Euro 2016 fanzone Paris

Euro 2016: Security lockdown, but fears over bars and fan zones

France beefs up security in stadiums and fan zones, as restaurants are warned not to show matches on outside TVs

Firecrackers spark panicked stampede at Paris fanzone

The fanzone by the Eiffel Tower in Paris hosted chaotic scenes on Saturday night after football fans mistook fireworks for some kind of attack.

Stampede, panic in Paris fanzone after firecracker let off (VIDEO)

Twitter users report a stampede at a fan zone in Paris during the Italy-Germany Euro-2016 quarter-final. The panic is said to have been caused by fireworks, which some of the fans mistook for bomb explosions and ran away in disarray.

Euro 2016 panic after firecrackers start stampede

A fanzone was evacuated in Paris last night after firecrackers were set off sparking panic during a quarter final match between Germany and Italy.

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