Algiers concert crowd incident 22/08/2019

Soolking: Stampede at Algeria rap concert 'kills at least five'

At least five people have been killed in a stampede at a rap concert in the Algerian capital.

Thousands had gathered at a stadium in Algiers to see rapper Abderraouf Derradji, better known as Soolking, perform when a stampede is said to have broken out at one of the entrances.

Algeria culture minister quits after concert stampede

Algeria’s culture minister has resigned, after the deaths of five young music fans in a stampede at a packed concert by a popular rapper.

Meriem Merdaci’s resignation follows public outrage over Thursday’s stampede in the capital, Algiers.

Several killed in Algerian rap concert stampede

This happened as fans thronged the entrance of the August 20 stadium before Algerian rapper Soolking’s concert.

Five people killed in stampede at Algiers rap concert

ALGIERS: Five young people were killed and dozens more injured in a stampede at a packed rap concert in the Algerian capital, a spokesman for the rescue services said Friday.
The stampede took place Thursday night as fans thronged an entrance of the August-20 Stadium where rapper Soolking was to perform.

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