The "near miss" collection

We are have started a new page on the website. Looking at the near miss.

We have started putting together a collection on what is commonly called a “near miss” or “close call”. Those moment where crowd incidents result in injury, but were so close to loss of life.

These incidents should not be overlooked or forgotten, there is just as much learning to be taken from these incidents as those were lives are lost.

This is just the start of this collection. At the moment the links just go to news articles on each incident, this will be expanded upon and we will turn each incident into its own collection. As we have doen with our other collections this will grow over the course of time and fill out to a comprehensive list. We hope it helps. 

"We got away with that!"

If you have ever heard someone say that or said it yourself, that is the near miss we are looking at. Those moments were unfortunately people may have been injured, but there was no loss of life. Those incidents hat in time people are more likely to forget about. But, if we forget, how do we take the learning from it to stop it happening again.


We look to gather information on these incidents to help all us learn. 



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