Graz Rock Festival 2019

This incident was provided to us by Martin Bardy,

Graz Rock Festival: 19 injured in the crowd

At the “Rock in Graz” festival on Tuesday evening at the Graz exhibition grounds, several visitors were injured in front of the stage. As the Red Cross described, so many spectators pushed forward at the last act Limp Bizkit that within about 20 minutes 15 guests of the festival were injured and had to be cared for. Three of them were taken to hospital.

19 injured in the dense crowd in front of the stage

For some of the approximately 6,000 visitors to the Graz Rock Festival, the concert ended with a visit to the doctor.

19 injured at Limp Bizkit concert in Graz

On Tuesday, a rock festival took place in the Graz exhibition hall B. At the headliner of the evening, 15 people were injured in the crowd.

Several injured at Graz Rock Festival

On Tuesday evening, there was a wild crowd in the front rows in front of the stage of a rock festival in Graz: Several people were injured when many visitors stormed to the front of the main act of the evening.

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