Having left further education well behind me and in full time employment within a crowd management company, the last thing I thought I would do was go back to further study. Having completed the FdA with distinction, I am very proud of what I achieved; but more importantly being provided with the want to improve my skill set and take this further than just completing the course work.

Achieving the FdA is the minimum to achieve in the area of Crowd Management as far as I am concerned and should be the national standard for all management within crowd management providers. Although there are Level 4 safety officer’s courses, I do not see this as covering the requirements of crowd managers. There is so much more that should be considered.

Having a full time job and young family whilst attending this course, I would not go saying it is the easiest of undertakings. Unlike my stereotyping of students; where all you do is party and drink, I found myself spending late nights in the office and weekends dedicated to learning. I guess the most important thing I can say is the more you put in, the more you take out.


BuckS is a lovely modernised campus, not too busy and not to quiet. Being in the middle of the town makes it easy to find, travel to or stay in the many local hotels. The facilities are all what you expect from a modern education establishment. The students seem happy and the campus always has a buzz about it. The classroom are well equipped and just what you need.


What struck me was the amount of names you know before you turn up. If you have paid attention to the industry ( you must have if you are thinking of enrolling ), you will recognise the names. There are those that helped establish the industry, those that are leading it now and those that are shaping it’s future.

I found all the lectures approachable and friendly, a good chin wag can be had during the class and breaks. They also make themselves available out with the class times for us that work strange hours and always try to help and point you along the right path.

Course Work

In class, the work is well paced and keeps you engaged ( plenty of coffee breaks for the caffeine addicts out there ). They are all presented well and are interactive, no power point over kill or boring monologs.

The online material is easy to access and points you in the right direction.

Submission of course work is easy to do and the deadlines are achievable; although you will have to push yourself.


I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to improve or validate their skill set.

FdA class of 2014


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