Lorne Falls Festival. Australia 2016

Falls Festival: Crowd stampede at Lorne leaves up to 80 people injured

Festival-goers were crushed, left gasping for air and unconscious during a chaotic crowd stampede at the Falls Festival in Lorne on Victoria’s south-west coast, witnesses say.

Falls Festival: More than 60 people injured in crowd crush at Lorne music festival

Worksafe has blamed bottle-necks at exits and unstable ground for the stampede at Falls Festival, with one doctor saying he was amazed no one was killed in the crush.

Falls Festival to continue despite 19 people being seriously injured in crowd crush

Police say about 60 people were injured, 19 seriously, after festival-goers slipped and fell at the front of a crowd leaving performance by band DMA’s

'Ol legs are not so good': Man describes his injuries after Falls Festival stampede

A man has described how he has been left with “a few chunks missing” and will require skin grafts after being trampled in a massive crush at Victoria’s Falls Festival.

Tim Hunt, 29, was one of up to 80 revellers injured in the stampede which saw 19 people taken to hospital with broken bones and other serious injuries at the festival at Lorne on December 30.

Falls festival crush victim: 'You could hear bones snapping'

One of the 19 people seriously injured at the Lorne event says he thought he was going to die: ‘You stopped struggling’

Falls Festival crowd crush: experts in crowd movement sought to explain stampede

International “physics of crowd movement” experts are being sought to determine how thousands of people became caught up in the crowd crush at last year’s Falls Festival.

Falls Festival crowd crush: 'Insufficient evidence' to prosecute organisers

Falls festival organisers accept blame for crowd crush

Organisers of Victoria’s popular Falls Festival have admitted their conduct was at fault for a crush that injured more than 70 people in December 2016.

'Life changing': Falls Festival pays Lorne crowd crush victims almost $7 million in class action settlement

More than 70 victims of the 2016 crowd crush at Falls Festival will receive a share of almost $7 million, following a settlement approval from the Victorian Supreme Court.

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