EVA – Campsites

EVA – Campsites

The gathering of information, news articals and reports to assist in planning.

“Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) is simply a method of estimating the probability of a rare event. It is perhaps best known for its application in meteorology where it is used to predict the likelihood of extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain maximum frost penetration or extreme wind conditions. The method is also used in engineering to predict the possible failure rate of a mechanical system. A wider application to crowd safety planning was used by Brian Toft (1990) in his thesis, A failure of hindsight, to support his argument that crowd related accidents should not be treated as unavoidable acts of god but more likely a failure of risk analysis.”

Mick Upton



Packing for Music Festivals: CAMPING

Coachella Music Festival 2016 Aftermovie (camping) [4K]

Defqon.1 2016 (6/6), Campsite 2, showers.

What a LOT of Rubbish at Glastonbury Festival

A walk around the aftermath of T in the Park festival

Glastonbury festival aftermath from an aerial view

BoomTown Fair fire Huge blaze breaks out at Winchester festival

Glastonbury 2016 – time-lapse of Oxlyers Campsite & The Other Stage

Glastonbury Festival, traffic chaos, heavy rain, difficulty, happiness

Glastonbury Revellers Abandon Camping Equipment

Download Festival Vlog 2015 5 day camping \m/

Bloodstock Festival 2015 Camping Part 1


Budapest Sziget 2015 festival camping

Coachella Camping 2015

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The opening of Roskilde Festival 2015

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Bonnaroo 2015 Aerial Aftermath

V Festival Hylands Park Chelmsford Red Campsite

Airbeat One 2015!!! Das ENDE ( Müllplatz) Camping Area


Campsite entertainment #titp2015

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