Active Evacuation Workshop


The following presentation has been constructed over a period of time. The concept is to look at the role of crowd management in emergency situations that result from terror attacks and threats.

The information provided is in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation with the ability to change and rearrange any of the slides, text, images and images. We also provide a source of videos obtained from YouTube.

This workshop is designed to work in partnership with a client/venue to assist in their planning and management of emergency situations. We are all too aware in the industry that the national threat level is at Severe and we have seen mass gatherings targeted.

Traditional planning for venues is based on fire evacuation, but there is now a case of terror threats or structural failure being as likely for crowds being evacuated. Government/Police lead projects ( Griffin, Argus) focus on the terror threat and individual persons, they do not look at the larger crowd situations. We  can provide our expertise in crowd management to assist the client/venue work through the evacuation process in a controlled environment.


Course presentation

Understanding the history of terror attacks in the UK

UK government advice

Understanding the role of stewarding and security in event spaces

Crowd psychology

This workshop is reality based and interactive. A site tour would be conducted and then exercises would be conducted to better understand your venue and how space and people interact during emergency situations.


Areas covered

Reaction to Active shooter scenario

bomb threat – to evacuate or not?

Chain of command and communication

Structural failure in the venue

Explosion in main event space and lose of head of chain of command

Target customers

Looking at venue management and key partners that would be involved in the planning and delivery of emergency evacuations at crowd related venues.

Sporting stadiums and arenas


Event spaces – concert halls, town halls

Music venues and nightclubs


Hotels – function suites/conferences

Conference facilities



Demonstrate that experience and diversity in crowd management and emergency planning is not only for large scale events, but for all events spaces.

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