After years of development in the crowd safety industry, we find that the availability of all the research carried out is substantially below what it should be. All those dissertation submissions are locked away in files and never see the light of day. After all the effort that went into the submission, it is a shame for it never to be shared.

I am sure that there are many that would feel their submissions missed what they were trying to achieve and would not want to share. But as time has passed, do you not think that with a little bit of time and revision you could share? There must have been a reason you carried out the study in the area you looked at? Something sparked inside you to carry it out. Why not spark the interest in others, let the work grow and see were it can lead to.


You, the graduated students in a growing industry are the future, the current leaders and the future leaders. If you do not work as an industry to improve and develop,  the risk of failure grows.

We provide this space for you. We offer the sharing of your research and thoughts. This can be credited to you with links to your profile or could be anonymous. We would look to work with you in delivering the best way possible for your work to be shared and appreciated. Links to you can introduced to allow contact on the subject you are discussing.

Why waste all that effort.


Share and grow the industry.


Get in touch and we will assist:




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