There always comes a time when we need to find that one piece of information that is vital to us. Be it guidance, laws, regulations or developments in the field. We will look to share the links to these here.

Referencing UK

Referencing to assist crowd safety managers in relation to events within the United kingdom. We have gathered together relevant referencing material to assist your planning and research.

Welcome to the area of our site dedicated to Australia, and its territories. For those not familiar with Australia, it is hard to appreciate the size of the continent. Just like the size of the

country, the volume of information that could be compiled is massive. Due to this we will be focusing on the following territories- Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia.

We will provide information that is pertinent to understanding crowd management (or crowd control as it more commonly referred to on the continent) and referencing material to assist in planning and development.  The following links, will take you to each territory.

Referencing to assist crowd safety managers in relation to events within Canada. We have gathered together relevant referencing material to assist your planning and research.

It has taken us a long time to get here, but we have started. The USA is vast and complex, due to this we have always put off dipping our toe into a pool we know very little about. But, we have started. We are putting together a collection of useful links to information that may assist in planning for, running and delivering safe crowded places.

Référencement pour assister les responsables de la sécurité des foules dans le cadre d’événements au Royaume-Uni. Nous avons rassemblé du matériel de référence pertinent pour vous aider dans votre planification et votre recherche.

Verwijzingen om crowd safety managers te helpen bij evenementen in het Verenigd Koninkrijk. We hebben relevant referentiemateriaal verzameld om u te helpen bij uw planning en onderzoek.

Referencia para ayudar a los gerentes de seguridad de multitudes en relación con eventos dentro del Reino Unido. Hemos reunido material de referencia relevante para ayudarlo en su planificación e investigación.

Being UK based, out initial focus will be on UK guidance. We are looking to add as much content as possible, so please email us any links or guidance from around the globe and we will look to get it added.


Referencing to assist crowd safety managers in relation to events. We have gathered together relevant referencing material to assist your planning and research.

Page 1  Various,  Page 2  Crowd Psychology,  Page 3 Crowd Dynamics, Page 4 Evacuation Planning,  Page 5  Online Journal (JCSSM)

With the amount of information amount on the web, it is hard to see the trees for the forest. We will add useful referencing websites that we have found in relation to crowd safety management, experts or equipment.

Behavioural Detection at Events- In the UK, the development of behavioural detection within events has been brought to fruition due to the continued threat of a terror attack. A service that was provided by trained police officers, the acceptance that private security providers will now play a role in this is common.

The following has been gathered from secondary websites, news and presentations.

Some of the terminology contained in the headings and body of these links is misleading. These have been taken from press articles, websites and videos. The use of the word stampede and panic is not what you will find to be the causes of the incidents shown. The information provided is reflecting the articles written and it is being left to you to interoperate what you see and read and come to your own conclusions. Please also not that this list only refers to gatherings involving events such as concerts, sports, night clubs (entertainment). There is only inclusion of some significant events out with this.

To participate in crowd management, a basic understanding of crowds is required. This is not just the maths and physics of crowd movement and density; this is only half the story. How a crowd thinks, bond, understand and interact is the other half. By ignoring this part of understanding crowds can lead to failures and in some cases death.

Let us introduce you to some resources to peak your interest and hopefully lead you to explore this fascinating area. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Links to videos from crowd incidents

The following training videos have been created to gain a fuller understanding of crowds and interaction with them.

Due to the limitation of this site, we have uploaded the videos on to YouTube and have posted links to these videos on this page. A description of the methods used will also be provided.

Over the years crowd safety has improved to levels that have never been seen before. We have training courses in safety, security, customers service and understanding crowds. This has been widely embraced by established company’s that have been part of the creation.

It is our wish to assist others that have not had the means or the ability to gain access to these courses to achieve this. Where possible we will supply course material that is free to use and relevant to the subject. This material is constructed fro open source material and teachings of professionals in their fields.

A list of courses available within the United Kingdom in realation for crowd safety

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