Mexico City, Lobohombo Nightclub fire 20/10/2000

Mexico City fire in disco kills 20

A short circuit may have sparked the blaze, police said. But witnesses told firefighters that they heard several explosions before the fire went tearing through the disco at 5 a.m. The disco, Lobohombo, had no emergency exits. and was operating with a permit for a restaurant rather than a nightclub, authorities said.

October 20, 2000: Fire at disco kills 20 in Mexico City

2000: The survivors of one of Mexico City’s most popular night clubs said they were blocked from leaving the burning building by disco personnel who insisted they pay their bills first. 

Guards Blocked Exit in Mexico City Disco Fire

M E X I C O   C I T Y, Oct. 22, 2000 — With flames and smoke filling a glitzy MexicoCity nightclub, terrified patrons fled for the sole exit — only tofind the club’s guards barring the way to some, demanding they first pay theirbills, survivors said.

Mexico City nightclub fire

Twenty people have been confirmed dead in a fire at one of Mexico City’s most exclusive nightclubs.

Mexico club blaze kills 19

At least 19 people have died and 24 others been injured in a fire which destroyed a popular night club in the centre of Mexico City.

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