The following is a round up of media coverage of the final stages of the trail and conclusion.

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Love Parade disaster: German court ends trial over 2010 stampede deaths

4 May 2020

A German court has ended the trial of three techno-music promoters accused of manslaughter at an event where 21 people died in a stampede in 2010.

District Court of Duisburg

21 people died ten years ago at the Love Parade in Duisburg. Who is responsible for this? One of the most elaborate legal proceedings in post-war history comes to an end without judgment.

As of May 4, 2020

Almost ten years ago, the Love Parade in Duisburg ended with 21 deaths and 650 injuries. The criminal proceedings have now been terminated. One of the most complex post-war criminal trials ended after 184 days in session without judgment.

The Loveparade proceedings against three remaining defendants will be terminated as expected. The mammoth trial of the tragedy in July 2010 ended without judgment.

The district court of Duisburg has closed the process of the accident at the 2010 Love Parade with 21 deaths. The court had previously suspected only a small amount of guilt for the three remaining defendants.

April 24, 2020

 lawyers for victims and survivors of the Loveparade disaster almost ten years ago have spoken out against an end to the criminal process at the present time.

April 17th, 2020

After more than 180 days of negotiations, the process of the Loveparade accident with 21 dead is to be stopped. The bereaved are severely disappointed – and want to continue fighting.


“Given the serious consequences of the tragedy – 21 dead, more than 650 injured – and the suffering it caused, it was not an easy decision for us,” the agency said on Friday. Taking into account the overall circumstances, however, a termination of the proceedings now appears to be “justifiable in the result”, the prosecutors emphasized.

APRIL 7, 2020

 Does the corona virus cause the Loveparade process to end prematurely? In any case, the regional court in Duisburg has proposed to end the mammoth process. Now the prosecutor and the three accused are on the train.


Due to the dynamic development of the corona pandemic, it is not foreseeable when and how the currently interrupted negotiations can be continued, the court said. If the public prosecutor’s office and the three defendants approved the proposal, one of the most complex post-war trials would end with 183 days of trial without judgment. The prosecutors and accused have until April 20 to comment.

This trial about the deaths of 21 (mostly of age between 18-25) and 500+ injured (of which at least 6 took their lives after the event) has a magnitude for Germany that the Hillsborough Desaster meant for the UK. Many politicians expressed their relief about the proceeding of the trial. 

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