Accra Sports Stadium disaster 09/05/2001

Death toll rises to 126 in Ghana soccer stampede

CCRA, Ghana (AP) — Thomas Akazara went to the soccer game hoping his team would win, but after a stampede unleashed Africa’s worst sports tragedy ever he prayed to live

May 9 Stadium Disaster: The worst 90 minutes in African football history

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Ghana mourns after football tragedy

Police over-reaction is being blamed for what is thought to be the worst tragedy in African sporting history – the deaths of at least 126 fans at a football match in the Ghanaian capital.

125 killed in Ghana soccer crush

ACCRA, Ghana — Up to 125 people have been killed and hundreds more injured in a stampede at a football stadium in Ghana, hospital officials have said.

Ghana Mourns After Soccer Tragedy

May 10, 2001 — A day after a soccer stampede left more than 100 dead in Ghana, police overreaction was being blamed for one of the worst soccer tragedies in African history.

Ghana tragedy: Police to blame

Police in Ghana have been blamed for a football stadium disaster in May in which 126 people were killed and dozens injured.

Herbert Mensah fires politicians for neglect, 16 years on

In a league game that saw home side Hearts of Oak winning 2-1 against their arch rivals Asante Kotoko, police fired tear gas into the stands to curb a crowd disturbance believed to have been started by aggrieved away fans. The toxic gas inevitably led to a rush to exit the stadium, provoking an ensuing stampede which proved fatal, claiming as many as 127 lives. It is on record to be the worst football related tragedy in African history.

May 9th Stadium Disaster- 16 years on

Never again! That has been the refrain. Never Again! Never again should we allow football to bring us such sorrow, pain and loss like it did on May 9, 2001, when 127 lives were senselessly forced to their graves after a Hearts-Kotoko league match at the Accra Sports Stadium.

Prosecution closes case on stadium disaster

The Prosecution in the case in which six police officers involved in the May Nine Stadium Disaster on Thursday closed its case.

Fifteen Years After Africa’s Deadliest Stadium Disaster, Not Much Has Changed

There were almost as many deaths at Accra Sports Stadium in Ghana on May 9, 2001, as there were in the Hillsborough and Heysel stadium disasters combined.

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