Moscow market roof collapse 14/02/2004

Tragedy at the Basmanny Market in Moscow

23 February 2006 at 5:20 a.m. in Moscow, the roof of the Basmanny Market building collapsed, killing 68 people.

Basmanny market collapsed as a result of unsatisfactory operation - technical commission

In the conclusion of the commission, which is available to Interfax, it is noted that the calculation of the supporting structures of the market building “does not give grounds to believe about the possibility of destruction of the object from the design loads. It was established that the technical operation of the market building was carried out unsatisfactorily, in some places the roof insulation was in a waterlogged state, some elements of the load-bearing structures of the shell had corrosion wear of up to 50%.” The conclusion says that the examination of the steel structures of the frame showed that they were performed poorly – “the support cylinder structures were made of boiling steel.”

Basmanny Market collapsed in Moscow

On Thursday, at about 5:20 a.m., the roof of the Basmanny Market, located on Baumanskaya Street in Moscow, collapsed. According to the latest data, 65 people died. The version of the terrorist attack is rejected. On December 22, the local prosecutor’s office issued an order to the director of the market on the inadmissibility of violations during the operation of the building.

Horror as Moscow pool roof collapses

At least 11 people were killed and 100 injured when the glass roof covering a Moscow swimming complex collapsed under the weight of snow last night, showering those below with shards.

Charges filed in Moscow market collapse

Hundreds of workers labored around the clock to clear the enormous mound of concrete and steel at the Basmanny market using power shovels and other heavy equipment — an indication of the limited hopes that anybody was alive underneath.

Basmanny market roof collapse

Basmanny market’s roof had collapsed of February 23, 2006 in Moscow. 66 citizens of Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were killed. The architect of the market was Nodar Kancheli.

Moscow Market Roof Fails, Killing 56 Officials Cite Snow Buildup, Design Flaws as Possible Causes of Collapse

MOSCOW, Feb. 23 — The snow-covered roof of a Moscow farmer’s market collapsed early Thursday morning, killing at least 56 people and injuring 32, mostly traders and municipal employees, Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry reported.

Moscow market roof collapses, killing 56

MOSCOW, Feb. 23 (UPI) — Russian rescue workers say 56 people died and 32 others were injured in the collapse of a central Moscow market.

The Russian information agency Novosti said investigators questioned the architect who designed the Basmanny market. The architect, Nodar Kanchli, also designed the Transvaal Park building, which collapsed in 2004, killing 28.

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