Journal of Crowd Safety and Security Management

The Journal of Crowd Safety and Security Management – An Online Journal (JCSSM) was an educational, industry oriented journal which is designed to serve as a forum for practitioners, scholars, and students who where actively engaged in the academically fledgling industry of crowd safety and security.

Through the Journals short run (2009-2012) it published essays, discussion and research notes, book reviews, and commentaries. The overriding aim of the Journal was to contribute actively to the professionalisation of the crowd safety and security industry by creating a platform which encourages dialogue between the industry and academia, and promotes research and good practice.

For several years now, we at Working With Crowds have attempted to track down these Journals, to share with the crowd safety community that may not be aware of them. They allowed practitioners to share their thoughts and findings on relevant subjects, issues and improve understanding on crowd safety topics. 

In recent years, we have seen less and less involvement from industry in sharing and developing our underpinning knowledge; something this resource would like to see raised again. 

Unfortunately there was only ever 4 editions of the Journal and after the assistance of Martin Holmes and Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still, these are now on this page, for access.

(We do not own the rights to any intellectual property of copyright to the Journal of Crowd Safety and Security Management. If you have concerns about the sharing of this property on an online platform, please contact us to discuss the removal of this collection.)


Journal of Crowd Safety and Security Management (JCSSM) – An Online Journal, Vol. 1,No.1, 2009, International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies


Introduction by Dr Mick Upton

An evaluation of the impact of the Security Industry Authority on the operational effectiveness of close protection operatives.

Glenn Fraser Payton April 2007


Has protective security affected the design of superyachts?

Author preferred to remain anonymous April 2007


Refresher training for Security Industry Authority close protection operative licence holders: a preliminary investigation into key content areas.

Geoffrey William Padgham April 2007


Police or stewards: policing inside London premiership football stadia, is it time for a rethink?

Anthony Martin Wright May 2007


Ingress flow rates: a study of events at the NEC arena.

Gary Masters April 2007


 Journal of Crowd Safety and Security Management (JCSSM) – An Online Journal, Vol1, No.2,December 2009, International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies 



Introduction by Professor Patrick Smith


Is physical fitness a necessary requirement in providing personal protection?

Sean Stone May 2009


Local Authorities and events: the need for standardisation

Michael James White May 2009


Anti-social behaviour at major outdoor events

Tara Connell May 2009


Pre-event crowd behaviour prediction system: a study within concert environment

Hugh ‘Tony‟ Duncan May 2009


Festival Campsites: the effects of tent theft

Nick Dymond May 2009


An investigation into key requirements of personal protective equipment in hostile environments

Neil Salmon May 2009


Alcohol Management: boon or boondoggle?

Professor Gil Fried and Professor Robin Ammon  December 2009


Security Management – will you see it through to the end?

Phil Wood December 2009


After the Great White tragedy – where now with crowd safety legislation?

Professor Ben Challis December 2009


Questions to ask during a crowd management case

Professor Gil Fried December 2009


Discussion Forum


Journal of Crowd Safety and Security Management (JCSSM) – An Online Journal, Vol. 2,No.1, December 2010, International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies


An examination of the crowd management of traditional events: prospects for the 21st century

Stuart Christopher Cornish May 2010


Whose queue is it anyway? a study of responsibilities for post event queuing

Trevor Jenner May 2010


A study of psychological health and vetting for armed personnel from the United Kingdom protective security industry working abroad

Darren Hession May 2010


Stalking and tiger kidnapping understanding the risk

James Alexander Lyle May 2010


Private military companies in Iraq and control of force: are there conflicting standards within the industry?

John Tristram May 2010


Crowds are people too: a deliberately provocative critique-cum-rumination of qualitative methodology and representation in crowd safety and security research Dr. Ben Clayton December 2010


Welcome to the jungle: Is there an unwarranted fear of liability for moshing, crowd surfing and stage diving?

Professor Ben Challis December 2010


Getting critical: converting experience into understanding

Professor Patrick Smith December 2010



Journal of Crowd Safety and Security Management (JCSSM) – An Online Journal, Vol. 2, No.2,October 2012, International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies



Introduction by Professor Chris Kemp


Media security: Is the story worth the risk?

Neil Swinyard-Jordan June 2010


The effect of high-speed communication on crowd attendance and behaviour at events

Eric Stephen Stuart May 2010


The impact of weather-related hazards on risk assessment strategies for open-air events in Central Europe

Sabine Funk May 2010


A study into competence, training and reputation of event safety stewards in Denmark

Morten Therkildsen May 2010


An exploratory study into market demand for work-based and e-learning education programmes in Crowd Safety Management

Owen Grainger Jones May 2010


Review of pedestrian and evacuation simulations

Professor G. Keith Still August 2011


Concert patron safety

Professor Gil Fried and Dr Andrew Milsten August 2011


Simulation-aided planning for events

Ulrike Merz, Tobias Kretz, Markus Wiersch,

Carola Schulz, Peter Vortisch June 2011






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