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Welcome to the members jump page.

Below you will find links to specific pages based on membership level. If you require access to a different level of membership, please use the contact button below to start the conversation.

Please take a moment to read the membership rules, found below the page links

Allowing access to content that is available to all, though is being restricted from the casual browser


Providing access to more in-depth resource, aimed at those in the crowd safety industry. Members would be looking to interact with the site and share information to help other members in learning.


Aimed at students in crowd safety, event management, emergency management and disaster management. As well as access to the premium resource we will include guides to academic resource on key papers and journals.

Graduate members

This area is for members that have undertaken enhanced training in Crowd Safety. Allowing members to share information, working papers, dissertations, thesis’s or relevant information on enhancing delivery of safe crowded spaces.

As well as access to the shared resource a member’s forum will be provided. This allows members to discuss crowd safety in a secure environment with like minded colleagues.

Respect Everyone’s Privacy

Being part of this community requires trust and respect. We share information on behalf of members that may wish to stay anonymous. We respect this request and it is up to each member to decide if they wish to be credited with the sharing of the information or not.


We are happy to share any information that may help the community in relation to crowd safety management, event management, emergency management or disaster management. Please only share content that you own or have the consent of the owner to share.


We will not share information that is held under copyright. This includes journals and academic papers, books, videos, reports, documents, plans or files. This also includes links to sharing sites that may breach copyright. We endeavour to ensure we do share copyrighted material, but if you believe we have and copyright is in question, please contact us.

Sharing Academic papers

We openly encourage students and former students to share your work. This must be with your permission and may require permission from your place of study.

Thousands of students passes through further education every year and there final pieces of work never see the light of day. If you feel as though you would like to share, then we are happy to provide the platform. This can be in the form of an Abstract with details on how to contact you for the full piece, or we can share your work for you.

All members will follow the understanding that plagiarism will always be unacceptable and challenged at great cost to them and their future.

No Promotions or Spam

We would like all out members to share and be active in the community, this though does not mean we will share Promotions or Spam. We will share additional information to the members which details a greater understanding of your product or service that you would not normally share in an open forum. This can include videos of operation, information sheets or booklets or details on operational use.

Be Kind and Courteous to members in forums

Provided forums are safe places to openly discuss relevant topics and share knowledge. We can accept that not all information personally held is the point of view of that person. All debate on any subject should be courteous. Banter can come very close to being offensive and what a few people may consider to be banter, can be considered by other out with the group as offensive or harmful.

No Hate Speech or Bullying

Simple, this will not be tolerated in any shape or form- bullying, sexism, harassment, racism or xenophobia.

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