El Salvador stadium crush 20/05/2023

El Salvador stadium crush leaves at least twelve dead

At least twelve people have died after a crush at a football stadium in El Salvador’s capital, San Salvador, officials have said.

The incident occurred during a match between local team Alianza and the Santa Ana-based team Fas at Cuscatlán Stadium.

At least 12 dead and nearly 100 injured in stampede at El Salvador stadium

At least 12 people died in a stampede at an El Salvador football stadium on Saturday night, officials said.

Fans were gathered at Cuscatlan Stadium in the capital, San Salvador, to watch a game between Alianza FC and Club Deportivo FAS when a stampede occurred in the general seating section, local media said.

El Salvador stadium crush: At least 12 dead after stampede at football match

The tragedy occurred during a match between Alianza and the Club Deportivo FAS at Cuscatlan Stadium in the capital San Salvador.

Officials have said about 500 people had been given medical treatment and many were taken to hospital.

At least 12 killed in crush at soccer stadium in El Salvador

At least 12 people were killed and dozens injured Saturday in a crush at a soccer stadium in the capital of El Salvador, the National Civil Police said on Twitter.

Salvadoran officials have linked the incident to the overselling of tickets and the issuing of fraudulent tickets.

El Salvador's Alianza: Football club punished for stadium crush that killed 12

El Salvador’s football federation has imposed a fine and a 12-month stadium ban on Alianza FC after a deadly crush at the Cuscatlán stadium in the capital, San Salvador, on Saturday.

Alianza was less than 20 minutes into its match against Club Deportivo Fas when fans trying to enter the stadium tore down one of the access gates.

Five Arrested After El Salvador Stadium Crush

Police in El Salvador have arrested five on charges arising from the May 20 stampede at San Salvador’s Cuscatlan Stadium, which killed 12 people and injured dozens more, the El Salvador Attorney General said.

El Salvador club given one-year stadium ban after crush kills 12 fans

Alianza FC have been handed a one-year stadium ban and fined $30,000, the Salvadoran Football Federation said after at least 12 people died and an unspecified number were injured in a stampede during Saturday’s game against Club Deportivo FAS.

El Salvador club, stadium officials arrested after deadly stampede

Officials of El Salvador’s Alianza Football Club and the Cuscatlan stadium were arrested Thursday and the remainder of the season-ending playoffs were cancelled after a weekend stampede killed 12.

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