Jalalabab Stadium crowd incident, Afghanistan, 21/10/2020

Many killed and wounded in Afghanistan visa stampede


At least 11 women have been killed and many more injured in a stampede in a stadium in Afghanistan where people were applying for visas, officials say.

The incident happened after “thousands of people” gathered to request permits to Pakistan, a local spokesman said.

Many dead in stampede near Pakistan consulate in Afghanistan


At least 15 Afghans killed and more than a dozen injured as thousands gathered to secure visas in Jalalabad city.

Afghanistan: Stampede near Pakistani consulate kills several


Several people have died in the Afghan city of Jalalabad after jostling broke out in a crowd of would-be applicants for Pakistani visas. Some had stood at a football stadium near the Pakistani consulate all night.

50 killed in stampede, other attacks in Afghanistan


JALALABAD/ISLAMABAD: At least 11 women were killed on Wednesday in a stampede at an Afghan football stadium where thousands of people had gathered to apply for Pakistani visas, authorities said.

Afghanistan Stampede Kills 12 Women Waiting For Visas To Enter Pakistan


A stampede in a jam-packed stadium in Afghanistan’s Jalalabad has left at least 12 women dead. The women were among thousands of people trying to get visas.

Stadium crush kills at least 11 women seeking visas to leave Afghanistan


Others injured as thousands amass at Jalalabad grounds to apply for visas for Pakistan

Afghans jostling for visas to Pakistan spark stampede, killing 15


JALALABAD, Afghanistan (Reuters) – At least 15 people were killed in a stampede among thousands of Afghans gathered to apply for visas for neighbouring Pakistan in Afghanistan’s eastern city of Jalalabad on Wednesday, officials said.

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