The gathering of information, news articals and reports to assist in planning.

“Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) is simply a method of estimating the probability of a rare event. It is perhaps best known for its application in meteorology where it is used to predict the likelihood of extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain maximum frost penetration or extreme wind conditions. The method is also used in engineering to predict the possible failure rate of a mechanical system. A wider application to crowd safety planning was used by Brian Toft (1990) in his thesis, A failure of hindsight, to support his argument that crowd related accidents should not be treated as unavoidable acts of god but more likely a failure of risk analysis.”

Mick Upton


RELIVE ULTRA JAPAN 2015 (Official 4K Aftermovie)


Untold Festival 2016 | Aftermovie

QAPITAL 2016 | Official Q-dance Aftermovie

Sunrise Festival (Official 2016 Aftermovie)

DGTL presents FREQUENCY [Official aftermovie DGTL Festival 2016 – BCN]

Sensation Amsterdam 2016 | Official Aftermovie

Airbeat-One 2016 – Aftermovie (official)

WiSH Outdoor Mexico 2016 – Official 4K Aftermovie

Hard Bass 23.01.2016 official aftermovie

Daydream Festival – Official Aftermovie 2016

Dominator Festival 2016 – Methods of Mutilation | Official aftermovie

BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME 2016 | Official Aftermovie

NATURE ONE “red dancing flames” 2016 / Official Aftermovie

Ultra South Africa 2016 Aftermovie (4K)

Intents Festival 2016 Aftermovie – It’s All In The Game (4K Version)

Tomorrowland Belgium 2016 | Official Aftermovie 

Drugged episode 3 – High on Ecstasy – Part 1/2 (A National Geographic Film)

Extacy Effects Rave Party Pills

Shellys Old Skool Rave 1992 E Pill Munching Video – see

Strictly Underground Rave New Years Eve 1994 – Hardcore Rave Old Skool Video

A Full Weekend of Mystery | Mysteryland NL 2015

Defqon.1 Festival Chile 2015 | Official Q-dance Aftermovie

SYNDICATE 2015 / Official Aftermovie

Creamfields 2015 Official Aftermovie

RELIVE ULTRA MIAMI 2015 Official 4K Aftermovie

Tomorrowland Brasil 2015 | official aftermovie

Big City Beats World Club Dome 2015 – GoPro Aftermovie

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – World Club Dome (Moshpit)

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Ping Pong vs. Tremor (Moshpit) @ World Club Dome 2015

Flosstradamus EDC 2015 Massive Mosh Pit

Yellow Claw Bootshaus Cologne Moshpit/Wall of Death 22.01.2016

Tomorrowland 2014 | Official Aftermovie
U ARE BEAUTIFUL – Ultra Music Festival Miami 2014
Mysteryland 2014 | Official Aftermovie
Defqon.1 Festival 2010 | Official Q-dance Aftermovie6
EDC 2012 Official Trailer
Tomorrowland 2012 | official aftermovie
RELIVE ULTRA MIAMI 2012 (Official Aftermovie)
Electric Love Festival 2013 – Official Aftermovie- YouTube Link
Mysteryland 2013 | Official Aftermovie
Sunrise Festival 2013 – Official After Movie
Dominator Festival 2013 – Official Aftermovie
Official Aftermovie @ Balaton Sound 2013
Sunrise Festival 2013 Official Aftermovie
Daydream Festival – Official Aftermovie 2013
Creamfields 2013 Official Aftermovie
RELIVE ULTRA KOREA 2013 (Official Aftermovie)
 EDC New York 2013 After Movie. May 17th & 18th.
EDC London After Movie 2013
Olmeca Presents GRIETFEST 2014 (After Movie)
Molly Drug
How Does Cocaine Affect The Brain? – How Drugs Work, Cocaine, Preview – BBC Three
People High On Molly Compilation
Kids Say No To Drugs & Raves!
Just a typical Dutch rave party
Shellys Old Skool Rave 1992 E Pill Munching Video  
effect of ecstasy \ol – rave – do not use drugs


Molly Hits Seattle’s Rave Scene
Bestival – One man’s drug fuelled rave. 
Raver Messed Up On Drugs
‘Illegal’ London Rave
Illegal Hardstyle Party – UK News Report
Security increased at next Avicii concert



Boryeong Mud Festival’s rave party on the beach!
Guy falls off scaffolding CREAMFIELDS SYDNEY 2012
Guy at creamfields Australia 2012 falls off scaffolding
Creamfields Music Festival Called Off After Flooding
FMFA 2014 Day 3 Cancellation – Official Press Announcement
Parklife 2013 Fight – 40 man brawl with stewards













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