Frequency Festival bridge collapse

This incident was introduced to us by Martin Bardy. A translator may be required to read the articles. 

Serious accident at the Frequency Festival: 31 injured in the collapse of a wooden bridge

The cause of the accident has still not been determined Nevertheless, good atmosphere and many concertgoers


Cause of bridge collapse clarified The cause of the bridge collapse at the Frequency Festival on 19 August at the Salzburgring, in which 31 music fans were injured, some seriously, has been clarified
. The foundation for the scaffolding was inadequate.

Cause of bridge collapse at "Frequency Festival" known

Two months after the collapse of a pedestrian bridge at the open-air pop festival “Frequency” on the Salzburgring in the municipality of Hof (Flachgau), the reasons for the accident are known.

Bridge collapses at Frequency Festival

When a wooden bridge collapsed on the grounds of the FM4 Frequency festival, 31 people were injured. The cause is still unclear.

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