Celtic v Rangers crowd crush 2019

Celtic v Rangers crush: 'Chaos' as five football fans injured before game

Five football fans were injured during a “dreadful” crush before Sunday’s Old Firm game.

It happened before the Celtic v Rangers match at Parkhead as fans tried to get into the stadium.

Crowd expert says only luck stopped fans dying in Celtic crush before Rangers game

Professor Dr Keith Still says three times the safe amount of fans were packed into a concourse due to organisational failures that put supporters’ lives at risk.

Celtic order independent review after terrifying crush at Rangers clash

Five fans needed medical treatment following the incident before Sunday’s match against Rangers.

Fans injured after being crushed at Celtic v Rangers game

The incidents happened outside Parkhead on Janefield Street in the lead up to the derby.

Five Celtic fans injured in crush outside Old Firm derby

Supporters describe the scene as “horrendous” and “absolutely chaotic”, with “kids crying and adults panicking”.

Celtic Park 'crush': Review finds 'no single cause' responsible for incident that left five injured

A review into a crush at Celtic Park before an Old Firm game has found a “unique set of circumstances” contributed to the incident.


Independent Review of Crowd Congestion Incident at Celtic Park on 2 nd September 2018 Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations 27 March 2019

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