A simple website/blog focusing on the world of Crowd Safety Management

An independent over view of the crowd safety management industry and crowd related events. Bringing the latest news and developments in crowd safety management, from crowd disasters to industry innovation. Introducing the industry leaders. We look at understanding the audiences and customers attending a variety of events, looking at crowd behavior and activity.

To assist in the development of planning and training, the provision of references to the legislation and guidance for the industry. Along with looking to the past to assist in learning; focusing on some of the crowd disasters that lead to changes in the industry.

“The safety and enjoyment of people attending a music event will depend largely on the effective management of the crowd. Crowd management, however, is not simply achieved by attempting to control the audience, but by trying to understand their behaviour and the various factors which can affect this.”   

HSE 1999                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

“Safety should not be seen as a set of rules or conditions imposed by others, but rather as standards set from within that reflect a safety culture at the ground.”           

DCMS 2008

“Be aware of becoming complacent – just because an event was successful in previous years or in a different location, does not automatically mean it will be a success in the future.”  

EPC 2009                     


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