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EVA – Extreme Value Analysis – Metal Concerts


The gathering of information, news articals and reports to assist in planning.

“Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) is simply a method of estimating the probability of a rare event. It is perhaps best known for its application in meteorology where it is used to predict the likelihood of extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain maximum frost penetration or extreme wind conditions. The method is also used in engineering to predict the possible failure rate of a mechanical system. A wider application to crowd safety planning was used by Brian Toft (1990) in his thesis, A failure of hindsight, to support his argument that crowd related accidents should not be treated as unavoidable acts of god but more likely a failure of risk analysis.”

Mick Upton




Wall of Death with LAGERSTEIN (25.05.2017 Dark Troll Festival)

Beartooth – Always Dead (MOSH PIT) @ Express Live! (November 11, 2016)

System of a Down – Sugar (Moscow 2015) [MOSHPIT]

Godsmack Mosh Pit

Crowd Surfing and Mosh Pits Papa Roach Welcome to Rockville 2017

Volbeat crowd surfing

Grover crowd surfing Rock on the Range 2017 Alter Bridge

ROTR 2017 Volbeat crowd surf

Crowdsurfing Carcass – 360 video

Skunk Anansie: Crowdsurfing (Sziget 2016)

Wacken 2015 Crowd-surfing at Judas Priest – Painkiller

Arch Enemy – Nemesis, Crowd Surfing @ Summer Breeze 2016

Metal girl crowd surfing @ KREATOR in VOA 2016 fest

Wheelchair crowd surfer at Marilyn Manson Las Vegas 8,21,16

Download festival, running for the best spot

ENTER SHIKARI –  crowdsurfing the crowd collapse. Motorpoint Arena Nottingham 20th February 2016

Foals, Feb 3rd 2016 @ Olympia, Paris – Two steps, twice – crowd surfing

Not really metal – but more metal that most crowds – Crowd surfing, mosh pits, balcony dives,

Volbeat – crowd surfing – 092514 – Baltimore Area, Baltimore MD

Metallica “ONE” Handicap man in wheelchair crowd surfing

Weak – Skunk Anansie’s Skin crowd palms surfing. Manchester 4/2/16

Slipknot Duality Vienna 26.01.2016 (Crowd Surfing)

Broilers Crowdsurfing Pogo mit GoPro bei Rock im Park!

Intoxicated-Obituary (Mosh Pit Cam) Irving Plaza February 16, 2016

Spit it Out SLIPKNOT (Jump the Fk Up from the mosh pit) Belfast 2016

Anthrax mosh pit at Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, 01/25/2016 at Lamb Of God/Anthrax/Powertrip show

Costa Rican Wall Of Death – Exodus en Costa Rica – 04-02-2016

Концерт Slipknot 30.01.2016 стена смерти, слэм на Suicidal Tendencies / Moscow / Wall of death

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – Wall of Death 28.01.2016 Leipzig

Wall of Death Machine Head live in Cenon Bordeaux France 14 feb 16

Ease of Disgust – Bloodlust Live (wall of death)


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