Akashi pedestrian bridge crowd incident 21/07/2001

Crowd Crush Proves Fatal In Japan

The call from a private security company was frantic: Thousands had mobbed a pedestrian overpass after a fireworks display in western Japan and lives were in danger.

Dad’s thanks still move man who saved girl in 2001 bridge stampede

Whenever someone thanks firefighter Yuta Ushuku, he can’t help recalling the stampede that killed 11 spectators at a fireworks show on a crowded footbridge in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture, 20 years ago.

Ten die in crush at fireworks display


At least 10 people, including six children, were crushed to death as crowds left a firework display in Japan. Up to 90 others were injured, several seriously.

The incident happened in the seaside town of Akashi just after 8:30pm when the pressure of huge crowds returning from watching the fireworks caused people to fall at a pedestrian bridge.


Ex-police officer acquitted over Japan stampede in 2001

Kazuaki Sakaki, 67, was deputy chief of the Akashi police station at the time of the stampede on a bridge thronged with people who were there to watch a night of fireworks in western Akashi city.

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