Lanterna Azzurra Club Italy crowd incident 08/12/2018

Six dead and dozens hurt in nightclub stampede in Italy

Six people, five of them children, have died and about 47 others have been injured in a stampede of panicked concertgoers in a small town on Italy’s Adriatic coast, authorities have said.

Italian police arrest 6 men in nightclub stampede that killed 5 teens and a mother

Milan —  Italian police have arrested six men on manslaughter charges for allegedly using pepper spray to carry out thefts at a concert for teens, triggering a stampede that killed six people last year. Authorities announced the arrests Saturday, nearly eight months after a rap concert for teens near Adriatic coastal city of Ancona ended in tragedy on Dec. 8.


Police have made three arrests in relation to a deadly crush at the Ancona club on 8 December, which led to the deaths of five teenagers

Rap fans crushed to death in panic in Italian nightclub

SIX PEOPLE including five teenagers have been killed in a nightclub stampede. More than 100 were also injured in the crush in Corinaldo, Italy.

Italy: Teen, club owners investigated in fatal stampede

ROME (AP) — Italian prosecutors said Monday they have placed eight people, including one minor, under investigation in connection with a stampede at a packed nightclub that killed six people, five of them teenagers.

Italy: 6 youths convicted over deadly nightclub stampede

ROME — A court in the Italian coastal city of Ancona convicted six young men Thursday over a 2018 nightclub stampede that killed five teens aged 14-16 and a mother who had accompanied her daughter to a rap concert.

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