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For the crowd safety & security market, INCONTROL offers the crowd simulation platform Pedestrian Dynamics. The software enables the user to simulate large crowds within complex infrastructures such as stadiums, railway stations, airports and urban environments. It ensures a safe and commercially optimized use of your infrastructure throughout the whole lifecycle, from design to operation. Offices are located in The Netherlands, Germany, USA and China.


INCONTROL Simulation Solutions – Papendorpseweg 77 – 3528 BJ Utrecht – The Netherlands – T: +31 (0)30 6704015

INCONTROL Simulation Solutions is the leading manufacturer of simulation software with over 20 years of experience. Our product portfolio contains Enterprise Dynamics, Pedestrain Dynamics, ShowFlow and EDX . Each product is developed for a specific market and tailored to the users.


Our mission is to make our clients and partners successful in their field of application by offering the most innovative simulation solutions. Clients use our simulation software to simulate large scale logistic systems and infrastructures such as baggage handling systems, container terminals, train stations, assembly lines and football stadiums. Our simulation software enables the user to cope with time, costs, resources, reliability, safety and sustainability. Solutions are implemented at leading companies worldwide. Our intensive educational efforts have led to a successful use of our simulation software at universities, schools and institues all over the world.

Our offices are located in The Netherlands, Germany, the United States of America and China. Via these offices and a worldwide partner network we provide software, implementation, product training and a 24hr support to our products.


INCONTROL is the owner of various simulation software packages. This software is implemented and distributed by our own offices and our worldwide partner network. Each package has a strong simulation platform with an open architecture. The platform is used in combination with a library of userfriendly objects. The software can be offered to the

clients as:

Platform; the client uses the

platform to develop their own simulation applications and to develop their own library of objects.

Platform and library of objects;

the client uses the existing library of objects to develop a simulation model of their business operations.

End user application; the client

receives a simulation application, which is developed for the business operations of the client. In consultation with the client it is determined which possibility complies to the client’s needs for a successful implementation of our simulation software.



If the client chooses an end-user application, INCONTROL works together with the client to implement the software. During this project an application is developed based on the client’s wishes. INCONTROL has a department consisting of experienced simulation engineers. They will lead the project to a successful implementation.



INCONTROL offers training for all users of our simulation software; starters as well as advanced users. This training can be followed at one of our training centres, located at our offices, or onsite at the customer. In addition to the standard training INCONTROL also offers customized training courses.

Maintenance & Support

As after sales service INCONTROL offers maintenance & support on the software. This includes full technical support, user support and product updates.

Thank you, Jeroen for the provision of information on your company and crowd simulation solutions.

Jeroen Steenbakkers
Division Manager Crowd Simulation Solutions

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