Case Study Information

The following pages could be classed as case studies; but as we are making no suggestions or conclusions, they are more a gathering of information. We have done this to assist in the understanding of how a crowd related incident can come to being.

As will all the information provided on this site, we leave it to you as the reader to come to you own conclusion and hopefully roskilde_festival_2005econtinue your research and where possible prevent incidents happening again.  All information is gathered from internet based sources to allow as wide a spread of resources as possible. This will come in the form of links to news and webpages, videos and PDF/Doc downloads. Some of the pages may contain links to a Google Drive. This is provided by WorkingWithCrowds to assist you gain access to the PDF/Dec downloads. We are aware of the uncertainty when it comes to down loading documents from the internet.

Where possible, we will update pages with relevant information and new information as we become aware of it. If you know of information in relation to any of the provided incidents, please get in touch with us to allow inclusion.


Crowd related incidents

Roskilde festival 2000

Love Parade, Duisburg 2010

Station Night Club Fire, 2003

Madrid Arena – Halloween 2012 

Heysel Stadium, European Cup Final 1985

Bradford City Stadium Fire 

Ibrox Stadium 1971 

Big Day Out Australia 2001

Manchester Arena 2017 – Terror Attack

Hyde Park – Libertines (coming soon)