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The gathering of information, news articals and reports to assist in planning.

“Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) is simply a method of estimating the probability of a rare event. It is perhaps best known for its application in meteorology where it is used to predict the likelihood of extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain maximum frost penetration or extreme wind conditions. The method is also used in engineering to predict the possible failure rate of a mechanical system. A wider application to crowd safety planning was used by Brian Toft (1990) in his thesis, A failure of hindsight, to support his argument that crowd related accidents should not be treated as unavoidable acts of god but more likely a failure of risk analysis.”

Mick Upton



Crowd Control Chaos: Muse Concert Perth, 19 December 2010.
Starlight- Muse (Rock in Rio 2013) Matt Bellamy in the crowd
Muse crowd in Moscow 22.05.2011
 Although not concert focused this footage shows what a customer can face when coming or going from your event. It is all part of the experience.


 Matthew Bellamy from Muse on the crowd in Paris, june 2013


Muse – Undisclosed Desires 2/2 (Matt Bellamy In The Crowd) – Anvers – 18/12/12


Metallica Biggest Concert Ever


metallica live in bergen koengen 08 no crowd control
Illustrating the energy and excitement that big bands can create. fans at the front of the queue want to be at the front of stage. If you do not control this then it is possible people can hurt themselves.


Metallica tells Stockholm crowd show is cancelled (March 8th 2009)


U2 London 2009-08-14 Crowd Leaving Wembley Stadium – U2gigs.com


Bon Jovi “Who Says you Can’t Go Home” (Jon in crowd)


U2 Sound problems Hampden park


Crowd Panorama and U2 Arrival on Stage in Seattle


Coldplay – Fix You from sound relief 2009 Chris Martin crowd run


Massive crowd for The Rolling Stones (Glastonbury 2013) plus Jumpin’ Jack Flash


Surprise Coldplay Crowd Appearance- 3 SEATS AWAY!


Wembley crowd Fifteen minutes before Coldplay at Wembley, 2009


Bruce Springsteen — Jumps Into Crowd, CHUGS FAN’S BEER


Bruce Springsteen “Meeting” The Crowd


Bruce Springsteen Hungry Heart with Crowd Surf Leeds Arena 24th July 2013




AC/DC Wembley Stadium – GREAT CROWD


Muse – Live at Austin City Limits 2013, Austin, TX, USA (HD, Proshot)




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