Love Parade Trial

The following are a collection of posts for German news outlets on the the Love Parade Trial. We are using Google Translate to convert to English, but including the original media link.

We will endeavor to update this as often as possible.

1st January till 4th May 2020

The following is a round up of media coverage of the final stages of the trail and conclusion.

We will continue to add information to this page, as many press companies try to get through a drop in sales during this period in time, many articles are behind pay walls. We will share these as they become available. 

We hope that you have found this collection of information on the trial useful and it assists you further in planning and delivering mass gatherings. 

3rd January 2019 till 31st October, 2019 

1st November till 31st December 2019

6th June 2018 till 20th December 2018 

11th January 2018 till 28th May 2018

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