Beni Suef Egypt theater fire 05/09/2005

Eight convicted for negligence in Beni Sueif Cultural Palace fire

Eight cultural bureaucrats was convicted for negligence, in the case of the Beni Suef cultural Palace fire, killing almost 50 people last September. they all received a 10 year prison sentence.

In the aftermath of Beni Sweif

Beni Sweif, 5 September, 2005. At any other time or place, a fire that claims over 30 lives and leaves many injured during a performance at a cultural centre — state-owned or not — would be counted an appalling tragedy, speaking volumes about criminal negligence, instantly calling for due justice to take its course.

Deadly fire in Egyptian theatre

Thirty-one people have been killed and many injured in a fire in a packed Egyptian theatre that was apparently set off by stage candles.

Egyptian theatre fire convictions

Eight Egyptian officials have been convicted of negligence relating to the enforcement of fire prevention standards at a theatre.

On National Day of Theatre: Remembering the Martyrs of the Beni Suef Fire

Today marks the On National Day of Theatre. Sadly, on this day, 15 years ago, on the 5th of September, 2005, one of the worst tragedies happened that took the lives of 50 creatives at the Bani Suef Fire.

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