Money Boy injured Woman

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Money Boy injures woman at concert – ad and festival expulsion!

Money Boy injured Woman at rap concert

Rappers always mark the hard macker in their music. Now the Austrian hip hopper Money Boy (34, real name Sebastian Meisinger) got a strong headwind at a performance in Vienna – as the fuse burned through him.

Crass concert incident: Money Boy injured spectator

At the latest since Money Boy publicly admitted to drugs on youth TV and downplayed the effect of them, the rapper has been properly criticized. Again and again, the native Austrian delivered as a result of arguments and wild escapades. Recently, however, the king of GaGa rap made headlines with an appearance. In an incident on Saturday night, Money Boy injured a spectator.

Complaint against Money Boy after WUK concert

The rapper injured a woman in the audience with a glass bottle at his concert at WUK. Now there is a complaint for bodily injury against the musician.

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