambulance sirens but did not see those who were killed.

A human crowd crush at the Hindu temple of Naina Devi occurred on 3 August 2008 in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. 162 people died when they were crushed, trampled, or forced over the side of a ravine by the movement of a large panicking crowd

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KINSHASA, Congo – Accusations that a football player was using witchcraft during a local match in eastern Congo sparked a riot that killed 13 people, a UN-funded radio station reported Monday.

Most of the victims were between the ages of 11 and 16, Radio Okapi said. They were suffocated during the mayhem Sunday in Butembo in eastern Congo’s North Kivu province.

Radio Okapi said police tried to control the violence at Matokeo stadium by firing guns into the air to protect their commander, who was hit in the head and wounded by fans.

The two local clubs involved were Socozaki and Nyuki System, the radio said.

Dozens of teenagers marched through Butembo’s dirt streets Monday in protest and the regional governor paid a visit to the hospital.

North Kivu has been the epicentre of clashes between Congo’s army and rebels over the last year. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced in the violence.

The fire began when a stage fireworks gun misfired and crowds exited into one badly-lit exit.

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A human stampede occurred on September 30, 2008, at the Chamunda Devi temple in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, in which 249 people were killed and more than 400 injured

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Twenty five young people were taken to hospital on Saturday night when 10 square metres of floor suddenly collapsed during a rock consert in Umeå, northern Sweden.

Three of the youngsters had fractures while the others were less seriously injured, said spokesperson Marita Broberg at Norrland University hospital.

The floor, based on a raised steel construction, gave way under the feet of a large group of people dancing in front of the stage in the Black Box room of the Norrland Opera House. Audience members fell over 2 metres to the floor below.

“The spectators landed on each other when they fell through the hole,” said emergency services spokesman Christer Björkman.

On Sunday morning the chief executive of the Norrland Opera House, Magnus Aspegren, said that the cause of the accident was that one or more of the metal beams in the floor construction had broken. But it was still unclear why.

“It’s a type of beam which should hold much more weight than this,” said Aspegren.

The floor consists of metal beams covered by removable wooden panels, to allow entrance to the stage through the floor from the basement during performances.

“Each of the wooden panels should be able to hold over a tonne, so it’s quite remarkable that it broke like this,” said Magnus Aspegren.

Before the accident the floor was bouncing under the feet of those who were dancing, according to one audience member.

The collapse happened just before 11.30pm on Saturday, barely 15 minutes into a concert by Swedish rock band Mando Diao.

“A total of 815 people were in the venue,” said police spokesman John Forsberg.

The worst injured had broken arms, lacerations and similar wounds. Around 20 people had less serious injuries and were suffering from shock.

According to local newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren, the concert was part of the Amplified festival.

“The cafeteria was turned into cottage hospital,” said musician Markus Styrman, whose band Karavan was due to play at the festival after Mando Diao.

“A couple of the injured people were taken directly to hospital but many were lying on the cafeteria floor for a while, waiting for an ambulance.”

“It was obviously a complete surprise but there was hardly any panic even if everyone wanted to get out as quickly as possible,” said Styrman.

The floor consisted of large black panels, measuring 4.5 metres by 2.5 metres, sitting on a steel construction. The panels are around 5 centimetres thick.

One of the panels collapsed and fell 2.3 metres to the real floor below, said a police investigator. The panel had come loose from the supporting beams as the audience danced during the concert.

Two other panels had also wobbled loose and looked as though they could collapse at any time, according to TT’s reporter at the scene.

LONDON (Reuters) – A rider and two spectators died in the final event of the Isle of Man TT on Friday in a crash that cast a pall over the 100th anniversary celebrations of motorcycling’s oldest and deadliest road races.

The official TT Web site ( named the rider as 34-year-old Briton Marc Ramsbotham, a married man and newcomer to the event.

One spectator died at the scene of the accident, the 26th milestone on the mountain course, and another later in hospital. Two more were injured.

The Norfolk rider was competing in the six-lap Senior TT (Tourist Trophy), a blue riband event watched by tens of thousands of visitors to the island as well as former champions including John Surtees and Giacomo Agostini.

An investigation was under way into the causes of the accident.

The deaths, on a circuit that before Friday had claimed 223 lives since the inaugural Tourist Trophy race of 1907, overshadowed what had otherwise been a memorable close to the festival of road racing.

Briton John McGuinness won the senior TT to become the first rider to lap the island circuit at an average speed of more than 130mph.

McGuinness’s 13th TT win, after his triumph in the weather-delayed opening Superbike TT on Monday, made him the third most successful rider in the event’s 100 year history.

His fastest lap was timed at 130.354 mph, stripping 51 seconds off the previous record.

The TT course pits riders against the clock over 37.73 miles on public roads and with the start and finish in Douglas. Top speeds exceed 200 mph (320kph).

This year’s sole major incident before Friday was a crash in Tuesday’s Superstock TT that left New Zealand’s former winner Shaun Harris in a critical condition in hospital.

Thirty-six people were treated for minor burns and injuries in a traditional Devon event where flaming barrels are carried on people’s backs.

The 400-year-old Ottery St Mary Tar Barrels event on Monday night attracted more than 3,000 people.

Three people had to be treated in hospital – one suffering from burns and the others with broken ankles.

Three more were hurt when the crowd surged to avoid a rolling barrel and forced a brick wall to collapse.

Pagan ritual

Police said they dealt with a number of minor disturbances in the town centre and there was one allegation of assault.

The 17th Century tradition is thought to originate from a pagan ritual of exorcising evil spirits from the town.

A total of 17 barrels are soaked in tar and lit before being carried in turn.

The barrels get passed from man to man as they make their way to the River Otter. The barrels are then used to make up one of the biggest bonfires in the region.

The carnival committee said it was aware the brick wall outside a property had collapsed and had made contact with the owners.

One of the organisers, Andy Wade, said: “We didn’t have a problem with anything.”

The event had appeared to be under threat after its insurer pulled out but, after a nationwide appeal, the organisers obtained £5m public liability insurance from another company to cover the event.

It raises thousands of pounds for charity and attracts people from around the world.

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In the afternoon of 15 June 2007, while Le Mani were playing, a strong downburst hit the park. Six steel towers supporting the PA system collapsed and 25 people were injured, and a young woman was crushed to death. The festival stages and equipment were also damaged, and the organizers were forced to cancel the performances of My Chemical RomanceLinkin ParkThe Killers and Pearl Jam. The police took control of the festival area and the festival was cancelled

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At approximately 15:00 UTC on Monday 2 January 2006, in the town of Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria, Germany, near the Austrian border, the roof of a 1970s-built ice rink collapsed, possibly under the weight of heavy snowfall, trapping 50 people underneath the rubble.

Fifteen people were killed, with the last body being recovered early on 5 January. Eight children are known to have died. Thirty-two people were injured. Weather conditions in the area were extremely severe, an avalanche having killed three people nearby earlier in the day.

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At least 345 Muslim pilgrims have died in a crush during the stone-throwing ritual at the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia,

Additional paper-The Dynamics of Crowd Disasters: An Empirical Study

Jamarat area as it is today

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On 28 January 2006, the roof of one of the buildings at the Katowice International Fair (Międzynarodowe Targi Katowickie) collapsed in Chorzów / Katowice, Poland.

At 16:15 GMT (17:15 local time), the central section of the roof of the hall collapsed, possibly due to the weight of snow on the building. According to the police there were roughly 700 people in the hall at the time of the collapse. A further collapse occurred 90 minutes later during rescue operations. Polish government spokesman Krzysztof Mejer confirmed that there had been 65 dead as well as more than 170 injured, including 13 foreigners. There are confirmed deaths of ten foreign tourists – one from Belgium, one from Germany, three from Slovakia, one from the Netherlands, one from Hungary and three from the Czech Republic. The trade hall was hosting the 56th National Exhibition of Carrier Pigeons, with over 120 exhibitors from all over Europe. Poland was at that time experiencing very cold weather with heavy snow. This meant that the rescue operation was undertaken in sub-zero temperatures, putting the survivors inside the building at risk of exposure.

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The Wowowee crowd crush occurred at the PhilSports Stadium in Pasig City, Metro Manila in the Philippines on February 4, 2006. It killed 73 people and injured about 400

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A 24-year-old Douglas County man has been charged with delivering a deadly punch in a dispute over a ballcap at a heavy-metal concert, police said Tuesday.

Atlanta police and Douglas County authorities arrested Michael Scott Axley on Monday afternoon on a murder warrant in the death of 30-year-old Andy Richardson.

A brief fight Aug. 1 between Richardson, Axley and “unknown others” happened where the seats meet the lawn at the HiFi Buys Amphitheater, police say.

A wooden staircase leading from a bridge to a canal in the Dutch city of Utrecht has collapsed during a concert, seriously injuring eight people.

Three of those hurt are said by police to be in a critical condition after the stairs gave way as revellers were dancing to salsa music.

Police divers searched the canal for possible victims but found nobody.

“It was terrible, I saw people covered with blood,” said one witness who was watching the concert from a boat.

“There were many people standing on the stairs, jumping and dancing to the music and then the whole structure suddenly collapsed,” the witness, Robert Smit, added.

Ten people also received minor injuries, police spokeswoman Mieke Kort was quoted as saying by The Associated Press news agency.

The number of dead in a stampede at an election rally in Yemen has risen to 51.

Tuesday’s stampede occurred as people tried to leave a stadium following a speech by Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president. More than 80 people were injured.

The venue was crammed with about 150,000 people who had flocked to the rally in the run-up to the September 20 presidential and local elections and more thronged the streets outside.

Reuters reported several bodies lying in the grounds of the stadium in the southern province of Ibb.

Ambulances and police cars have taken the injured to hospital.


A reporter at the scene said: “The stadium was very crowded, people were standing on the ground as well as the bleachers.

“After the president left, people rushed to get out of the stadium and that’s when the stampede happened.”

A Yemeni official said the government would compensate families who lost a relative in the crush. 

Ibb province is about 170km south of the capital, Sana.

In Taiz province, 250km southwest of the capital Sana, at least four people were killed and 10 injured on Monday in a stampede at a similar election rally, government officials said.

Saleh, the poor country’s long-serving president and the front-runner in the poll, is touring Yemeni provinces to get support for his campaign.

About 10,000 fans of slow rock band Ungu (which means “purple”) attended a concert at Widya Manggala Krida Stadium, which has a capacity for just 6,000 people. When the show ended at 9.30pm, impatient fans began streaming toward the single small exit on the western side. Many fell and were trampled on, so guards opened a second exit. Ten people, ranging in age from 15 to 22, were killed. Dozens of women had passed out in similar conditions at an Ungu concert a few months earlier in Mojokerto, East Java.


The Mandher Devi temple stampede occurred on Tuesday, 25 January 2005 at Mandher Devi temple near Wai in Satara district in Indian state of Maharashtra. The stampede broke out as 300,000 people converged on the Mandher Devi temple to undertake the annual pilgrimage on the full moon day of Shakambhari Purnima, in January and for participation in a 24-hour-long festival that includes ritual animal sacrifices to the goddess. Festivities also include the devotees breaking coconuts at Mangirbaba temple near the entrance and dancing with the Goddess Kalubai’s idol held high.

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Several people were hurt in the crush as thousands flocked to the midnight opening of Ikea’s newest store.

The store in Edmonton, north London, stayed open for just 30 minutes because of safety fears and five people had to be taken to hospital for treatment

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The opening of the pan-African film festival Fespaco has been marred by the deaths of two people in a crush. Witnesses said as stadium gates were opened in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkino Faso, there was almost a stampede towards the more shaded areas

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Five people have been trampled to death in Tehran following a football World Cup qualifying match between Iran and Japan, state news agency Irna reported. About 40 others were hurt as more than 100,000 spectators at the Azadi stadium moved to the exits after the game, doctors told the agency.

Two children attending a soccer game in Madagascar’s capital died Monday from injuries suffered during a stampede at an overcrowded stadium.

Forty-five people were injured when officials tried to close the doors to the match between a team from South Africa and a team from Madagascar on Sunday.

Hundreds of fans waiting outside tried to force their way into the 20,000 capacity stadium.

The game continued despite the violence, which was the latest incidence of a deadly stampede at an overcrowded stadium in Africa.

Last year, four people were killed and eight others injured during a stampede at the end of a World Cup qualifying game in Lome, Togo.

In 2001, 123 people died in a stampede in Accra, Ghana, when police fired tear gas into the stands to try to control unruly fans.

Also in 2001, 43 people were killed and 155 injured in Johannesburg, South Africa, when fans tried to push their way into a stadium.

Tehran, March 26, IRNA-Five people were trampled to death and 40 others were wounded in a crush of spectators after Iran-Japan World Cup qualifier on Friday evening. The crush happened when tens of thousands of soccer fans were leaving the stadium after the game ended.

Deputy Head of Iran’s Football Federation H. Alipour said that a headquarters is due to be established to follow up the case of wounded people.

Members of the family of one of the victims who lost their lives at Azadi Sport Complex on Friday evening called for prosecution of the individual(s) responsible for the event.

The Iran-Japan World Cup qualifier football match ended 2-1 in favor of Iran’s national side.

At least six Hindu devotees were killed in a stampede during birth anniversary celebrations of saint Hary Chand Thakur in south-western Bangladesh on Wednesday, officials said.

Over 50 people were injured in the stampede.

The stampede occurred as thousands of pilgrims gathered in Kasiani of Gopalganj district, about 200 km southwest of Dhaka, to take the holy dip.

Almost 1,000 people are known to have died in a stampede of Shia pilgrims in northern Baghdad, Iraqi health officials have said.

So far, there have been at least 965 confirmed deaths, making the incident the single biggest loss of Iraqi life since the US-led invasion in 2003.

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At the time of the stampede, around one million pilgrims had gathered around or were marching toward Al Kadhimiya Mosque, which is the shrine of the Shi’ite Imam Musa al-Kazim. Tensions had been high within the crowd. Earlier in the day, seven people had been killed and dozens more wounded in a mortar attack upon the assembled crowd for which an Al-Qaeda linked insurgent group claimed responsibility. Near the shrine, rumors of an imminent suicide bomb attack broke out, panicking many pilgrims. Interior Minister Bayan Baqir Solagh said that one person “pointed a finger at another person saying that he was carrying explosives…and that led to the panic”. The man was presumed to be wearing a suicide explosive belt on the bridge.

The panicked crowd flocked to the bridge, which had been closed. Somehow, the gate at their end of the bridge opened, and the pilgrims rushed through. Some people fell onto the concrete base and died instantly. The ensuing crush of people caused many to suffocate. The pressure of the crowd caused the bridge’s iron railings to give way, dropping hundreds of people 9 m (30 feet) into the Tigris river. There was nowhere on the bridge for the people to go, as the other end of the bridge remained closed, and was impossible to open anyway, as it opened inward.

Owing to the nature of the incident many of those who died were those who could be considered physically weakest, such as the elderly, women and children.

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Fire broke out in an Egyptian theater during a crowded play performance late Monday, causing audience members to flee in panic, officials said. At least 29 people were killed, some from the flames and some in the stampede.

The fire erupted about 11:45 p.m. in a theater in Beni Suef, a city on the Nile River about 70 miles south of Cairo, a police official said.

“It was like being inside a barbecue grill. Everyone was burning,” said Mohammed Arafat Yassin, who was recovering at Beni Suef Hospital.

The fire was caused by a candle used during the performance that fell, igniting the stage and props, the official Middle East News Agency said.

At least 37 people were reportedly injured, including 14 members of the theatrical troupe. Most were treated for burns on 30% to 90% of their bodies, a hospital official said.

“All the people rushed to the exit and struggled to get out,” said Adel Hassan, the play’s producer, who was being treated at the hospital for burns to his face and arms. “But the fire spread very rapidly, and many of them just couldn’t get out in time.”

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SANGJU, South Korea (Reuters) – Thousands of people stampeded at a holiday music concert in South Korea on Monday, killing 11 and injuring 76 others, rescue officials said. 

More than 5,000 surged to enter one of the gates at a stadium in the southern city of Sangju, and those waiting at the front fell and were crushed, the organiser of the concert, the broadcaster MBC, said in a news report.

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Dozens of people were injured in a crush outside the stadium where Brazil were training for Wednesday’s World Cup qualifier against Venezuela, medical and police sources said on Tuesday.

Television pictures showed chaotic scenes in front of the Mangueirao stadium, in the northern city of Belem, where an estimated 75,000 people turned up hoping for a unique opportunity to see the world champions in the flesh.

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The organiser of a fireworks display in Northamptonshire, where 11 people were injured, has apologised to those hurt.

Fireworks firm Kimbolton, which had prepared the Bonfire Night party at Wicksteed Park, near Kettering, also said it was carrying out a review.

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A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up outside a crowded nightclub in Tel Aviv late Friday, police said, killing at least four bystanders and shattering a fragile, unofficial truce that Israeli and Palestinian leaders had hoped would mark the end of four years of deadly conflict.

Police said the bomber detonated his device in a crowd of young people waiting to enter the Stage nightclub on the city’s popular Mediterranean beachfront promenade, about 600 yards south of the U.S. Embassy. More than 50 people were injured in the explosion, many seriously, police said.

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An apparent electrical short circuit ignited a fire Friday in a marriage hall in southern India, killing 45 people — including the groom — and injuring about 60 people, officials said. The bride was among the injured.

Some of the victims were burned in the flames, while others were crushed in a stampede down a narrow staircase, the officials said.

“Forty-five bodies have been recovered from the marriage hall,” said K. Manivasan, the top administrator for Tiruchi district in southern Tamil Nadu state, where the fire broke out at 8:45 a.m.

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A stampede at the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia has left at least 244 people dead, the largest number killed at the event since 1997.

The Hajj minister, Iyad Madani, said a comparable number of pilgrims were injured during the 27-minute stampede.

The disaster happened on Sunday as pilgrims flocked to the Jamarat Bridge in Mina, near Mecca, to hurl stones at pillars representing the devil

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Crowd crush occurred at a stone-throwing ritual that has been the source of deadly trampling in the past.

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Four people have been killed and dozens injured in a stampede during a rock concert in Indonesia’s South Kalimantan province on Monday night, a report says.

The stampede happened as thousands of mostly young fans jostled to get out of a soccer stadium in the city of Banjarmasin at the end of the performance by a local rock group called Sheila on 7, the official Antara news agency said.

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There had been confusion over the condition of both Mr Kadyrov and General Valery Baranov but Russian president, Mr Vladimir Putin, confirmed Mr Kadyrov did indeed perish in the blast.

There can be no doubt that retribution is unavoidable for those whom we are fighting today
Russian President Vladimir Putin

“There can be no doubt that retribution is unavoidable for those whom we are fighting today. It will be unavoidable for terrorists,” Mr Putin told war veterans whom he met as part of celebrations to mark the Soviet Union’s 1945 victory over Nazi Germany.

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Up to 15 people were hurt when a chandelier came loose and part of the ceiling fell down at a theatre in London’s West End.

Audience members ran for safety as plaster started to fall during When Harry Met Sally at the Theatre Royal Haymarket at 2205 BST on Saturday.

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Bogotá. (EFE) .- At least five people died and another 93 were wounded last night in the explosion of a suitcase-bomb, which alleged FARC rebels left at a disco in the Colombian banana zone of Urabá, authorities reported. The device exploded at around 10:00 pm local time on Saturday (03:00 GMT on Sunday) in a busy establishment in the nightlife area of ​​Apartadó, a population about 800 kilometers northwest of Bogotá.

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On Wednesday 26 May 2004 the Press and Journal contacted NHS Grampian
to report that they were aware of several people, who had attended a concert
at the Aberdeen Music Hall on Sunday 23 May, and subsequently developed
vomiting and diarrhoea. The Environmental Health Service (EHS) of Aberdeen
City Council received two complaints from individuals who had attended the
concert. The complainants reported that an estimated 20 people were ill with
vomiting and diarrhoea. Many others were reported as affected but accurate
information was difficult to elicit at that stage and the complainants were
asked to phone back with contact details to allow EHS staff to interview those
affected and verify the outbreak

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No prosecutions will be necessary after the collapse of a temporary grandstand at the Lincolnshire Showground, an inquiry has concluded.

Sixty-two people were injured in the incident at the Grapevine Christian festival in August 2004. People suffered broken bones, cuts and shock.

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n overcrowded balcony collapsed early Sunday inside a popular Sao Paulo nightclub, killing six people and injuring at least 117, police said.

The interior balcony at the Ladies First nightclub in the Guarulhos neighborhood buckled under the weight of patrons shortly before 2 a.m., crushing people below.

“The balcony had many more people than the structure of the place would support,” said municipal guard Luciano da Zaparoli.

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Three men were killed and 16 injured in a stampede when thousands of people rushed to claim cash vouchers at the opening of an IKEA furniture showroom at its new location near the intersection of Tahlia and Sitteen streets here yesterday.

Many men, women and children fainted and some of them were trampled upon as the crowd of shoppers swelled just before the opening. The Red Crescent rushed some of the victims to the nearby King Fahd Hospital.

The hospital received 19 stampede victims, of whom three died.

The hospital had rushed two teams each of two doctors and two nurses to the site as soon as it received an emergency call, said Dr. Sami Badawud, a senior doctor.

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A blaze at an all-night rave in an Amsterdam warehouse killed one and injured six today,
the Amsterdam Fire Brigade said.

The fire broke out between 7 and 8 a.m. when several hundred party-goers were still inside the building at an industrial estate occupied by squatters.

“The firemen found one deceased victim inside. Six have been taken to hospital with severe burns as well as breathing problems,” said Fire Brigade spokesman Mr Kees Jongh.

He had no further details on the victims or how the fire started. A thick column of smoke could be seen from many parts of Amsterdam. Fire fighters were at the scene with 15 fire engines and other vehicles and still trying to control the blaze by mid-morning, Mr Jongh said.

Raves are popular in Netherlands, often filling an entire stadium with over 10,000 party-goers attending.

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Emergency exits at a nightclub packed with teenagers were padlocked or wired shut when a flare ignited the foam ceiling, sparking a blaze that killed 175 people and injured more than 700 in one of Argentina’s worst disasters, survivors and officials said Friday.

Some 4,000 fans at a Thursday night concert by the band Los Callejeros fought to reach the exits as burning debris fell on them. But they found at least four escape routes locked in an apparent effort to prevent people from entering the club without paying, Buenos Aires Mayor Anibal Ibarra said.

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Four people have been killed and dozens injured in a stampede during a rock concert in Indonesia’s South Kalimantan province on Monday night, a report says.

The stampede happened as thousands of mostly young fans jostled to get out of a soccer stadium in the city of Banjarmasin at the end of the performance by a local rock group called Sheila on 7, the official Antara news agency said.

In 2000, four Sheila on 7 fans also died in a stampede during a concert in Lampung province.

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At least 40 people were killed today when the snow-covered roof of a Moscow market collapsed, making it the third tragedy of its kind in Europe this winter.

Associated Press reported that 40 people had died and at least 29 were injured after the roof of the 30-year-old building collapsed at about 4.50am local time (0150 GMT) under the weight of the snow.

The accident occurred as vendors were preparing their stalls at the start of a national holiday to mark Defenders of the Motherland Day, Reuters reported.

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The E2 nightclub crowd crush occurred on February 17, 2003, at the E2 nightclub located above the Epitome Chicago restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, in which 21 people died and more than 50 were injured when panic ensued from the use of pepper spray by security guards to break up a fight.

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The Station Nightclub fire was the fourth-deadliest nightclub fire in U.S. history, killing 100 people. The fire began at 11:07 PM EST, on Thursday, February 20, 2003


At least 13 people died in a stadium stampede shortly before a concert by a popular Congolese singer in Benin’s main city Cotonou, police sources and medical officials said.

“When the gates opened, there was a rush to get in. The terraces quickly filled up, but more people kept coming. That’s when the tragedy happened,” said a ticket salesman at the stadium who only gave his name as Max.

Several spectators fainted, others were crushed by the crowd and suffocated to death.

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Police in Benin are investigating reports that a pop concert went ahead despite the deaths of at least 15 fans from crushing. The incident happened before the Congolese musician Kofi Olomide was due to appear at the Friendship Stadium in Benin’s main city Cotonou.

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Three people, including a 13-year-old girl, were killed and nearly 40 injured in a stampede triggered by autograph hunters at a Brazilian shopping centre.

Panic broke out among fans during a session of autograph signing by a Mexican pop group in Sao Paulo. The 39 people reported injured included two who remained in a critical condition on Sunday.

The stampede broke out among fans waiting for autographs from youth group RBD in a car park of the shopping centre.

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A 26-year-old man was electrocuted Friday night while walking barefoot at a show by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Snoop Dogg in Charlotte, North Carolina.

UNC Charlotte college student Ashley Faris of Waxhaw, North Carolina, died on the scene after he stepped onto a wet, lighted concrete stairway with metal edging at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on Friday night, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department spokesperson Keith Bridges. The department’s investigation is so far classifying the incident as a “public accident.”

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A balcony crammed with partygoers has collapsed in Chicago, sending bodies and splintered wood plummeting three storeys into a tangled mass that has killed 12 and injured dozens.

“There was chaos. People were screaming and crying in the alley,” Chicago Fire Commissioner James Joyce said.

Some witnesses reported hearing a creaking sound as the overloaded top floor of the wooden structure gave way, crushing people on lower floors and trapping them at the basement level.

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Two female suicide bombers have blown themselves up at a rock festival just outside Moscow, killing at least 15 people and injuring more than 50.

Interior Minister Boris Gryzlov blamed the attacks on Chechen separatists, saying a Chechen passport had been found on one of the bombers.

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The Sknyliv air show disaster occurred on 27 July 2002, when a Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi Su-27 piloted by Volodymyr Toponar and co-piloted by Yuriy Yegorov crashed during an aerobatics presentation at Sknyliv airfield near Lviv, Ukraine. The accident killed 77 people and injured 543, 100 of whom were hospitalised.

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At least 39 worshippers, including 26 women, died after fellow devotees trampled upon them at the ongoing Kumbh Mela in Nashik, the police said.

The stampede occurred around 1.30 this afternoon when the rush of people on a warren of narrow streets caused the barricades at a gully near the Kalaram temple to give way.

All victims were brought dead to hospitals, officials said from Nashik. Rescue operations were affected due to the rush of people on the narrow roads that made movement of ambulance and police vehicles difficult.

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At least ten people were injured when the stage collapsed at a Sound of Music tribute show at Birmingham’s Alexandra Theatre last night.

At least ten people were injured when the stage collapsed at a Sound of Music tribute show at Birmingham’s Alexandra Theatre last night.

Dozens of people dressed as nuns were on the stage as part of the Sing-a-long Sound of Music show when it gave way, plunging them 20ft.

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At least 47 people have been killed in a fire at a crowded nightclub in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas.

Most of the victims died of smoke inhalation after the fire broke out just before midnight on Saturday local time (0400GMT on Sunday) city fire officials said.

Thirty-two of the dead were men and 15 were women. Eight more people have been taken to hospital with moderate burns.

LUCKNOW: Thirteen BSP rallyists were feared killed in a stampede at the Charbagh Railway station here on Saturday. Three others who climbed atop the 4007 Up Sadbhawna Express came in contact with the high tension wire and were electrocuted.

While the railway officials put the toll at eight, the district magistrate gave the casualty figure as 11. Twenty-five people were injured. Officials said that bonafide passengers were not among the dead or injured.

LINZ, Austria (CNN) — An explosion at a disco in the Austrian city of Linz has injured 27 people, most of them teenagers, emergency officials say.

Police say they found remnants of a hand grenade at the scene, and witnesses say many of the injured were hit by shrapnel. Two are said to be in a serious condition.

The explosion happened at about 3.15 a.m. (1.15 GMT) at the X-Large Disco in Linz, about 200 kilometres (120 miles) west of Vienna, police spokesman Michael Tischlinger said.

DJ Fatboy Slim threw a party … and 250,000 revellers came. Few of them were aware, as Brighton descended into chaos, just how close the packed seaside resort came to tragedy

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Seven people were killed and 127 injured by a grenade thrown by a group of irate teenagers during a church concert in the southern Philippines, police said on Thursday.

The young men, believed to be intoxicated, threw the grenade at a large crowd late on Wednesday after being barred from mounting the stage and joining the band, Brothers and Friends.

Two of the suspects were detained after the attack, including the alleged grenade-thrower, said police senior superintendent Sangkala Dampac.

A blaze which swept through an unlicensed nightclub in the Peruvian capital of Lima is now known to have claimed 28 lives, while six young people remain in a critical condition.

The fire broke out at the packed Utopia club on Saturday night, apparently after a party stunt performed by an entertainer went disastrously wrong.

LVIV, Ukraine (CNN) — Seventy-eight people have been killed in what has become the world’s worst airshow disaster after a fighter jet crashed into a crowd at an airfield in the Ukraine.

The Russian Sukhoi Su-27 warplane was performing aerobatics at the show in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv when it plunged to the ground at Skniliv airfield and exploded in a huge fireball.

Two bombs ripped through the Kuta area of the Indonesian tourist island of Bali on 12 October 2002, leaving 202 people dead. Among those killed at Paddy’s Irish Bar and the nearby Sari Club were people from 21 countries, including 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians and 28 Britons. BBC News looks at the background to the bombings 10 years on.

The seeds of the October 2002 Bali bombing plot were probably sown in a hotel room in southern Thailand 10 months earlier.

At a secret meeting of operatives from South East Asian militant network Jemaah Islamiah (JI), Riduan Isamuddin, also known as Hambali, was believed to have ordered a new strategy of hitting soft targets, such as nightclubs and bars rather than high-profile sites like foreign embassies.

There are reports that there were about 1500 people shopping in the building when the fire started.

State media said 120 people were injured in the fire which began at 1:15 p.m. local time (0615 GMT) on Tuesday. Initial reports indicated it may have been sparked by a short-circuit in the Blue Disco, one of the city’s most popular dance spots, on the building’s second floor.

Intense heat and lingering flames prevented firefighters from entering the building for about four hours with firefighters taking more than five hours to extinguish the inferno. Bodies were still being recovered from the site late Tuesday though it is unclear whether any foreigners were among the dead or injured.

It was reported that U.S. insurer American International Assurance was holding a training course for more than 100 staff at the time of the fire. There were also reports there was a wedding party in the building. On Wednesday, the building—which contains several floors of shops, around 50 offices and the disco and has a usual occupancy of about 1500 people—was barricaded with police keeping onlookers at bay.

At least five fire fighting vehicles were at the site on Wednesday though none were in use, a far cry from the scene on Tuesday when 30 fire engines and 40 ambulances surrounded the building. The Vietnam People’s Army reported that firefighters were not fully equipped to fight the fire and lacked water to put out the flames. Power in the area was cut off and streets cordoned off. Flames raged at other windows sending dense black smoke into the sky as workers fled for their lives, many down steel ladders reaching up from fire trucks below. Others jumped out of the windows


At least eight die, hundreds injured in Dutch fire. At least eight people have died and about 130 injured in a fire at a cafe in the Netherlands packed with teenagers celebrating the New Year.

The 2001 Hajj stampede resulted in the deaths of at least 35 pilgrims on 5 March 2001 during the Hajj in Mecca

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JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) — British boyband a1 say they are saddened and distraught by the deaths of four girls during a stampede at a shopping mall in Indonesia.

“Their thoughts and prayers go out to the bereaved families,” said a spokesman.

On Sunday, about 1,500 fans — hundreds more than expected — showed up at a record store at Taman Anggrek shopping mall in Jakarta to see the band and get autographs.

When the band started to sing, many fans pushed to get to the front, trying to get a view, a witness said.

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Authorities said Sunday that at least 36 pilgrims had been killed in a stampede at a Muslim shrine in the central province of Punjab.

The stampede took place just before midnight Saturday when thousands of pilgrims rushed forward after the Behishti Darwaza, or Paradise Gate, was opened to inaugurate the annual feast, known as urs, at the shrine of a 13th century saint in the town of Pakpattan.

The official APP news agency first put the death toll at 40 but later revised the figure to 32, quoting a senior administrator of the region. But late in the evening, state television said the toll had increased to 36.

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At least 11 people have died and about 200 have been injured in an explosion and fire at a music concert in Sri Lanka.

Thousands were listening to the music of two popular Indian singers in a football stadium in Kurunegala, about 100km (60 miles) north-east of Colombo, when the blast occurred.

The explosion, which reports suggest was caused by one or more hand grenades or home-made bombs, triggered a stampede that led to the high number of casualties.

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DHAKA: A court in Bangladesh on Monday sentenced 10 members of a banned militant group to death for a bomb attack on a Communist Party rally in 2001.

Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Court’s Judge Mohammed Rabiul Alam made the order in a crowded courtroom while four of the defendants were in the dock. Six of the defendants sentenced to death have absconded. The court acquitted two others who fled. All of them belong to the banned group Harkat-ul Jihad Al-Islami.
The group considers the Communist Party an anti-Islamic force. On Jan. 20, 2001, bomb attacks on a party rally in Dhaka killed five people and wounded 50 others.

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During a match with TP Mazembe in 2011, 14 people were killed during a stampede after spectators invaded the pitch as TP Mazembe equalized the score.

Most famous player: Pierre Mwana Kasongo who also played for Daring Faucons (Motema Pembe), was the first African player to become the top scorer in Belgium as he played for CS vervietois in 1962-63. He also played for ARA La Gantoise in Belgium. Mwana Kasongo successfully managed St Eloi Lupopo, TP Mazembe, Ruwenzori Natioanal, Makiso, Nika, Bilombe, and Sanga Balende, as well as the Leopards du Zaire. He was the first Congolese to be qualified as a Manager from the Academie Francaise de Football in France. He died on 13 January 1986 as he was managing St Eloi Lupopo.

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The Accra Sports Stadium disaster occurred at the Accra Sports Stadium, Accra, Ghana on May 9, 2001. It took the lives of 127 people, making it the worst stadium disaster to have ever taken place in Africa

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The Ellis Park Stadium disaster was the worst sporting accident in South African history. On 11 April 2001, spectators poured into the Ellis Park Stadium in the city of Johannesburg, Gauteng,South Africa, for the local Soweto derby association football match between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates.

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At least 15 football fans have been killed and hundreds others injured after a stadium collapsed in Iran. The incident happened on Sunday in the Iranian city of Sari, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

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On this day in 2001, during a soccer match at Accra Stadium in Ghana, an encounter between police and rowdy fans results in a stampede that kills 126 people. This tragedy was the worst-ever sports-related disaster in Africa’s history to that time.

At least 20 (23) people have been killed and hundreds have been injured at a wedding party in Jerusalem after the dance floor collapsed.

Guests were left clinging to the sides of the Versailles wedding hall when the third floor suddenly gave way at about 2245 local time and crashed through two storeys below.

There were nearly 700 guests in the building, which is in the industrial Talpiot area of Jerusalem. Many were left trapped by the falling rubble which left a gaping hole through the centre of the building.

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21 people were killed and 120 were wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a disco near Tel Aviv’s Dolphinarium along the seafront promenade just before midnight on Friday, June 1. The terrorist mingled with a large group of teenagers, who were standing in line to enter the disco. While still in line, he detonated the explosives strapped to his body. The explosive charge contained a large number of metal objects – including balls and screws – designed to increase the extent of injuries.

Most of those killed were youngsters from the former Soviet Union who had planned to attend a dance party at the Dolphin disco. Others who had been waiting in line to enter an adjacent nightclub known as the Pacha were also caught in the blast. The ‘Palestinian Hizbullah’ claimed responsibility for the attack.

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STRASBOURG, France, July 7 — A storm sent a huge plane tree crashing onto spectators at an outdoor music concert, killing 11 people and injuring 85 others, 17 of them seriously, police said early Saturday.

The mostly teen-age victims were attending an outdoor concert Friday evening at the Chateau Pourtales in picturesque Alsace north of Strasbourg when winds of up to 93 mph suddenly ripped through the area.

Organizers interrupted the show and asked the about 120 concertgoers sitting on bleachers to take refuge under a tent. A huge plane tree, similar to a sycamore, then fell on the tent.

“It wasn’t even raining very hard,” a young woman, identified only as Elizabeth, told France Info radio. She had taken shelter under the tent. “Then suddenly the wind came. We heard branches crack, and someone said, ‘Get out of here.’ I was lucky. I got out, and then the tree fell.”

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The Akashi pedestrian bridge accident occurred on 21 July 2001 in Akashi, Hyōgo, Japan. In the incident, a large crowd of people packed into a partially enclosed pedestrian overpass leading to Asagiri Station after a fireworks show. The resulting crush killed 11 people

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Police had to temporarily stop an Eminem performance Saturday in Glasgow, Scotland, after 45 people were injured when the audience surged forward as the rapper came on stage. None of the injuries were

Police had to temporarily stop an Eminem performance Saturday in Glasgow, Scotland, after 45 people were injured when the audience surged forward as the rapper came on stage. None of the injuries were serious. Police said 11 people were taken to local hospitals and released after treatment. The others were treated at first aid tents set up around the outdoor concert site.

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MANILA, Philippines — Four Quezon City officials and five officers of the Manor Hotel have been convicted of charges arising from a 2001 blaze that killed 75 people.

In a decision last March 29, the Sandiganbayan’s Seventh Division found former QC Building Official Alfredo Macapugay and Electrical Division chief Romeo Montallana guilty of three counts of graft for allowing the hotel to operate without the necessary permits.

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A powerful fire and explosion ripped through a mah-jongg parlor and an adult entertainment club in the Kabukicho entertainment district of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward early Saturday, killing at least 44 people and injuring three others, authorities said.

The victims — 32 men and 12 women — were among 47 people who were taken to about 20 hospitals in Shinjuku Ward and surrounding areas. The three survivors suffered minor injuries after jumping from the four-story Meisei 56 Building.

Hospital officials said most of the victims died from inhaling carbon monoxide fumes. The causes of the remaining deaths were not immediately known or have not been made public and, as of 5 p.m. Saturday evening officials had not identified 14 of the men and the nine female victims. Some of the dead were identified as Takaaki Kobayashi, 35, from Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture, Teruyasu Yoshiura, aged 32, Minoru Udaka, 46, and Hiroki Kawai, 24, both of Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward, Koichiro Saeki, 41, from Tokyo’s Adachi Ward, and Masakazu Fujii, 37, of Tokyo’s Sumida Ward.

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CARACAS, Venezuela (CNN) — At least 11 people died Sunday in a crush of people trying to enter a stadium in Valencia, two hours west of Caracas in northwestern Venezuela, police said.

A civil defense spokesman put the number dead at 14. Authorities said another 25 people were injured. Most of the victims were teenagers.

The crush occurred as throngs of people tried to get into the Plaza Monumental de Valencia where a Venezuelan television station was sponsoring a show. Once the stadium was full, authorities closed the doors.

Thousands of people remained outside and pushed to get in, police said. It was not immediately clear what caused the crush.

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Six convicted of fire in ‘Canecão Mineiro’ serve time A fire in 2001 in Belo Horizonte killed seven and left 197 injured. Justice convicted seven people for manslaughter; 1 has already served time.

After more than 11 years of the fire that killed seven people and injured 197 people in Belo Horizonte, six of the seven convicted of manslaughter are serving time. The seventh has already completed one year and six months of service to the community. On November 24, 2001, a fire that started with a cascade of fireworks on stage consumed the venue “Canecão Mineiro”. At the time, the band “Armadilha do Samba” was performing. The house had no business license or emergency exits, and turnstiles controlled the entrance and exit at the main door. That night, 1,500 people watched the show at the time of the fire. (Correction: when this report was published, it was wrong to report that only one of the convicts is serving time. In fact, one of the convicts has already served time, and the other six are currently serving time. The error was corrected at 10:39 am.)

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At least seven teenagers have been killed in a stampede at a disco in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.

All those who died suffocated, according to hospital officials quoted by French news agency AFP.

Bulgarian police spokeswoman Stefka Ivanopva said the stampede occurred as teenagers tried to get into the town centre disco on Friday night.

The following is a collection of information in relation to the death of Jessica Michalik, at the Big Day Out Festival in Sydney, 2001. Cause of death was Hypoxic Encephalopathy due to Crush and Mechanic Asphyxi; due to a crowd related crushing incident on the 26th January 2001.

We do not impose personal points of view or opinion on this incident, we simply collect together information. A special thank you to Jim Fidler for the provision of information and guidance.

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They died in a prayer room the cult leaders had told them was their “Ark” – the place they would be safe from floods.

Meat bones and the remains of millet bread in an adjoining dormitory suggested a last supper. Locals said the sect had slaughtered three bulls and ordered 70 crates of soft drinks for a feast on Thursday night. Members had been told to sell their belongings and clothes the week before.

John Tibikumbya lost his wife and six children in the mass suicide – “I would call it murder,” he said. His wife joined the commune three years ago and gradually moved all their children, taking a six-year-old only eight days ago. “She told them the blessed Virgin Mary would come and save them. She said it was a blessing, but it was death.”

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Thirteen children were killed and 44 injured after a teargas canister was thrown into a crowded disco in Durban, South Africa, yesterday, causing a crowd crush.

It was the last day of the first term – March 24 this year. Hundreds of teenagers had gathered excitedly outside Throb nightclub in Chatsworth.

During the matinee, sweaty teenagers gyrated on the dance floor while others squeezed to the bar, ordering alcohol and softdrinks. Suddenly the mood changed from one of excitement to one of terror. Instead of music and flashing lights, there was screaming, shouting – and darkness.

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BEIJING (AP) _ A fire broke out early Wednesday in a cinema and quickly spread to an adjacent movie theater, killing 74 people in central China, local officials and state media reported.

The blaze erupted in the Tiantang cinema around 3:30 a.m. and engulfed the Dongfang cinema next door before firefighters extinguished it an hour later, the Xinhua news agency said. Police in Jiaozuo city, Henan province managed to rescue only 12 people _ among them the owner of the Tiantang cinema, who was badly burnt, Xinhua said.

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Two canisters believed to contain pepper gas were set off inside a crowded Lisbon nightclub just as the lights were cut, causing a panicked stampede by hundreds of people that left seven dead. At least 60 others were treated at a hospital for bruises and breathing difficulties after the crush to escape the fumes. No one claimed responsibility for what appeared to be a planned attack, and police opened an investigation. The attack on the Luanda club came about 4:30 a.m. The Institute for Legal Medicine, where the bodies were taken for autopsies, said the victims appeared to have been crushed, according to Portuguese state television. Authorities did not immediately specify what sort of gas was used, but police sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it appeared to be pepper gas. Authorities also believe that the power was cut deliberately. The club is named for the capital of the African nation of Angola. At least 500 people, mostly Africans, were inside at the time of the attack, witnesses said.

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Monrovia – Three soccer fans died on Sunday after a crowd surge at Liberia’s main soccer stadium where the national side secured a place in the next round of the African qualifying group for the 2002 World Cup, officials said.

One person died jumping from a fence to escape the crush. The others were pronounced dead on arrival in hospital, where they had been taken after being crushed and asphyxiated, one official said.

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CONCORD, N.C. (May 20, 2000) A concrete pedestrian walkway spanning a four-lane highway collapsed, injuring more than 90 people — at least 16 critically — as they left a NASCAR race at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Aid workers treated injured race fans on the highway after the pedestrian bridge collapsed.

The 30-foot section of the 15-foot-high bridge, which connects the track to a parking lot, snapped in half and fell onto the southbound lanes of U.S. Highway 29 at about 11:15 p.m. Saturday. There wasn’t any traffic on the highway at the time, track spokesman Jerry Grappens said Sunday.

“Everybody just started sliding down it like it was a sliding board, and they all ended on top of each other,” Tina Condrey of Spartanburg told The Charlotte Observer. “Everybody then started just running everywhere. Some of the people looked like they were hurt real bad.”

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During Pearl Jam’s concert at the Orange Stage in 2000, a crush occurred. Nine people died, and twenty-six people were injured, three of them seriously.


At least 12 people died here yesterday in chaos that disrupted a World Cup qualifying match between Zimbabwe and South Africa. Police officers, in what appears to have been an over-reaction to fans throwing plastic bottles on to the field, fired tear gas into a near-capacity crowd of 60,000 at the National Sports Stadium. Thousands of spectators stampeded to get out of the stadium and many people were crushed.

Nineteen spectators were injured at a Russian rock concert after they tried to move on to a stadium field at the urging of the performer and were crushed against barriers, NTV commercial television said Wednesday.

Two fans were in a critical condition — an 18-year-old man with a broken back and a 14-year-old girl with serious head injuries

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The AC/DC fan who died from injuries sustained after a fall during the band’s first European show of their current world tour in Ghent, Belgium on Saturday night (October 14) has been named as ISIDOOR THEUNISSEN, a 38 year-old from the village of BILZEN.

Mr Theunissen had climbed onto his chair to dance during AC/DC’s final track. He slipped and fell onto a concrete floor seven metres below. He was transferred to Ghent’s University Hospital where he died at around 4.15am on Sunday (October 15). A full police investigation is under way. The extent of Mr Theunissen’s injuries have not been made public

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Mexico City police have ordered the arrest of the owner of a popular nightclub which burned down early Friday morning, killing 20 people and injuring 40 others.

Alejandro Iglesias, an alleged mafia leader, has been charged with a number of crimes, including homicidal negligence and breaking safety codes.

“I’ve ordered my attorney general to act quickly to arrest the owner for manslaughter,” Mexico City Mayor Rosario Robles said.

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A major fire occurred in Luoyang, in China’s Henan Province, on December 25, 2000.

More than 60 football fans in Rio de Janeiro have been injured, two seriously, after a fence collapsed during the final of Brazil’s Joao Havelange Cup.

The crush took place after hundreds of fans in the upper terraces of the Sao Januario stadium pressed forward, apparently trying to flee fighting that had broken out between rival supporters.

Fans lower down were pushed against the perimeter fence, which collapsed under their weight. Hundreds of people spilled onto the pitch.

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A 21 year-old Metallica fan has fallen to his death at a concert in BALTIMORE.

The man, who local police have identified as Martin Muschette from Danbury, Connecticut, was attending the Summer Sanitarium Festival at the Raven’s Stadium in Baltimore on Tuesday (July 4) at a concert which featured live performances from Metallica, Korn, Kid Rock, System Of A Down and Powerman 5000.

Accoding to US reports, Muschette is said to have fallen from the fifth storey of the stadium at approximately 6.40pm, in between sets by Kid Rock and Korn. His body landed on a pavement outside the stadium, adjacent to one of the main entrance gates.

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In 2000, four Sheila on 7 fans also died in a stampede during a concert in Lampung province.

At that time thousands of fans who did not have tickets broke into a stadium where the concert was being held.

Many young girls have fainted during packed concerts.

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January — Eleven killed in a stampede after a derby between Korm and Al Ittihad in Alexandria, Egypt

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At least 54 people, most of them teenage girls, were crushed to death in a metro underpass stampede in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

THE FIRST of many funerals will be held in Belarus today after at least 54 people, most of them teenage girls, were crushed to death in a metro underpass stampede on Sunday.

As the nation grieves, a government commission will begin to investigate the cause of the disaster, which happened after more than 1,000 people – many drunk and high-spirited after a rock concert – rushed into the underpass to escape a sudden spring thunderstorm.

Reports from Minsk, the capital of Belarus, suggested that some of the young women were killed because they were wearing high heels, which caused them to fall down a flight of slippery marble stairs as crowds thrust forward and then ran over them.

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A panicked crowd of snowboarding fans stampeded out of a stadium in Innsbruck, crushing five people to death and trampling dozens of others.

Five people have been killed and 25 others injured after a barrier gave way at a snowboarding event in Austria.

The accident happened at the Bergisel stadium in Innsbruck as spectators were leaving the “Air and Style” exhibition – attended by some 40,000 people.

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Seoul – South Korean police said on Sunday that they had requested arrest warrants for four people on charges of involuntary manslaughter after Saturday’s fire at a karaoke bar that killed 55 people in the port city of Inchon.

“We have asked for warrants for the arrest of four workmen…,” said a police investigator, noting renovation had been taking place in the building where the fire broke out.

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Police and firefighters in the southern Indian state of Kerala have launched a major rescue operation after a landslide caused a temple to cave in.

So far, 52 people are reported dead in the tragedy, and the death toll is expected to rise.

The landslide occurred while some 200,000 male Hindu pilgrims were gathered around the holy site on a hill.

The worshippers were watching for what they believed to be a celestial light at the Sabarimala shrine in Kerala state.

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The authorities in Saudi Arabia say they are continuing their efforts to identify the nationalities of the one-hundred-and-eighteen Muslims who died in a stampede on the last day of the annual Haj pilgrimage to Mecca.

The official media in Zimbabwe say four people were killed and about ten others seriously injured in a stampede at independence day celebrations at the national sports stadium in Harare.

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A balcony collapsed Thursday onto the crowded floor of a sports stadium during the national wrestling competition in southern Russia, killing 23 people, officials said. Thirty-nine others were injured.

The balcony was holding about 100 spectators when it fell about 16 feet onto the spectators below, said Col. Alik Betrozov of the Emergencies Ministry.

Rescue workers spent hours searching the rubble and believed they had found all the dead and injured.

The accident occurred in the Trudovye Rezervy indoor sports complex in the Nalchik, 850 miles south of Moscow in the Kabardino-Balkaraya republic. A stadium official said 3,000 spectators were in the stadium at the time.

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THE WORST fire disaster in Sweden’s recent history claimed the lives of 60 teenagers when a blaze ripped through a disco at an immigrant cultural centre in Gothenburg. After conflicting reports about what caused the fireball which turned the second-floor hall into an inferno, police last night refused to rule out a arson attack.

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AN arsonist believed to be linked to a triad turf war firebombed a karaoke bar in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday, police say, killing 15 people in the second horrific blaze in two months.

The inferno which exploded in a staircase leading to the Top One karaoke bar at 4 am, was apparently designed to trap about 100 people inside, detectives said.

Flames and smoke roared quickly up the stairs and through air-conditioning vents into the maze of tiny rooms, quickly overcoming staff and customers.

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TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) _ Five defendants, including the organizer of the 1997 Maccabiah Games, were convicted today in the collapse of a footbridge that killed four Australian athletes and injured scores of others.

The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court found the Israelis guilty of causing death and injury by negligence. The five face up to four years in prison.

Micha Bar-Ilan, the engineer who constructed the bridge, held his head in his hands when Judge Edna Beckenstein read the decision of the three-judge panel.

The bridge collapsed on July 14, 1997, during the opening of the Maccabiah Games, a sporting event for Jewish athletes from around the world.

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A SETTLING of scores between discotheque owners was probably behind an arson attack on a northern Portuguese nightclub early, yesterday which left 12 people dead, police said.

Fourteen others were injured when three armed and hooded men entered the Men Culpa club in Amarante, 50km (30 miles) east of Porto, around dawn. They doused the place with fuel and set fire to it. The Lusa news agency reported that most of the bodies were found near a closed emergency exit.

Police have questioned one of the injured, suspecting he may be one of the arsonists. The other two fled the scene immediately after lighting the fire. The third man was trapped with the employees and patrons.

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The fire erupted in the overcrowded tent city, Mina, where an estimated two million Muslim pilgrims were gathered on for the first day of the Hajj, the ritualistic pilgrimage to Mecca. The fire erupted at 11:45 a.m. (AST), and was caused by exploding canisters of cooking gas, according to witnesses. The fire was fanned by winds of nearly 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) causing the destruction of an estimated 70,000 tents. Officially, 1,290 were injured and 217 killed, though witnesses and local newspapers claimed at least 300 were killed, many trampled in the panic. Later official reports gave a death toll of 343, no official list of fatalities has been published. Opposition sources claimed over 2,000 deaths had occurred, many from trampling. The fire was fought by three hundred fire engines as well as helicopters, and controlled in three hours.

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40 killed in Thanjavur temple fire

Forty people were killed and 86 injured as a fire broke out late on Saturday evening at the Brihadeeswara temple in Thanjavur.

The incident occurred hours before the Mahakumbabishekam ceremony. Eyewitnesses said a fire cracker lit near the temple fell on the yagasala and sparked the fire which was fuelled by inflammable materials like ghee and thatched roofs.

Instantly, panic-stricken devotees surged towards the only entrance to the temple on the eastern side, causing a stampede which claimed several lives. However, another version said the fire was caused by a spark from the electric generator. The entire yagasala was gutted.

According to D V Thaigarajan, dean of the Thanjavur medical college, most of the deaths were caused by the inhalation of carbon monoxide while a few due to burn injuries. The toll may go up as many of the injured are said to be in serious condition.

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The Uphaar Cinema fire was one of the worst fire tragedies in the country. A total of 59 people lost their lives in the fire that broke out during the screening of Hindu film Border on June 13, 1997

Uphaar Cinema fire timeline: The 1997 Uphaar Cinema fire was one of the worst fire tragedies in the country. A total of 59 people lost their lives and over 100 were injured in the fire that broke out at the cinema hall during the screening of Hindu film Border on June 13, 1997. The Uphaar Cinema was located in the Green Park area of south Delhi. The investigation was initially done by the Delhi Police and later transferred to the CBI. Uphaar Cinema owner Sushil Ansal and Gopal Ansal were awarded two years jail term by a local Delhi court. The final verdict in the case came in 2015 when the Supreme Court slapped a fine of Rs 30 each on Ansal brothers and reduced their jail terms to the term already undergone by them.

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It was the night the gambling stopped, a night of glamour and people-watching turned to bedlam.

In the wake of the chaos and acrimony caused by Mike Tyson’s disqualification loss to Evander Holyfield in the hotel’s arena, panic and police overtook the MGM Grand late Saturday night and early Sunday morning

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Twenty years ago, Toten Hosen had one of the biggest appearances of their careers in Düsseldorf’s Rheinstadion in front of 65,000 fans. What was supposed to be the most beautiful day in the band’s history ended in disaster. Our author was there and remembers the most memorable concert of his life.

Anyone who grows up in Düsseldorf grows up with the Toten Hosen . The band is inextricably linked to their hometown – like Die Ärzte with Berlin, the Fantastischen Vier with Stuttgart, the Beginner and Fettes Brot with Hamburg. I grew up in Düsseldorf with my 90s trousers. At that time the band was not as colorful and wild as it was in its early days, but the new world pain in the lyrics spoke to me as a teenager.

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BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) _ A pilot who nose-dived at an air show appeared to regain control of the plane at the last instant _ but not soon enough to avoid skidding in a “carpet of flame″ that showered spectators with deadly debris.

The Jordanian pilot and seven spectators, including a French girl and her father, were killed Saturday when the light aircraft crashed amid blustery wind near public bleachers outside the coastal resort of Ostend.

The rest of the victims were Belgium men. An additional person, a Red Cross volunteer, died from injuries early Sunday. About 40 people were injured, 10 of them critically.

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Florentine where five teenagers died The guilt was in the organizers of the event

On August 5, 1997, five adolescents died in a concert by Servando and Florentino at the Home Fair in Lima, Peru. A firefighter climbed onto the stage to interrupt the show where several spectators had collapsed.

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Part of a sports stadium in eastern Paraguay collapsed while the ruling party held a political rally, killing at least 33 people and injuring more than 100, authorities said Friday.

A metallic section of Third of February Stadium caved in Thursday night in Ciudad del Este, 180 miles east of Asuncion, the capital. At least 17 of the injured were in serious condition, police said.It wasn’t immediately clear what caused the collapse, but party members said powerful winds – possibly a tornado – damaged the structure.

Police spokesman Pablo Augusto Marin said one policeman was among the dead and 13 officers were among those injured in the collapse. The mayor of Cuidad del Este, Juan Carlos Barreto, said three children were among those killed.

Marin said authorities feared more victims would be found once the stadium roof was lifted off the ground.

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December 3 [14:00 EDT] — A 31-year-old Rolling Stones fan reportedly fell to his death Tuesday night at the band’s concert at the Pontiac Silverdome outside of Detroit.

The Associated Press reports that Eric Zylema fell 23 feet to his death when he slipped from a railing that he had been dancing on. Police told the AP that Zylema fell from the second level of the stadium to the concrete floor of the first level, and was pronounced dead half an hour later.

The police went on to say that an autopsy was planned for Tuesday to determine if drugs or alcohol may have been a factor in the fan’s death.

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An eatery that’s “open 25 hours” now occupies the site of the worst nightclub fire in the country’s history. On March 18, 1996, 162 people—mostly teenagers and young adults celebrating their graduation—perished when a blaze engulfed the Ozone Disco along Timog Avenue in Quezon City. Almost 100 others were injured, many of them suffering second and third-degree burns all over their body.

An eatery that’s “open 25 hours” now occupies the site of the worst nightclub fire in the country’s history. On March 18, 1996, 162 people—mostly teenagers and young adults celebrating their graduation—perished when a blaze engulfed the Ozone Disco along Timog Avenue in Quezon City. Almost 100 others were injured, many of them suffering second and third-degree burns all over their body.

Sherilyn Bruan is one of the survivors. She now works at a broadcast TV station not far from the old Ozone Disco. She often drives past the site to and from work, but says she hardly feels the trauma of the horrific tragedy of that night. “No, wala namang effect,” she says. “Hindi ako nanginging every time napapadaan ako. (I don’t shudder every time I pass it). It’s just a place now.”

Bruan was 18 years old and a Mass Communications sophomore at the San Sebastian College in 1996. Dad was a soldier and Mom was an overseas Filipino worker. They lived in San Fernando, Pampanga, but the young Sherilyn insisted on relocating to Manila after high school. She describes herself as a bit of a rebel back in the day.

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May 17, 1996 — Smashing Pumpkins, a band that has vocally opposed moshing and other forms of ritual rock-concert mayhem for more than a year now, were onstage in Dublin, Ireland, last Saturday night when a teenage fan was crushed and fatally injured in exactly that sort of melee.

The date was a festival-seating affair, no chairs on the main floor. Smashing Pumpkins were in mid-set when moshers surged toward the stage and began trampling one another, despite the presence of 110 security guards. Seventeen-year-old Bernadette O’Brien was trapped in the pile-up in front of the stage, and was so seriously crushed that she suffered a heart attack. Singer Billy Corgan warned the crowd that people were getting hurt, while at one point, bassist Darcy Wretsky announced: “There’s a girl dying backstage, do you care?” Bernadette O’Brien was taken to a hospital, where on Sunday she was taken off life-support, and she died.

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LUSAKA, Zambia (AP) _ At least 15 soccer fans were crushed to death and 52 others injured in a stampede that followed Zambia’s World Cup qualifying soccer victory over Sudan, police and witnesses said.

At least six fans died on the spot Sunday as several thousand supporters rushed from Lusaka’s Independence Stadium to catch a glimpse of their team, Police Inspector General Francis Ndlovu said.

Officials at Lusaka hospital reported 15 dead and 52 injured, with more casualties feared. It was not clear if those numbers included the earlier six fans.

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Libya has launched an investigation into a brawl among fans, players and police at a hotly contested soccer match that left eight people dead and 39 injured.

The casualty figures from the rioting in the capital, Tripoli, were released late Sunday on state-run Libyan television.The broadcast also carried footage of the fighting during Friday’s game between rival Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahli teams, the latter sponsored by Al-Saadi Gadhafi, a son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

The government suspended both teams, and Libya’s official JANA news agency said Justice Minister Mohammed Mahmoud Hijazi announced an investigation into the incident.

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The Catholic Bishops´ Conference of India (CBCI) joined national leaders in offering condolences to the friends and relatives of 59 Hindu pilgrims killed in stampedes in two Indian towns July 15.Thirty-seven people were reportedly killed when devotees crammed the Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain, a Hindu holy town in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, while marking a festival that last took place 27 years ago.Another stampede killed 21 people at Haridwar, a sacred city some 200 kilometers north of New Delhi in Uttar Pradesh state.

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TEMBISA, South Africa (AP) _ Morning rush hour became a deadly stampede Wednesday after security guards used electric prods to control crowds at a railroad station. At least 15 commuters were crushed to death.

What President Nelson Mandela called “a national tragedy″ sparked outrage in Tembisa, a black township northeast of Johannesburg. After the stampede, a mob torched a station ticket office and stoned riot police arriving to restore order.

About 60 policemen, supported by an armored vehicle, hurled tear gas and fired shots into the air. The angry crowd, which grew at one point to about 1,000 people, dispersed only hours after the stampede.

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Guatemalan officials said today that at least 84 people had been killed and 147 injured in a melee before a World Cup qualifying match on Wednesday, as stampeding soccer fans crushed and smothered one another in one of the worst sports tragedies in years.


TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) _ Bodies lie piled under white covers. Their relatives, tear-streaked faces rigid with anguish, light sticks of incense to speed the journey to the hereafter.

The images that have dominated Taiwan since a fire killed 64 people in a nightclub Wednesday are a reminder of the island’s lax safety standards.

The fire, Taiwan’s deadliest, has provoked a welter of public recriminations that highlight how Taiwanese have come to expect government accountability since the island shifted toward democracy in 1987.

Media and opposition politicians, displaying a freedom unthinkable when the ruling Nationalists still governed through martial law, are demanding that officials shoulder responsibility for the disaster and resign.

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FREETOWN, Oct 30 1995 (IPS) – People turn to religion in times of crisis and Sierra Leoneans are no exception.

A cruel four-year civil war has forced 250,000 people to flee the country, displaced 600,000 more, brought the economy to its knees and introduced starvation to the countryside — more than enough reasons to look to spiritual salvation.

Orthodox Christian churches and Islamic leaders in this multi- confessional society of 4.5 million have watched their congregations fall with the rise of new charismatic faiths, offering hope, fellowship and solace.

The fastest growing is the ‘Jesus is the Lord’ ministry, founded and led by a 48-year-old widow, Sister Dora Dumbuya. The clout she now wields is such that military leader Capt. Valentine Strasser turned up in person to open the church’s ‘Crusade’ on October 10 which attracted 30,000 worshipers.

The meeting, at which “miracle” cures were apparently performed, ended in disaster a few days later when a stampede killed eight people and left 13 seriously injured.

What caused the tragedy is confusing — some reports claim a “serpent” appeared, panicking the crowd. But the event has however sparked controversy over the new evangelism.

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Fire swept through a northwest China karaoke club and theater that had ignored orders to shut down last week, killing 51 people and injuring an undetermined number of others, an official said Tuesday.

The fire broke out early Monday at the club in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang region, an official at the regional foreign affairs office said.

A report Tuesday in the Legal Daily newspaper quoted police and fire officials as saying that club exits were blocked or too narrow, preventing the victims from escaping.

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São Paulo Juniors v Palmeiras – Palmeiras beat São Paulo, on a golden goal. Fans armed with sticks, stones and pieces of iron. death of Marcio Gasparim da Silva, 16 y

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December 23, 1995 was supposed to be a special day for Vinod and Renu Bansal. Their children — two daughters, 9 and 7, and a five-year-old son — were all participating in dance performances at their school’s annual day function.

So, on the chilly winter morning, the five set off for Rajiv Marriage Palace, Dabwali, Haryana, the venue of the function. As the canopy was packed beyond capacity at 1,500 people, the DAV school management locked the main gates of the compound.

Himanshu, the Bansals’ son, was on stage performing, even as Renu and their younger daughter Nancy were cheering him from near the podium. The elder daughter was in the dressing room some distance away, getting ready for her performance. Suddenly, a fire broke out, and people were running helter-skelter with melted synthetic material of the tent falling on them. In a matter of seven minutes, the small school function turned into the biggest fire tragedy in the country — killing 442 people, including 258 children, and injuring over 150 others.

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A total of 270 pilgrims died in a stampede during this week’s symbolic “stoning the devil” ritual of the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, the government said Friday.

Saudi officials said the stampede, which occurred at about 2pm local time, was caused by conditions “beyond human endurance”, with a record 2.5 million pilgrims that year. Some victims were reported to have fallen from a pedestrian overpass (the Jamaraat Bridge) as a wave of pilgrims crowded those already on the overpass. After Saudi police sealed off the overpass, the crowds panicked and moved in two directions, causing more people to fall. Ambulances could not reach the scene of the incident fast enough, which likely contributed to the death toll.

A Saudi statement on the incident blamed pilgrims who were rushing to throw their stones as causing the stampede. The Saudis reported that 829 people died during the hajj, including 270 killed in the stampede, 536 who died from natural causes (which included sun stroke), and 23 from isolated incidents. A Saudi official also noted that people get trampled every year.

One Saudi report stated that the victims included 182 Turks, and mostly Lebanese among the remainder. Later reports suggested that most victims were Indonesian.

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SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) _ One person was killed and 22 others were injured Thursday when thousands of fans stormed a stadium before a concert by the rock group Aerosmith.

Witnesses said concert-goers, standing in a tropical rainstorm, were frustrated by the slow, careful police searches of everyone waiting to enter National Stadium.

″The slow entry got people upset, and they started to press to try to get in faster,″ said Rosibel Mena, a reporter for the newspaper Prensa Libre. ″The people in back just passed over (on) top of the people in front.″

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BEIJING, May 8 (Reuters) – A total of 288 children were killed in a 1994 theatre fire in northwest China mainly because they were told to remain seated to allow officials to leave after the blaze broke out, according to an expose by a journalist.

A total of 323 people were killed in the fire in the oil town of Karamay in the predominantly Muslim region of Xinjiang on Dec. 8, 1994. The high death toll was then blamed on locked exits and the failure of officials to check safety facilities beforehand, and to organise effective evacuation.

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WARSAW, Nov. 25 — Polish police said Friday arson is the suspected cause of a fire at a rock concert in the Baltic seaport of Gdansk that killed three persons and hospitalized more than 200 others with burns. Police were seeking a man between 17 and 19 who was described by witnesses as having thrown a Molotov cocktail, and Polish television broadcast a composite sketch of the suspect.

The blaze broke out Thursday night during a performance before 1,500 fans of a Polish rock group called ‘Golden Life’ at the Gdansk shipyard, and quickly spread through the concert hall. Two persons died in the blaze and a third died during the day of injuries. Four were listed in critical condition, and another 29 were listed as serious at local hospitals. ‘The wooden benches in the audience and the wooden roof structure caught fire almost at the same time,’ the news agency PAP said. The roof subsequently collapsed into the arena. Many of the fans panicked at the outbreak of the blaze and rushed to the exit doors, some of which were padlocked. A total of 24 firefighting units took part in the rescue action, which was completed at midnight. Gdansk authorities have declared Sunday a day of mourning for the victims.

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HUMAN ERROR could have caused the collapse of a 1,200-seat stand in which than 90 people were injured at a Pink Floyd concert on Wednesday night at Earls Court in London, safety inspectors said yesterday.

Three people, more seriously injured, were still in hospital yesterday. Insurance assessors and officials from Kensington and Chelsea council and the Health and Safety Executive were sifting the wreckage trying to find the reason for the collapse.

Dave Gilmour, leader of Pink Floyd, said before the group started their concert last night: ‘The band is very angry and upset. It is extremely fortunate that no one was killed. We want to find out from the management of Earls Court what happened.’

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BRAZZAVILLE, Congo A tropical storm broke out as thousands of people were leaving a church service, triggering a panicked stampede for shelter that killed 143 people, the official news agency said Saturday.

More than 50 children were among the people who either were trampled to death or suffocated in the surging crowd during the Friday evening service at the Saint Pierre Claver Roman Catholic Church in Brazzaville’s Bacongo neighborhood, state radio reported.

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More than 40 people died and 44 were injured in a stampede of people at a crowded train station in southern China, Hong Kong news reports said Friday.

The stampede occurred Tuesday in the city of Hengyang in Hunan province, newspapers said.Quoting reports received by Hong Kong residents from relatives in Hunan, the South China Morning Post said the victims were in a large crowd of people trying to return to the southern city of Canton after spending the Chinese New Year holidays in villages.

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The Kheyvis fire was a fire in the Kheyvis nightclub in Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina. On 20 December 1993, a fire in the club caused the deaths of 17 teenagers in a graduation party for the La Salle College. It is believed to have been caused by the burning of furniture as a prank, although no one was charged with starting it.

The Kheyvis fire led to tougher regulations, including mandatory emergency exits and extensive security inspections of existing nightclubs. Until the República Cromagnon fire on 30 December 2004 in Buenos Aires, the Kheyvis fire was the worst nightclub tragedy in Argentine history.

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Hong Kong awoke to tragedy on January 1, 1993: “20 Dead In Crush Of New Year Revellers”, ran the front-page headline of the South China Morning Post.

“Up to 20 people were reported to have been killed and more than 100 injured in a stampede involving some of the 20,000 in Lan Kwai Fong in Central for New Year celebrations last night,” the story continued. “The crush occurred when people surged out into the streets from the district’s restaurants and bars as the countdown to midnight was being broadcast live on TVB.

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No matches were played in Ligue 1 last Saturday. Instead the league commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Furiani stadium disaster which took the lives of 18 fans and injured hundreds more.

The lead up to the disaster starts on the 22nd of April 1992. SC Bastia, from the football-mad town of Bastia on the island Corsica, has just beaten Nancy on penalties and has progressed to the semi-finals of the Coupe de France. In this semi-final it will meet Olympique de Marseille, the absolute top team in France of those years, hosting such players as Jean-Pierre Papin, Chris Waddle, Abedi Pelé, and Didier Deschamps.

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Over a dozen instances of pilgrims being trampled to death have been recorded in independent India, and the common thread running through every such tragedy is the utter failure of the authorities and the public alike to learn any lesson from previous disasters. At the Godavari Maha Pushkaram at Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh on July 14, >every ingredient needed for a tragedy was present — a rarely occurring religious festival attended by millions of people, the edge of a crowded bathing ghat, and the presence of VIPs causing waiting devotees to lose their patience. A host of factors appeared to have contributed to the >stampede that led to 28 deaths, not least among them being the fact that huge crowds were allowed to gather at the Pushkar ghat even as Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and his family members were taking a holy dip at the auspicious time. 

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RIO DE JANEIRO — At least 60 people were injured Sunday when part of a grandstand collapsed minutes before the start of the final game of the Brazilian soccer championship, hospital officials said.

None of the 60 people was seriously hurt, although some received fractures as a result of the collapse, a hospital spokesman said. Six children were among those injured.

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On February 18, 1992, the then chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha and her friend Sasikala had a holy dip in the tank at around 12:15 p.m. The proceeds were initiated by the Shankaracharya of Kanchi MuttJayendra Saraswati. Tens of thousands of pilgrims thronged the event and in the heat of the situation, 47 people were crushed to death when a building collapsed. This resulted in a stampede that resulted in another 50 getting injured. At least 15 people were reported killed in the rubble, and others were apparently crushed in fleeing crowd as reported by the Press Trust of India. Of the killed, 30 were reported to be women, three were children and the rest were men. Some of the newspapers reported the stampede took place soon after the chief minister reached the tank. This is attributed by the fact that the stampede occurred 200 metres away from the special bathing ghat arranged for the chief minister. The whole accident occurred within a span of 5 minutes with pilgrims rushing up for a holy dip in auspicious time, and also for viewing the chief minister as reported by The Hindu on February 19. Most newspapers also reported that the western and southern sides were cordoned off for security purposes and people could enter and exit only through the northern and eastern sides. Walter Devaram, the inspector-general of police is quoted as saying “a concrete superstructure of a building on the northern bank of the bank collapsed under the weight of those standing on it to watch the festival”. The final official number of victims stood at 50 with another 74 getting injured.

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The Oppenheimer Stadium disaster, or Orkney Disaster, at the Oppenheimer Stadium in the city of Orkney (200 kilometres (120 mi) from Johannesburg) in South Africa’s North West province was the second-worst sporting incident in South African history, with 42 deaths.

On 13 January 1991, there was a preseason “friendly” association football match between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates. The stadium had a capacity of 23,000, but about 30,000 fans were admitted and were not separated according to the team they supported. The referee upheld a goal scored by the Chiefs, and supporters of the Pirates objected. Pirates fans threw cans and fruit at Chiefs fans, and allegedly some knife-wielding Pirates fans attacked Chiefs fans. In the stampede, panicking fans trying to escape the brawls were trampled or crushed to death against riot-control fences.

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It’s not every day that the monster Australian heavy-metal rock hand AC/DC plays Salt Lake City. So the one-show-only Jan. 18 concert at the downtown Salt Palace seemed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to some young Utah fans. They stood in line overnight to buy the $18 tickets, determined to be there if it was the last thing they ever did. Tragically, for three teenagers, it was.

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MEXICO CITY — More than 40 people
were reportedly killed and as many as 65
others injured Ash Wednesday when an
estimated 4,000 worshipers stampeded at a
popular shrine about 75 miles south of
Mexico City.
Pilgrims from throughout central and
southern Mexico had made the annual
Lenten pilgrimage to me shrine of Our
Lord of Chalma. Many believe the blackwooden crucifix icon adorning the sanctuary of the local church is miraculous.

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From September 21 to September 30, 1991, Shanxi Provincial People’s Government held the “Two Weeks in a Week” event in Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi Province, namely the Week of Friendship and Exchange of Shanxi Province, the International Drum Festival in Shanxi Province, and the Second Folk Arts Festival in Shanxi Province, China. One of the main activities of “Two Weeks a Week” is the large-scale light show of “Coal Sea Light” held in Yingze Park, which will be held from September 15 to October 31. This is also the first time that “Light of Coal Sea” was exhibited in Shanxi Province.
Lantern Exhibition has been a warm welcome, ticketing team queues in the main street Yingze. Not only Taiyuan local citizens enthusiastically watched the exhibition, and even farmers in the surrounding areas of Taiyuan came over to see the light show with their tractors. According to statistics, at the beginning of the Lantern Festival, the daily sales of tickets for the night more than 1 million, September 22 to 4 million copies, on the 23rd to 5.8 million copies, up to 24 as many as more than 64,000 copies. During this period also issued 3.09 million copies of tickets. All tickets sold without a deadline.

The evening of September 24, the number of admission lanterns as many as 50,000 people. Due to the large number of watchers, lights show site did not set sightseeing signs, flow of people in chaos. Especially in connecting the main channel between east and west of Yingze Lake Qikongqiao, is a large gradient arch bridge at the end of both ends of the east and west stand long, wide and high of 0.57 meters square stop stone pier; bridge two lighting Lights disrepair, dim light; the crowd on the bridge in the opposite direction, crowded. At around 20:30, some people were pushed down in the east of Qikongqiao and the crowd was chaotic . It is reported that due to the fact that there are more tourists on the east side of the bridge than on the west side of the bridge, the flow of people can not flow eastward, and then the bridge west is folded back. As a result, the tourists who journey eastwards in the west of the bridge again flow back to Qiaoxi. The crowd going to Sai Chung was stopped by two stop stone blocks at the bottom of the western section of the western section of Qiaoxi. Someone was tripped over and blocked the flow of people, but the people behind it were crowded by more people and flooded along the slope. Exposed or suffocated by tourists in the middle of death, or seriously injured, or died drowning.

According to ex post facto statistics, 105 people were dumped to death and 108 were crushed. Of the deaths, 27 were men and 78 were women; 23 were under 16, 65 were 17 to 59, and 17 were over 60. Among the injured, 5 were seriously injured, 18 were slightly injured and 85 were injured in general.
Afterwards, the investigation team gave a survey report that the accident occurred in three ways. One is that leading cadres are “seriously bureaucratic, irresponsible and neglecting security.” This is the main reason for the accident. The other is that the police force is not in place and 450 people are on duty in the scheme prepared in advance. However, the actual attendance of all police forces is only 311 people, nearly one-third of the police force did not arrive; Third, there is a significant security risk Lantern Exhibition, Garden does not limit the number of admission, the ticket does not limit the tour date, there is no prescribed sightseeing route. The investigation team found that “9/24 major casualty was a serious accident caused by the serious bureaucratic dereliction of duty on the part of leading cadres and the negligence of dereliction of duty by state staff.”

When he was vice governor of Shanxi Province Li Zhenhua is “two weeks a week” organizing committee chairman. March 4, 1992, Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee found Li Zhenhua important responsibility for the accident leadership, decided to remove the vice governor Li Zhenhua duties. Another 18 officers responsible for the accident were punished by party discipline and government

Stunned elected leaders and police, medical and City University officials began sweeping inquiries yesterday to try to explain a nightmarish stampede that left eight young people trampled or crushed to death and 29 others injured at the doorway of a City College gymnasium Saturday night at a charity basketball game featuring celebrity rap stars.

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ZARAGOZA, Spain (AP) _ A fire at a discotheque Sunday sent poisonous smoke pouring into a lounge where people sat listening to music, and at least 43 people were overcome by the fumes and died, officials said.

The fumes were so strong some victims had no chance to attempt an escape and died in their seats, police said. The victims included five members of a band that was playing in the lounge and the parents and wife of one of the dead musicians.

A U.S. military base is about 10 miles west of Zaragoza, but the discotheque was not frequented by U.S. servicemen, and authorities said all the victims were local residents.

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The Happy Land fire was an arson fire that killed 87 people trapped in an unlicensed social club named “Happy Land”, at 1959 Southern Boulevardin the West Farms section of the Bronx in New York City on March 25, 1990

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About 1,400 Muslim pilgrims suffocated or were trampled to death in a pedestrian tunnel leading to the sacred city of Mecca

The incident occurred inside a 550 meter (1800 foot) long and 10 meter (35 foot) wide pedestrian tunnel (Al-Ma’aisim tunnel) leading out from Mecca towards Mina and the Plains of Arafat. The tunnel had been worked on as part of a $15 billion project around Mecca’s holy sites started two years earlier by the Saudi government.

While pilgrims were traveling to perform the Stoning of the Devil ritual at 10am that morning, the disaster started when a pedestrian bridge railing was bent, causing seven people to fall off a bridge and onto people exiting the tunnel. The tunnel’s capacity of 1,000 soon filled with up to 5,000 people. With outside temperatures of 44 °C / 112 °F, a failure of the tunnel’s ventilation system was also blamed for many of the deaths. Some witnesses claimed they believed a demonstration was occurring, others reported that the power to the tunnel was cut. Saudi officials concluded that crowd hysteria occurring from the falling pilgrims was the cause.

Many who died were of Malaysian, Indonesian and Pakistani origin. According to one Malaysian account, 80 percent of the deaths occurred outside the tunnel, and 20 percent (about 285) were inside.

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On 15 April 1989, 96 victims lost their lives and 766 supporters were injured, in what is commonly know as The Hillsborough disaster. A fatal crowd crush occurred during the FA Cup semi-final; Liverpool v Nottingham Forest. The match was held at Hillsborough Stadium in the city of Sheffield, England. The incident occurred in the Leppings Lane stand; confined to two standing-only central pens, allocated to Liverpool supporters.

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Two women were killed and 15 others, including 11 women and four men, were injured when a two-ton chandelier fell on dancers at a disco in Tokyo’s Roppongi Tuesday night, the Tokyo Metropolitan Fire Board reported.

The women were identified as Akemi Mizobe, 21, and Keiko Takagi, 26.

When the rectangular-shaped chandelier fell around 9:40 p.m., about 200 guests at the Roppongi disco Turia were sent into mass pandemonium, an employee there said, adding that some of the victims were pinned under the light, while others caught fragments of flying glass.

The chandelier, measuring three meters by two meters by one meter thick, fell about 10 meters, from the second floor ceiling to a basement where about 100 guests were dancing.

The disco, located near the Defense Agency, is known for its selectiveness, with a video camera that monitors guests to determine fashionability.

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The Kathmandu Stadium Disaster occurred on 12 March 1988 in Kathmandu, Nepal during an association football match between Janakpur Cigarette Factory Ltd and Liberation Army of Bangladesh for the 1988 Tribhuvan Challenge Shield

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Presentation Paper


Mick Upton

Delivered to

The Home Office Emergency Planning College


Mass Crowd Events

8th December 1995

Published by Buckinghamshire New University in:

Case Studies in Crowd Safety Management

By Kemp, Hill, Upton & Hamilton

Entertainment Technology Press Safety Series 2007


On the 28.8.1988. two young men died and a third was seriously injured in a fatal crowd related incident during an open air rock concert billed as the `Monsters of Rock` at the Donington Park motor race circuit North West Leicestershire. This paper is a personal account of my involvement in what is now commonly referred to as the Donington Disaster.

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SUMMARY: In August 1988 an aircraft of the Italian aerobatic display team fell into the spectator enclosure at the
Ramstein Airshow, causing over 500 casualties. The survivors were triaged, treated and evacuated from Ramstein within
96 minutes. The speed and efficiency of this evacuation was a result of prior planning, thorough training, medical
reinforcement, co-operation with other agencies and the availability of an abundance of vehicles for both air and road
evacuation. Not surprisingly, though, problems did occur, especially with communications, casualty identification and

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On 18 November 1987, at approximately 19:30, a fire started at King’s Cross St Pancras tube station, a major interchange on the London Underground. As well as the mainline railway stations above ground and subsurface platforms for the MetropolitanCircle and Hammersmith & City lines, there were platforms deeper underground for the NorthernPiccadilly, and Victoria lines. The fire started under a wooden escalator serving the Piccadilly line and, at 19:45, erupted in a flashover into the underground ticket hall, killing 31 people and injuring 100.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A post-concert stampede that killed two teenagers and injured 27 others could have been avoided if more exits had been opened at the Municipal Auditorium, officials said.

Police said Sunday the teenage girls were crushed to death when 1,000 people tried to push into a benefit party after a Saturday night rap music concert.

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There was a large explosion. The force ripped open the floor of the club sending a number of guests tumbling into the cellar below. The bomb, placed under a table near the DJ booth, killed Nermin Hannay, a Turkish woman, and Kenneth T. Ford, a US army sergeant, instantly. Another US soldier James E. Goins died two months later from his injuries.

The blast injured a further 230 people including more than 50 American servicemen who regularly attended the club, popular as it was with US soldiers deployed in the West German capital during the Cold War.

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A stampede by thousands of frenzied Hindus rushing to bathe in the sacred Ganges River killed at least 47 pilgrims today, news agency and radio reports said.

The stampede occurred before dawn as millions thronged the city of Hardwar on the banks of the Ganges on the climax of the Khumbh Mela, a religious festival held once every 12 years.

The United News of India said 32 of the dead were women and two were children. In addition to the 47 killed, 39 people were hurt.

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Rope barriers set up to contain thousands of Hindu pilgrims during a religious procession in northern India gave way, resulting in a stampede in which at least 32 people were killed and 30 injured, news reports said today.

They said the accident occurred late Sunday during the “Kartik Parikrama” festival in the town of Ayodhya, 350 miles southeast of New Delhi.

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One man died and at least three suffered serious injuries at weekend rock concerts in Long Beach headlined by heavy metal performer Ozzy Osbourne, authorities said Sunday.

The dead man was identified as John Loftus, 22, of Fullerton, by the coroner’s office.

Long Beach Police Lt. Bart Day said Loftus “fell over backwards because he was probably overdosing, hit his head, broke his neck and died.”

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The Bradford City stadium fire was the worst fire disaster in the history of English football. It occurred during a league match in front of record numbers of spectators, on Saturday, 11 May 1985, killing 56 and injuring at least 265.

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The Heysel Stadium disaster  occurred on 29 May 1985 when escaping fans were pressed against a wall in the Heysel Stadium in Brussels, Belgium,

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TURIN, Italy — A blaze engulfed a crowded movie theater Sunday killing at least 64 people, many of them teenagers trampled to death in a panic-stricken race to the exits, officials said.

Twenty victims were found dead of smoke inhalation, huddled in a balcony closet and bathroom which they apparently thought were stairwells, officials said. There were no fire exits on the second level, fire officials said.

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Flames swept through a two-story disco club filled with people early today in the southeastern city of Taegu, killing 24 and injuring about 70, the police reported.

The Korean Broadcasting Corporation quoted a club employee as saying that about 400 people were in the club at about 2 A.M. when fire broke out in the ceiling of the second floor.

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The four owners of a central Madrid disco, where 81 people burned or suffocated to death in 1983, and two other people were found guilty of negligence on Friday and sentenced to jail terms of up to two years.

A Madrid court also said the state should pay a total of $14 million in compensation to the victims’ families. Hundreds of teen-agers forced their way through blocked fire doors in the basement rock club Alcala 20 when the blaze took hold in the early hours of a Saturday morning, but others were trapped inside.

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The Luzhniki disaster was a deadly human crush that took place at the Grand Sports Arena of the Central Lenin Stadium

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CALI, Colombia — Thousands of soccer fans stampeded for stadium exits to escape a rain of debris and urine from the upper deck and 22 people were killed in the crush with another 100 injured, police said today.

At the end of a match Wednesday night at the Pascual Guerrero stadium, a group of rowdy young fans in the upper level of the stadium began throwing trash and spraying urine over thousands of people heading for the exits, police said.

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For many Bengalureans, the death of over 100 people in a fire at a Kerala temple on Sunday, brought back dark memories.

As they watched the scenes of people burnt alive during the firework show at Puttinagal temple in Paravur in Kollam on their television screens, Bengalureans recalled the infamous Venus Circus fire tragedy which had claimed 92 lives and left around 300 injured in the city on February 8, 1981.

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Professor Norman Fenton was giving evidence at the new inquests into the later disaster which claimed 96 Liverpool fans’ lives.

In 1981 Prof Fenton was secretary of the Sheffield Spurs Supporters Society.

He said the society complained about being allocated the smaller Leppings Lane end of the the ground.

Wolverhampton Wanderers’ fans were given the larger Spion Kop end for the semi-final, just as Nottingham Forest fans were in 1989.

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NEW DELHI, India — A stampede of more than 400 screaming school children — touched off when young men began sexually molesting women tourists during a blackout — killed 45 people Friday in a human pileup on the winding steps of an ancient tower.

Police said 23 of the dead where children.

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On this day, 31 years ago, the Manila Film Center tragedy occurred. The scaffolding on the sixth floor of the nine-level building collapsed and sent workers – many of them – falling into quick-drying cement.

Scarce news stories about the mishap in the days hence reported that “there were 40 to 45 workers at the site of the collapsed floor.” Other sources placed the numberof casualties, who were allegedly “entombed alive,” at as high as 169.

Fast-forward to today and the very site is an entertainment hall of glitz and glamour.

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A fast-moving fire broke out at the back door of a windowless discotheque yesterday, sending 200 screaming, panicked people crowding through the only other exit. Five people died.

Arson was suspected, officials said. A five-gallon gas can was found behind the building.

Firefighters arrived to find a huge crowd outside the Odyssey Lounge, officials said. Those who escaped tried to wrestle fire hoses from firefighters in hopes of rescuing trapped friends, hampering efforts to extinguish the blaze, Bayou Blue Fire Chief Eugene Cadiere said.

Screams could be heard inside the burning building, a one-story structure with aluminum siding and two doors. The building, which also housed a pool hall, was a popular nightspot in the oil-rig country about 45 miles southwest of New Orleans.

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A fresh inquest is to be held into the deaths of 48 people in the Stardust nightclub fire in Dublin.

The Republic’s Attorney General confirmed on Wednesday that the application for a new inquest had been successful.

The application was made by victims’ families in April after years of campaigning over the fire in Artane.

Three of those who died in the St Valentine’s Day blaze in 1981 were from Northern Ireland.

They were Susan Morgan from Londonderry and James Millar and Robert Hillock from Twinbrook, in west Belfast.

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The darkest day of Olympiacos’ history to date was the 8th of February in 1981 when Olympiacos defeated rivals A.E.K. Athens 6-0 and 21 Olympiacos supporters lost their lives in one of the sport’s worst disasters and the biggest football tragedy in Greece’s history.
While rushing out of the stadium to celebrate Olympiacos’ win, some supporters lost their footing and fell.  Visibility was poor due to the sheer number of people trying to exit through gate 7 which, according to police reports was partially closed and fans were unaware that anything had happened. As a result, more fell and were trampled by the other fans which kept coming, also unaware of the incident.


CHIBOUGAMAU, Que. — Florent Cantin, the 21-year-old unemployed laborer who has pleaded guilty in connection with last year’s Chapais tragedy, says he was ‘just playing with fire’ when he started the blaze that killed 48 people.

‘I was just doing the same as anyone else, playing with fire,’ Cantin said in court Tuesday. ‘I did it just as someone else might light a napkin.’

The fire, which affected almost every family in the isolated mining town of 3,700, began in dried pine bough holiday decorations and swept through the wooden Opemiska Club during a 1980 New Year’s Eve party.

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On January 20, 1980, bleachers at a bullring in Sincelejo, Colombia, collapse, resulting in the deaths of 222 people.

The collapse at Sincelejo, the deadliest tragedy at a sporting event in Colombia’s history, was the result of overcrowding and poor construction. In addition to the 222 spectators killed, hundreds more were injured. Despite the fact that bullrings were more closely regulated and inspected in the aftermath of Sincelejo, a temporary bleachers in Honda, 60 miles southeast of Bogota, collapsed in February 1989. In that incident, seven people died and 300 more were injured.

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On December 3, 1979, eleven teenagers and young adults were killed by compressive asphyxia and 26 other persons were injured in a rush for seating at the opening of a sold-out rock concert

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ROSARIO, Argentina, Dec. 6 (UPI) —Fire swept through a nightclub here shortly before dawn today and killed 16 young people who sought refuge in restrooms from smoke and fire and suffocated. At least 10 people were hurt.

Most of the dead were trapped because the club’s windows were shuttered, police sources said.

The fire broke out at 5:20 A.M. in the Rilke II club in central Rosario, Argentina’s second largest city.

The police said a dozen people fled through the only door before the smoke and flames cut off that path, trapping the others in the club.

The cause of the fire was not immediately determined.

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Footage from The Big Match of Orients scoreless draw against Chelsea in the 1978 FA Cup 5th Round. O’s went on to beat Chelsea in the replay 2-1 at Stamford Bridge. Other than the O’s turning in a sterling performance against Chelsea, the game is also remembered for a wall collapsing during the first half at Brisbane Road. Fortunatately, no one was seriously injured.

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killing at least 377 people in one of the worst disasters of its kind in history.

Information Minister Dariush Homayoun said the fire appeared to be one of a series violent antigovernment acts committed by “fanatics” and directed against “all signs of modern living and Westernization in Iran.”

Some diplomats held out the possibility that it could also mark the resurgence of terrorism by the Mujaheddine (People’s Strugglers), the most active of the hard-core urban guerrilla groups that were responsible for numerous bombings and assassinations in Iran a few years ago.

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China’s worst such fire was in 1977, when 694 people died – 597 of them children – in Xinjiang.

Xinhua said the owner of the private cinema in Jiaozuo was seriously injured in the fire and was undergoing emergency surgery at a local hospital.

Eleven people were rescued from the blaze which took 90 minutes to extinguish, said the agency.

The fire also destroyed a neighbouring cinema, it said without elaborating.

There was no immediate word on the cause of the fire

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In 1977, an accident occured during the Malaysian Grand Prix, killing 5 children. This caused the track to be closed down, although it was re-opened after improvements of fences and guard rails were carried out.

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Orginally published May 22, 2017

The Beverly Hills Supper Club.

There was nothing like it.

There still isn’t, and there likely never will be.

Perched on a hill in a most unlikely location – the otherwise buzz-free suburban community of Southgate, Kentucky — the Beverly Hills was a supernova, culturally and historically. It ruled the roost from 1971-1977.

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Port-au-Prince, Haiti; At a World Cup qualifier between Haiti and Cuba, the visitors scored and a Haitian fan set off a firecracker. Fans thought it was gunfire and panicked, knocking down a soldier, whose gun went off and killed a small boy and girl in the crowd. Further panic caused two people to be trampled to death, and one man died jumping over a wall. The soldier committed suicide.

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Cameroon vs Congo

In the 1970s, Cameroon were gradually asserted themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The weight of expectation and supporters’ high spirits forced them to respond and perform accordingly, though they were up against an equally bullish Congo side who also felt they deserved to qualify for the tournament.

They locked horns in a two-leg knockout fixture, with the first game finishing 2-2 in Brazzaville. It left the encounter finely poised but the second leg in Yaounde on October 31, 1976 was abandoned.

Roger Milla broke the deadlock after just seven minutes, though Congo recovered well to going behind. Goals from Daniel Ebomoa and Jean-Jacques N’Doumba meant they had a slender advantage to protect as the second-half progressed.

However in the 82nd minute, the referee awarded Cameroon a spot-kick. The Congo goalkeeper reacted angrily to the official’s decision and personally targeted the referee, which prompted other team-mates to join him.

This was not all. Cameroonian president Ahmadou Ahidjo was watching the game on television and somehow managed to quickly scramble a helicopter and send his paratroopers to the fixture, seeking an immediate response to this incident.

Two people died in the chaos with the referee having no choice but to call the match off. Cameroon claimed their African counterparts started the ruckus, which was true, though they only helped the incident escalate dramatically.

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Fire swept through a Bronx social club early yesterday morning, killing 25 young party‐goers and injuring 24 others who leaped from a second‐floor window—the sole means of escape from the blaze that had apparently been set in the building’s only staircase by an angry patron.

The death toll of 16 women and nine, men in the blaze, which broke out shortly after 2:30 A.M. in the Puerto Rican Social Club at 1003 Morris Avenue at East 165th Street, was the highest in a building fire here since 1958, when 27 died as a result of a fire at a textile factory at 623 Broadway.

Survivors Forced to Jump

So swiftly did the blaze spread through the 25‐foot by 50‐foot dance hall, accord ing to survivors, that there was no time for all to escape. Most of the bodies were found stacked up near the broad front windows, where the victims died of asphyxiation before they could reach the opening.

The survivors had been forced to jump, fire officials said, because a fire escape extending a short distance along one end of the window ledge was blocked by a rolling steel door, apparently installed to prevent burglaries.

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One of the deadliest tragedies involving a hockey game occurred on March 10, 1975.
It happened 41 years ago and much of it was clouded in mystery until recently. This happened at the height of the cold war era. The 1972 Summit Series was still very fresh in the memories of hockey fans.

Barrie Colts had just won the Wrigley National Midget Hockey Tournament (later Telus Cup), Canada’s national midget ice hockey championship. Each year, the winning team represented Canada in the Soviet Union for a series of games against their elite teams

In 1975 Barrie Colts went over to the Soviet Union where they played a six-game exhibition series. Several of these games was against the Soviet U-18 team.

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On June 30, 1974, a fire killed 24 show-goers and wounded 19 fans and 13 firefighters at Gulliver’s (777 West Putnam Avenue, Port Chester, NY).

200 came to see The Creation which featured future Kiss drummer Eric Carr (birthday today). He was among the last to escape and live.

His bandmate lead singer George Chase died. He had announced there was a fire at 1 am and stayed behind to help fans escape. Keyboardist Damon De Feis also died.

Patrons on the sunken dance floor were suddenly surrounded with smoke and the lights went out. Many were unable to get up the stairs where most died.

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42 years ago, Bernadette Whelan, a 14-year-old David Cassidy fan, died by “traumatic asphyxiation” in a hysterical crush of a concert crowd. Goldmine looks into the tragedy that occurred back in 1974 at a David Cassidy show in the sports arena, White City.
Dave Thompson
May 31, 2016
On May 30, 1974, four days after her comatose body was placed on life support, the fourteen-year-old schoolgirl passed away in west London’s Hammersmith Hospital. Official cause of death: traumatic asphyxiation. Actual cause of death, in the coroner’s own words, “a victim of contrived hysteria.”

A stampede occurred on 17 February 1974 when fans were crushed before the kick-off of a football friendly match at the Zamalek Stadium in Cairo between Zamalek of Egypt and Dukla Prague of Czechoslovakia.

The total death toll is reported variously as 48, 49, or 50;50 more were injured during this event.

Following a change of venue for the match, many supporters thought they would not be able to enter the newly chosen stadium, as the previously intended venue, Nasser Stadium, was much larger. There was a stampede, the walls crumbled, and many people were left dead. According to reports, up to 80,000 people tried to access the stadium, despite the capacity at the time being just 40,000

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The UpStairs Lounge

The UpStairs Lounge was, much like the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., a haven for its local gay community, and, in 1973, having a place to socialize without fear was deeply important, even on liberal Bourbon Street in New Orleans. But it, too, became an unsafe place in an instant.

The lounge entered a notorious set of history books for becoming the site of New Orleans’ deadliest fire in nearly 200 years, and — until June 12, 2016 — was considered the largest mass killing of LGBT people in American history. On the night of June 24, 1973, someone started a fire in a stairwell leading to the UpStairs Lounge, and those flames claimed the lives of 32 people. No no one was ever prosecuted for the crime.

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Opened with much fanfare a little more than two years earlier on 25 May 1971, the £2m climate-controlled building boasted restaurants and bars, an indoor heated swimming pool, saunas, a children’s theatre and an underground disco. It was billed as the most innovative indoor entertainment centre in the world and could house up to 10,000 tourists. However, the building’s exterior and interior were designed by different architects, resulting in significant fire risks that went unnoticed.

About 3,000 people were inside the complex when the blaze began, caused by a match discarded by three boys smoking in an outside kiosk.

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The fire started at 22:27 in the third floor, where women’s dresses were sold. The cause of the fire was said to be a cigarette butt or a smouldering match left behind by a construction worker. Immediate attempts to extinguish the fire failed. The fire department was informed of the fire at 22:40 and started firefighting at 22:43. By that time, the third and fourth floors were fuming black smoke. Women’s dresses for sale caught fire and helped spread the fire. The four floors from the second to the fifth were ablaze.

Poisonous gas resulting from burning construction materials filled the stairway and caused the majority of casualties. The loss was exacerbated by the locked exits in the cabaret. When elevators ceased to function, the situation turned into a mass panic. Twenty-four people attempted to escape by jumping out of windows, of whom 22 fell to their deaths. Ninety-six were found dead inside the cabaret. The fire was brought under control the next day and finally extinguished on the third day. Of the dead, 93 suffered carbon monoxide poisoning, three died from compression injuries in the chest and abdomen (meaning that they were probably trampled to death), and 22 died from jumping. Of the injured, 27 were firemen.

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On the evening of Friday, September 1, 1972, the beginning of the Labour Day weekend, more than 200 people were at the bar celebrating. Around 10:45 PM, three young men (initial reports said four) were refused entry to the upstairs bar, as they appeared excessively intoxicated. Upset by this, Gilles Eccles, James O’Brien and Jean-Marc Boutin set a fire on the staircase that served as the only regular entrance or exit for the Wagon Wheel’s customers. “It was either a Molotov cocktail or gasoline spread on the stairs and then ignited,” said Montreal Police Inspector Armand Chaille. The entire bar was in flames within a few minutes, according to police.

With the primary escape route blocked by the fire advancing upward toward the crowded bar, its patrons sought out other exits. However, conflicting city building codes and fire regulations had left the upstairs bar with too few fire exits for its capacity of patrons. With the bar’s main exit aflame and its sole fire exit blocked, patrons were forced to use one of two escape routes: either through the kitchen onto a folding fire escape (the emergency exit was chained) or by climbing through a window in the women’s restroom and dropping some 20 feet onto a parked car. While it was originally reported that 42 people had died, later investigation determined that 37 people succumbed and perished as smoke and fire overtook the bar.

At its peak, the fire was fought by more than 50 firefighters. Five firefighters would be injured by smoke inhalation before the fire was declared out. At the time, the wearing of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) was a relatively new practice and not as common among firefighters as it is today.

The fire was brought under control by 2:30 a.m., and extinguished by daybreak. With the fire out, recovery operations commenced. Police and firefighters found bodies in the washrooms, huddled in a corner that had no exit, and jammed in a rear section of the club close to a back entrance.

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The 1971 Ibrox disaster was a crush among the crowd at an Old Firm football game, which led to 66 deaths and over 200 injuries. It happened on 2 January 1971 in an exit stairway at Ibrox Park (now Ibrox Stadium) in Glasgow, Scotland

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March 4, 1971 — Salvador, Brazil; A fight and a wild rush broke out in the grandstands, killing four and injuring 1,500.

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1970: Nightclub inferno ‘wipes out generation’

A fire at a nightclub in France has killed 142 people, most of them teenagers.

The club, a mile from the town of St Laurent du Pont, near Grenoble, was packed with revellers when the fire started at around 0145 local time (0045 GMT).

A fire department spokesman said the partly-wooden building “went up like a box of matches” and the victims perished within 10 minutes.

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Covington, Ga. (AP) – A speeding drag racing car roared out of control Sunday at the Yellow River Drag Racing Strip, cutting a bloody swath through spectators, killing 11 and injuring 40 to 50 others.

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Ididn’t know his name or anything, but he was standing along side of me. You know, we were both watching Mick Jagger, and a Hell’s Angel, the fat one. I don’t know his name or anything, he reached over — he didn’t like us being so close or something, you know, we were seeing Mick Jagger too well, or something. He was just being uptight. He reached over and grabbed the guy beside me by the ear and hair, and yanked on it, thinking it was funny, you know, kind of laughing. And so, this guy shook loose; he yanked away from him.

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On June 23, 1968, in El Monumental after a match between the two teams 71 fans were killed in a crush at gate 12 and 150 fans injured.

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There had always been keen competition for regional supremacy between the neighboring Turkish cities of Kayseri and Sivas, but this had never spilled over into serious violence – until 1967. Provincial amateur football clubs were encouraged to merge in the mid 1960s to create single dubs capable of holding their own in the new Second Football League, a nationwide third tier for Turkish -professional football.

Three clubs in each city amalgamated to form Kayseri Erciyesspor and Sivasspor respectively. They went toe-to-toe for the first time in September 1967, providing the perfect opportunity for rival fans to strut their stuff – a confrontation inflamed by the fact that both teams were sharing top spot in the league. Around 5,000 supporters of Sivasspor headed for Kayseri the day before the match, flooding bars and less salubrious houses of entertainment. Quarrels broke out, fans were stabbed and police made 50 arrests.

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Three people died and 38 more were injured on Aug. 20, 1966, as Illinois State Fair workers were preparing a catwalk for a planned demonstration by U.S. Army Green Berets. The accident was the worst ever in state fair history.

The Green Berets intended to demonstrate how they were trained to rappel down from helicopters to rescue wounded soldiers in Vietnam. The plan involved stretching a taut rope 100 feet from the catwalk atop the fairgrounds grandstand to the ground.

All those involved believed the catwalk had been welded to the roof deck, according to testimony at a Sangamon County coroner’s inquest held Aug. 25. In fact, the structure was supported only by four angle irons attached to the deck with wood screws.

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318 people are killed and another 500 injured in riots at National Stadium after Argentina beats Peru in an Olympic qualifying match

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On December 17, 1961, a fire at a circus in Brazil kills more than 300 people and severely burns hundreds more. The cause of the fire was never conclusively determined but it may have been the result of sparks from a train passing nearby.

Christmas week was just beginning, the children had just begun their winter vacations, and spirits were high for the 2,500 in attendance at the Gran Circo Norte Americano, the Brazilian version of America’s Ringling Brothers. The large blue-and-white tent was set up across the bay from Rio de Janeiro and was filled to capacity. All seemed to be proceeding as planned when disaster struck suddenly.

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NIIGATA, Japan, Sunday, Jan. 1–Thirty thousand New Year’s worshipers stampeded at a famed Shinto shrine at five minutes after midnight today. At least 112 persons were trampled to death.

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The 1955 Le Mans disaster occurred during the 1955 24 Hours of Le Mans motor race, when a crash caused large fragments of racing car debris to fly into the crowd. Eighty-three spectators and driver Pierre Levegh perished at the scene with 120 more injured in the most catastrophic accident in motorsport history.

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On 11 May 1955, in a wooden shack fire during cinema projection, 58 people (including 36 children) perished,  the worst one-day death toll in Polish post-war history. This tragedy was commemorated by a monument, which stands in Wielopole’s market square.

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But what happened on 3 February 1954 has since gone down as one of the most horrific chapters in independent India’s history. On that day, lakhs of devotees had arrived at Sangam to take a holy dip on the auspicious occasion of Mauni Amavasya (or New Moon day). But by the end of the day, around 1000 people lay dead on the ghats and around 2000 others injured due to a stampede.

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The viewing line that stretched through the center of Moscow was clearly marked and guarded by the police and army, which used vehicles to maintain order (as they hoped). Then, on March 6, 1953, people came in large crowds to Trubnaya Square from the narrow Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, and found the square partly blocked with cordons of trucks and troops on horseback.

There wasn’t enough room for people to pass, yet they couldn’t go back as the others were still coming. “The crowd got more tightly packed and you couldn’t move, you just had to go with it, unable to escape the flow,” said Yelena Zaks, one of the thousands of people caught in the crowd. She was lucky enough – when she was passing by the guarded fence, one of the soldiers standing up above grabbed her and took her out of the crowd, possibly saving her life.

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The Burnden Park disaster was a human crush that occurred on 9 March 1946 at Burnden Park football stadium, the home of Bolton Wanderers. The crush resulted in the deaths of 33 people and injuries to hundreds of Bolton fans

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The Tube station had regularly been used by up to 7,000 Londoners at a time to shelter from German bombing raids.

When the sirens began at 20:17 GMT on 3 March, 1,500 locals hurried to the shelter but, although the raids were anticipated, no-one was on duty and only one door was open.

Roars from new anti-aircraft guns in nearby Victoria Park were mistakenly thought to be enemy bombs and the crowd surged forward in panic.

One woman, clutching her young child, lost her footing and fell, pulling an elderly man down with her.

Bodies quickly piled up at base of the steps, whilst those at the top, unaware of what had happened continued to try and force their way down.

A seething mass of women and children, all wearing thick clothes and gasping for air quickly developed. Though some escaped, 173 people, overwhelmingly women and children were asphyxiated.

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It was the afternoon of Hogmanay 1929. Seven-year-old Robert Pope and his friends headed for Paisley’s Glen Cinema. It was a regular treat which Robert funded himself by selling empty jelly jars. That winters day they were looking forward to the latest installment of their favorite Western.

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The Iroquois Theatre fire occurred on December 30, 1903, in Chicago, Illinois. It is the deadliest theatre fire and the deadliest single-building fire in United States history. At least 605 people died as a result of the fire but not all the deaths were reported, as some of the bodies were removed from the scene

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On 5 April 1902, during the 1902 British Home Championship match between Scotland and England, the back of the newly built West Tribune Stand collapsed due to heavy rainfall the previous night. Hundreds of supporters fell up to 40 feet (12 m) to the ground below. 25 people died and 517 were injured

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Celebration of the Coronation of Czar Nicholas II Results in the Death of up to 3,000 peasants

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A terrible panic occurred on Saturday night at a Place of entertainment in Glasgow called th Star Theatre, frequented chiefly by the working classes.

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183 children – 114 boys and 69 girls – mostly between the ages of seven and ten but some as young as three died, while a further 100 were seriously injured.

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It all began when an evening concert was in progress at the Colosseum Music Hall and someone shrieked, “Fire!” The resulting panic from the word “fire” created an unstoppable stampede and the crush of the crowd resulted in a “heap of corpses” and a death toll of thirty-seven people, with many other people injured.

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The Brooklyn Theater Fire was a catastrophic theatre fire that broke out on the evening of December 5, 1876 in the city of Brooklyn, New York, United States

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In the sixty-three years and change between The Richmond Theater Fire and the fire at Precious Blood Catholic Church, in Holyoke, Massachusetts America learned how to have man-made disasters. It wasn’t something we wanted to learn how to do by any means, but the Mid-Nineteenth Century’s run-away advances in transportation really didn’t give us much choice in the matter. While the steam engine shortened epic journeys of days or weeks into trips of a few hours by train or a couple of days by steamboat it also brought with it new and horrific ways to kill dozens of people at a time if something went wrong. And, sadly, back in the day things regularly went wrong. Steamboats could collide, sink, their boilers could explode, and they could burn. Trains could collide, derail, run off of bridges, have bridges collapse out from under them…and they could burn.

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On 10 October 1872, a tragic event occurred there. During the prayers on Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) gas lamps went out. Women and children whose place was up in the gallery, panicked. While fleeing, the staircase collapsed killing 19 people (Jews and one Christian girl). They were buried (except the Christian girl) in a mass grave in the Jewish cemetery which no longer exists.


In June of 1871, around 900 members from the audience died while the largest theater in Shanghai caught fire. This was one of the most tragic public accidents to have ever occurred in China up to that point in history.



A frightful accident occurred at Dundee on Monday evening, January 16. The melancholy occurrence took place at Bell-street Hall, a large concert room situated immediately below the United Presbyterian Church (of which the Rev. Mr. Borwick is the pastor), in Bell-street, Constitution-road. The hall is well-known in Dundee in connection with certain concerts and other entertainments given in the place from time to time by Mr. Springthorpe. The hall is badly constructed, so far as regards the public safety, the chief access being very dangerous.

Entrance to the hall is gained by a broad flight of stairs leading down from Bell-street into the large area beneath the church. The top of the stairs is guarded by an iron gate, and as this opens inward it is not difficult to under- stand the danger that must arise from a great pressure without. On Monday evening a very large crowd of people assembled at the gate desirous of obtaining admission to a promenade concert, which, under the title of “Springthorp’s Exhibition,” had been announced as one of the attractions of New Year’s evening. When the advertised hour arrived the man in charge opened one half of the gate for the purpose of admitting the people to the hall. On this being done, the pressure of the crowd from without was so great that the man was overpowered, and the other half of the gate was burst open. Those in the front rank were swept through the narrow opening, and forced down the stairs with great violence. Much confusion and alarm prevailed, and efforts were made to stem the strong pressure from behind. These for the time, however, proved unavailing. The people next the gate were pushed in a mass down the stairs, and those behind pressed upon them and overthrew them. Before the pressure could be stayed a confused heap of people, several feet deep, were piled up in the small space of about six feet at the bottom of the stairs.

Nearly three-quarters of an hour elapsed before these were extricated from their position, when it was found that nine young women and ten men had beer crushed to death. In addition to the 19 persons who were thus killed, a large number were more or less very seriously injured. The scene is described as most horrible. Suffocation appears in most cases to have been the cause of death, there being few cases of broken limbs. Some of the survivors, however, were much injured in extrication. One or two were extricated only to die in their rescuers’ arms. The checktaker narrowly escaped with his life. The calamity caused immense excitement in Dundee, and great anxiety for young people thought to be in the crowd. Many touching scenes took place in the identification of the bodies, all of which have been now claimed. The deceased evidently all belonged to the humbler classes. Three-fourths were boys and girls of 12 to 18.


For some 15 or 20 minutes the fearful seen continued, until at last some conception was formed of the real nature of the catastrophe that had occurred, and then the crowd at the top of the stair began to move back and leave space for those who were able to render assistance to the sufferers below. This, however, was not an easy matter, for the bodies of those lying on the pavement were so mixed up arms and legs of different persons being interlaced and huddled in one compact mass that, in their eagerness to render assistance, they who began to labour for the extrication of the sufferers were in danger of inflicting serious injury by dislocating the limbs of those who still lived Body after body, stark, dead, yet warm, was drawn from out the writhing mass, and conveyed into the hall, which by this time had been cleared, and there laid out in such places as were most available for for the purpose. The first body to which Dr. Smith’s attention was called was that of young man lying near the door, discoloured and quite dead ; near it were about a dozen others, all dead, and presenting the same appearance of having been suffocated. Close to the entrance to the lobby were the bodies of two young girls, aged about 14 or 16 years, lying in each other’s arms, and both dead. In the hall, where several of the injured and dead had been conveyed, a sad sight was presented. The first object that attracted notice was the body of a stout man, lying on the floor, the mouth wide open, and the features rigid, as if the poor fellow had expired in the agony of endeavouring to get free from tho living mass which lay above him. On a raised bench at the east end of the hall was the body of a boy apparently about 13 years of age, who looked as if he bad fallen asleep, and showed no marks of having met with a violent death. In a small room upstairs, occupied by the hall-keeper, the most affecting sight of all, perhaps, was presented. On the floor in front of the fire were laid out four bodies of young lads or girls, all quite dead, and much discoloured and disarranged ; and near the door was a young girl who screamed in the agonies of suffocation, while kind hands were engaged in bather her temples and rubbing various parts of her body, in order to induce circulation. In this instance the efforts made for the recovery of the patient were successful, and the poor girl was conveyed home in the course of the evening. A considerable number of those who were taken out first were sent to the Infirmary, or in cabs to their houses ; and about this time Drs. Gibson, Langlands, and Cooper arrived, and rendered every assistance in their power. Four boys, of whom hopes were at first entertained, died shortly after being conveyed to Mr. Cooper’s house, and aboy and a girl, who were taken to the ante- room in life, died subsequently. Most of the first rank of the crowd, who had been precipitated to the bottom of the steps, were dead before they were extricated, having evidently expired of suffocation, as they were not much bruised, and in few cases were their bones broken. One boy, named John Holland, was lying insensible at the top of the stair. He was put into a cab and conveyed to the Infirmary, but expired on the way. Three children were found dead, jammed against the railing three or four steps from the top of the stair. The dead numbered 20 in all, viz, 12 males and eight females. The first body identified was that of a boy named Patrick Swiney, and the sorrow of his mother, a poor Irishwoman, was distressing to behold. But her cup of grief was not yet full, for in another corner of the hall lay her husband dead. She has been left a widow with four children to support. The next to be recognised was a girl about 11 or 12 years of age, named Mary Ann Findlay. She was identified by her mother whose grief at beholding “her darling child, the apple of her eye,” as she kept continually exclaiming, seemed perfectly uncontrollable. The grief of those who identified the other bodies was of a like description.


On the 1st day of May in 1845, around 1670 people died at the Canton Theaterin Guangzhou, China when a fire broke out during a performance. This was another very tragic accident, and one of the most deadly blazes to have taken place in the 19th Century, and was heart wrenching for the entire country.


This theatre was located in an open square and was a temporary wooden structure. The fire occurred during the afternoon performance at 4pm when the theatre was packed with an unknown number of people in the audience. The fire started with a stage lamp that was hung too high and ignited the roof. But the real problem developed when people began to panic. The panic-stricken people soon crowded and obstructed the exits making it practically impossible for anyone to get out of the building. In the end, it was claimed that between 600 to 800 people died.


At the time of the tragedy, Malta was under British rule and experiencing a famine, and it had become a tradition to gather 8- to 15-year-old boys from the lower classes of Valletta and the Three Cities to participate in a procession during the last few days of carnival. After the procession, they would attend Mass, and they would be given some bread afterwards.This activity was arranged by ecclesiastical directors who taught catechism, and its main aim was to keep children out of the riots and confusion of carnival.

This activity was organized on 10 February 1823, when children attended mass at Floriana and then went to the Convent of the Minori Osservanti (now better known as ta’ Ġieżu) in Valletta where they were given bread. Everything went as planned, and the same procedure was planned for the following day

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The Richmond Theater fire occurred in RichmondVirginiaUnited States on Thursday, December 26, 1811. It devastated the Richmond Theater, located on the north side of Broad Street between what is now Twelfth and College Streets. The fire, which killed 72 people including many government officials, was the worst urban disaster in American history at the time. The Monumental Church was erected on the site as a memorial to the fire

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A crowd of around 40,000 had gathered in front of Newgate Prison near the Old Bailey on the morning of 23 February 1807 to witness Holloway and Haggerty’s execution.People from as far as Hounslow and Bagshot came to observe the sentences be carried out, clambering onto carts, lampposts, and window ledges to spectate. “Not only the space in front of the Old Bailey, but all the windows and the tops of houses adjoining, were crowded with spectators, and the avenues to the remotest point…” The crowd had been so thick at the north side of the Old Bailey that its movements were compared to ocean waves

John Holloway further excited the crowd by proclaiming en route to the scaffold “Gentlemen, I am quite innocent of this affair. I never was with Hanfield, nor do I know the spot. I will kneel and swear it.” Around 08:06-08:08 the executioner pulled the lever and the hatch beneath Holloway, Haggerty, and Godfrey was dropped. The overheated, impatient spectators surged forward towards the scaffolding to obtain better views of the executions. Observers from the corner of Green Arbor Lane were suddenly startled when the axletree of a wooden cart overloaded with people broke, collapsing the cart and knocking those on top of it to the ground. Subsequently, a pieman a few yards away dropped a large basket of merchandise in the uproar, falling while attempting to pick it up and then tripping others who were then trampled with him

When the wooden cart collapsed, the spectators who had fallen off of it were crushed to death as the people behind the cart pushed forward to climb on top (either to watch the executions or escape the stampede). The pressurised crowd pushed back against the cart, causing yet more carnage and possibly tripping the pieman who was just yards away. These dual-accidents startling the disorganised crowd on the relatively narrow street resulted in dozens of people being killed and many others being injured.The scene lasted for over an hour as individuals slowly cleared out from the area, with a significant portion of the crowd remaining long after the executions were carried out. Once authorities had cleared out the remaining spectators there seemed to be around 100 injured or dead individuals lying in the street in front of Newgate Prison. Newspapers reported on death tolls between 20 and 30, but one contemporary account describes 34 dead and at least 15 serious injuries. The injured were taken to St Bartholomew’s Hospital.


The following is an extract from the Parish Registers of Burwell:
“At about 9 o’clock on the evening of September 8th 1727, fire broke out in a barn, in which a great number of persons were met together to see a puppet show. In the barn were a great many loads of new light straw. The barn was thatched with straw which was very dry, and the inner roof was covered with old dry cobwebs, so that the fire like lightening flew around the barn in an instant. There was but one small door, which was close nailed up, and could not easily be broken down. When it was opened, the passage was so narrow and everybody so impatient to escape that the door was presently blocked up, and most of those that did escape, which was but very few, were forced to crawl over the bodies of those that lay in a heap by the door.”

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Circus Maximus partial stadium collapse. 140 AD – Rome, Italy. The Circus featured seating for 250,000 – five times that of the colosseum, and later additions increased seating to more than 270,000. The lower tiers (for the upper class) were made of stone and marble, and the upper tiers (for the less affluent) were wooden. In 140 AD the wooden upper tier partially collapsed killing over 1,000 people, and although there is no extant account it is considered the worst sporting disaster in history.


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In 27 AD, an apparently cheaply built wooden amphitheater constructed by an entrepreneur named Atilius collapsed in Fidenae, resulting in by far the worst stadium disaster in history. At least 20,000 were killed and many more injured out of the total audience of 50,000.

The emperor Tiberius had banned gladiatorial games, it seems, and when the prohibition was lifted, the public had flocked to the earliest events, so a large crowd was present when the stadium collapsed. At the time of the incident, Tiberius was in Capri, where he had a secure getaway, but rushed to Fidenae to assist the victims of this incident.

The Roman Senate responded to the tragedy by banning people with a fortune of less than 400,000 sesterces from hosting gladiator shows, and also requiring that all amphitheaters built in the future be erected on a sound foundation, inspected and certified for soundness. The government also “banished” Atilius.

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