Laurier Palace Theatre fire 09/01/1927

History Through Our Eyes: Jan. 9, 1927, Laurier Palace Theatre fire

The fire, which began in the floor of the balcony, took the lives of 78 people, almost all of them elementary-school aged or young teens.

Laurier Palace Theatre fire

The Laurier Palace Theatre fire sometimes known as the Saddest fire or the Laurier Palace Theatre crush was a small fire that occurred in the theatre on January 9,1927 in Montreal, Canada. The fire–reportedly caused by a discarded cigarette smouldering beneath wooden floorboards–started in early afternoon during a comedy called Get ‘Em Young. 800 children came to watch, and panic erupted when smoke began to billow into the theater. 78 persons died in the ensuing mayhem.

Laurier Palace Theatre Fire – 1927

The Laurier Palace movie theatre in Montreal was nearly full for the Sunday matinee. The audience of 800 consisted mainly of children aged five to 17, excitedly relishing the comedy Get Em Young.

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