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It’s been a bit of a wild ride this year (input all the 2020 memes and references you can think of). We have been rather quiet on Working With Crowds and there are reasons for that. Firstly, “Crowds”, it challenging to run a website and be positive about crowded events, when the great majority of the globe cannot have them and when they do, they turn into super spreading events.

So we have taken a back seat, we shared what we could, we tried not to comment and we got tied up in little projects along the way that meant vanishing down rabbit holes.

Motivation to update the site has been lacking to say the least and we are just glad to see so many of our friends starting to get back to doing what they do so well and an air of positivity returning to the events and hospitality sector.

We had decided to give the site a bit of a new look; we are easily bored. After breaking the site (a rather sleepless night was had) we decided that it looked a bit dull and we should have a bit more fun with how it looked for a while. SO……a new look is provided. Love it……hate it……we are not bothered, the idea it to get our mind ticking over again and back into the swing of sharing and being creative.

Time has passed quickly in lockdown Working With Crowds land. We worked on a fair few things for Covid response and recovery for events

  • Social distance calculations and use of space for venues
  • Through put rates for entrances with social distance requirements
  • How to search in a world that does not want folks close to one another
  • 1 or 20 training courses
  • Learnt the use of video presentations for briefing and advancing staff understanding
  • Process driven service and SOP’s
  • And much more

Normally we would have this all up on the website and sharing…..but……the work was on behalf of organisations and as such becomes their property. Maybe one day when it is no longer required we can share and it may assist somewhere down the line.

In the meantime, enjoy the new site (hopefully) and we look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you get up to.

Working With Crowds 8th December 2020



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