WCCTV 3G Bodyworn

Body Worn Surveillance Systems

Wireless CCTV’s 3G body-worn solutions have been developed in order to satisfy the growing demand for body-worn surveillance with remote access to live video and GPS location information in both overt and covert environments. The 3G body-worn solutions improve security for people in the field and allow supervisors to coordinate tactical operations involving multiple agents.

Wireless CCTV has developed a range of overt solutions including Camera Vest, Belt and Back Pack options. The systems are ideal for agents who need evidential quality recording of suspects on the move. The backpack houses all of Wireless CCTV’s body worn technology in a covert package. The unit contains a removable Compact Flash card for digital evidential quality recording. Users can monitor either live or recorded video or audio footage from any remote location via 3G HSUPA mobile phone connectivity. An automatic fallback to HSDPA, UMTS and GPRS provides optimal flexibility.

The product is future proofed and designed to operate on all the latest generation mobile phone networks, it will also work with any industry standard camera which can be easily swapped to meet changing requirements.


Wireless CCTV has also integrated an optional GPS receiver which tracks and maps the exact location of agents in the field. The precise position of multiple agents, combined with their respective live video and audio feeds, allows supervisors to assess a situation in real-time and make decisions accordingly. A Panic Alarm button allows agents to notify the supervisor that they need immediate assistance. At the end of an operation, data can easily be backed up for evidential purposes, reducing administration time.

Transmission Methods

Wireless CCTV utilises its expertise in telecoms and CCTV to provide state of the art products and systems which are capable of operating over remote transmission media. Every WCCTV product contains 3G technology allowing the transmission of fluid, high-resolution images and bidirectional audio, wirelessly without geographical restrictions. This makes WCCTV equipment ideal for mobile and covert operations. Automatic fall-back to GPRS guarantees virtually unrestricted geographical coverage.

Features and Benefits

  • Body worn equipment with remote access to live video
  • Digital evidential quality recording
  • 3G HSUPA (with automatic fallback) guarantees virtually unrestricted coverage
  • GPS tracking provides location information
  • Bi directional audio
  • Panic Alarm Button

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