Iranian city of Sari stadium crowd incident 06/05/2001

Fans killed as roof of stadium falls in Iran

Several football fans were killed and hundreds of others were injured yesterday when part of the roof of a stadium collapsed during a game in northeastern Iran, the official Islamic Republic News Agency (Irna) reported.

Two dead after Iran stadium collapse

SARI, Iran (CNN) — Hospital officials in Sari, Iran, said two people died and 143 remained hospitalized Monday, a day after scaffolding at a stadium collapsed during a soccer match, hurling spectators to the ground.

Soccer Fans At Iran Game Are Killed by Roof Collapse

The roof of a stadium grandstand caved in, killing several fans and injuring hundreds of others, during a soccer match today in northeastern Iran, the official news agency reported.

Iran football stadium collapses

President Mohammad Khatami of Iran has ordered an immediate inquiry into the collapse of a football stadium in the north of the country during a big game.

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