TACKLING FOOTBALL HOOLIGANISM A Quantitative Study of Public Order, Policing and Crowd Psychology

Crowds and stress – Facility management – crowd psychology

The phenomenology of empowerment in collective action John Drury, Christopher Cocking, Joseph Beale, Charlotte Hanson and Faye Rapley

The St. Pauls’ riot: an explanation of the limits of crowd action in terms of a social identity model S. D. REICHER

The Social Psychology of the Wisdom of Crowds Richard P. Larrick Duke University Albert E. Mannes
Carnegie Mellon University Jack B. Soll Duke University

The mass psychology of disasters and emergency evacuations: A research report and implications for practice

Dr John Drury and Dr Chris Cocking Department of Psychology

Managing to avert disaster: Explaining collective resilience at an outdoor music event

John Drury, David Novelli, and Clifford Stott

A picture of the pathology of the mass Exploring ideology and politics in the origins of ‘classic’ crowd psychology

Clifford Stott, University of Liverpool John Drury, University of Sussex

‘When the mobs are looking for witches to burn, nobody’s safe’: Talking about the reactionary crowd

John Drury Social Psychology, University of Sussex



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