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The gathering of information, news articals and reports to assist in planning.

“Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) is simply a method of estimating the probability of a rare event. It is perhaps best known for its application in meteorology where it is used to predict the likelihood of extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain maximum frost penetration or extreme wind conditions. The method is also used in engineering to predict the possible failure rate of a mechanical system. A wider application to crowd safety planning was used by Brian Toft (1990) in his thesis, A failure of hindsight, to support his argument that crowd related accidents should not be treated as unavoidable acts of god but more likely a failure of risk analysis.”

Mick Upton




 Travi$ Scott Wireless 2015 Stage Shutdown

Travi$ Scott – RIOT Wireless Festival 2015

Brutal fight after a Redman and methodman concert

Plies body slammed off stage at Tallahassee concert @plies (FULL AND ORIGINAL)

Plies Gets Slammed Off Stage During Concert In Tallahassee FL Club

Overly Excited Fan At B.o.B Concert in Sacramento Gets Restrained

Caught On Cellphone: Sacramento Concert Security Guard Punches Man In Handcuffs After Altercation!

Fight breaks out at Eminem concert in Wembley

Method Man & Redman – Crowd Surfing – Indigo O2 Arena – July 2014

Jay-Z & Kanye West – Niggas In Paris Live At Hackney – Mosh pits 3:50min

American Rapper George Watsky Jumps Into Crowd From 3 Stories Up In London

Gunman Opens Fire at Rapper French Montana’s Crowd of Fans, 1 Dead, 1 Injured – YouTube Link

Gangsters fight in the crowd – YouTube Link

Odd Future jumps off stage to fight guy in the crowd!– YouTube Link

Compilation of Sticky Fingaz’s (Onyx) Jumps in the Crowd – YouTube Link

Tyler, The Creator & OFWGKTA Live at Camden Crawl – Stage Rush! (Full HD)– YouTube Link


Fight in crowd while Boosie performs in West Palm Thanksgiving 2014

Six People Stabbed at Migos Concert in New York — 6 People Stabbed At Migos Concert  






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