The world’s worst stadium disaster occurred exactly 50 years ago in the Peruvian capital Lima. More than 300 people died – but the full story has never been told, and possibly never will be.

The Estadio Nacional Disaster

Sadly known as the worst stadium disaster in the history of football, the Estadio Nacional Disaster, also known as the Lima Disaster, occurred on the 24th of May in 1964. It’s dual name comes from the fact that that it occurred in Peru’s national stadium, known as the Estadio Nacional, which was located in the city of Lima.

The 1964 Estadio Nacional Tragedy

Throughout the global history of football there have been a number of tragic stadium disasters that have resulted in the death of many supporters who attended a game of the team they loved and never returned. The terrible events of Hillsborough in 1989, Heysel in 1985 and Ibrox in 1971 are well-known but in 1964 the worst ever football disaster took place in the Estadio Nacional stadium in Lima, Peru. At least 328 people died in the disaster with over 500, some reports claim up to 4000, being injured.

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